“What Makes Me Happy?” 7 Questions to Find out What Excites You in Life

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Every one of us wants to be happy. It’s something that we look for throughout all of our life.

Sometimes, we get so tired and exhausted from living the life that gives nothing to us, or makes us miserable, that we start to desire changes deeply. This is one of the times when taking an in-depth look at your life is the best thing you can do for yourself and your future.

If you don’t know what to do in your life, or if you’re unhappy with the way things are right now, it’s time to shift your life direction to happiness, joy, and prosperity. But how do you do that? How do you make the right turn? How do you even know what makes you happy and which way you should go?

In this article, we’re sharing seven helpful questions and journaling prompts to help you evaluate yourself and answer all of those burning questions about your passions. Let’s start with…


1. What makes me lose track of time?


When we have an exciting task, we tend to forget the world around us. We joyfully do everything that needs to be done, just because the idea, the process, or the final result are something we adore and are proud of. It’s one of the reasons why people who have a job related to their hobbies feel happier in life!

So to find out what makes your brain produce a ton of endorphins (you know, the happiness hormones!), ask yourself this:

  • What did you enjoy doing so much that you completely lost track of time?
  • What is so fun, exciting or enjoyable, that you could do it for hours and hours?

You may find the answer to “what makes me happy?” by answering these simple questions only.


2. What’s the one thing I can talk about for hours?


Most people can talk about the things they are passionate about without getting tired or bored. Just like with activities you find enjoyable, anything that makes you talk non-stop may be your calling in life. For example, if you can endlessly talk about french movies, new makeup palettes, or car models – you might find that these things are exactly what makes you happy in life.

P. S. Once you find out… Please do more of what makes you happy!


3. What things made me happy as a child?


When you feel lost in life, and struggling with the question “what makes me happy?”, look back to your childhood to find the answer. As a child, you don’t have any worries, responsibilities, or restraints, so the chances are that you’ve spent a lot of time in your childhood doing exactly what you enjoy the most.

Try to remember yourself in the early years of your childhood or teenage years: what was your favorite thing then? Was it playing ball? Traveling with your parents? Playing in the sand? Write these things down to reveal a beautiful matrix of all the things that made you happy. Chances are, most of them can also be the answer you need.


4. Who inspires me?


When searching for your true calling, it may be a good idea to follow people who have already found it! And if you’re already impressed by someone, look at this person and ask yourself:

  • Why do you like this person?
  • Why you love what they’re doing?
  • Can you imagine yourself doing something similar? Would that make you happy?


5. How would you live your life if you had no financial constraints?


Most of us chase money all of our lives, and all our life decisions are based on this factor. However, sit down and visualize your life as if you had all the money in the world.

  • Would you still be doing your current job?
  • Would you pursue something that has always lighted your soul on fire?
  • Who you were dreaming of becoming when you were a child?

You may find that “what makes me happy?” is not even the question you should be asking yourself because you already know what makes you happy. You just don’t have the option to do it right now. However, you can work on creating a change in your life, and taking that first step towards your dreams.

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6. What makes me happy in my days?


If you strive to find happiness, it may be closer than you think. You don’t have to change everything about your life in your search for happiness. You may not even need to find that mystical purpose everyone keeps talking about.

Have a look at your life and think about what you are doing right. For example, “What makes me feel good? What makes me happy in day to day life?” – these questions can help you find the direction you need.


7. What upsets me?


Just like you’re doing something that gives you peace, you may be involved in activities that bring you nothing but sorrow. This is why sometimes, to find out what makes you happy, it’s actually easier while reviewing the things you hate.

Once you have figured out these factors, you can strive to eliminate them from your life and replace them with something that gives you good emotions. You will immediately feel more positive, and it will open up your schedule for things that actually provide you with joy. And hey, once all the dirt, sadness, and bad things are removed from your life… Nothing is clouding your sight anymore and it gets so much easier to see what excites you!


“What Makes Me Happy?” Journaling Prompts


If you feel like all of this search for happiness requires deeper digging, it’s highly recommended to do it with a journal. Writing things down helps to clear your mind and allows you to reach the deepest caverns of your soul. You may even feel a lot happier thanks to 10-15 minutes a day with your journal!

Based on the questions we just reviewed, here are seven suggested journaling prompts you can try to find out what excites you in life:

  • “What is the most marvelous activity that makes me extremely happy anytime I do it?”
  • “What is that one thing I’m always happy to talk about, educate about, or read about?”
  • “What was my greatest joy as a child, aside from playing with toys and other children?”
  • “What person makes me happy, inspired, and uplifted, and what makes this person so unique?”
  • “What makes me happy without spending any money, or what makes me forget about money overall and just enjoy life as it is?”
  • “What makes me happy no matter how good or bad my day goes?”
  • “What things are so unpleasant and unenjoyable, that I can definitely state – I would a lot happier without them in my life?”


Don’t let your doubts limit your growth.


Perhaps the biggest hurdle that separates us from true happiness is fear. For example, you may be afraid of rejection, so you never apply for the job you have always wanted. You may limit yourself because your inner voice says you are not good enough, pretty enough, confident enough, rich enough – the list can go on and on and on. Sometimes, you’re even afraid to be happy. These are the toxic thoughts that will hinder your personal growth. If you want contentment, lift off this ceiling and rise through!

I hope these questions will help you find the direction in your life, and the next time “what makes me happy?” pops up in your mind, you will answer with “it’s me, my goals, and the things I’m doing in my life!”.

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