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How To Find Inner Happiness Without Money: 7 Ways To Try

Money or not, inner happiness has nothing to do with possessions.

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Inner happiness is one of the most misunderstood concepts in our lives.
We search for it through various angles throughout our lives.
“If I only had this car, that house, the right partner, and a good job, then I would be happy”.
This is what we tell ourselves for the most part of our lives and thus become unable to achieve the state that comes from within.

We seek our happiness in material things so often.

Even worse, we think that money can buy anything including our happiness, but where does it take us?

We fall into this endless circle of life where we buy things, try to be happy, and then want to buy more.

This is not inner happiness.

This is just the mind that wants us to believe that these materialistic things are a source of our happiness.


What is Inner Happiness?


The spiritual teaching and ancient yoga practices state that happiness is not in the things we buy, instead, it is inside us.

Inner happiness is real happiness – it doesn’t depend on anything, not even money.

There is a number of people who understand this and have achieved a state of inner happiness.

Though not many of us understand the concept of inner happiness, it is possible to achieve it.

For that, you have to start thinking out of the box to feel happy again without being dependent on anything.

Here are some things that you can do to find your inner happiness, without material possessions.

Woman With Her Dog Drinking Coffee As An Illustration Of Inner Happiness


How To Find Inner Happiness, Without Money


1. Live Mindfully


Sometimes, we are doing things that can please us but we are too focused on our emotions, our past, or the future – so much that we hardly live in the moment.

To find inner happiness, learn to be present in the moment you’re in, focus on what you are doing right now, and what emotions it is bringing you.

Feel everything your soul is feeling right now – even if it’s sadness.

As long as you’re feeling, you’re alive and it’s definitely something to be happy about.


2. Be Active


When you don’t have money, you feel like you don’t want to get out of your bed or do anything.

Yet, it is all in your head.

You are free to exercise and do normal activities regardless of what you have in your pocket.

It may sound funny, but you can find inner happiness with movement, and using your body the way it was supposed to b used.

My personal recommendation is to do some exercise daily in your home (this costs nothing).

Even gentle, slow exercises like yoga and tai-chi are wonderful.

Can step out of the door?

Walking is absolutely great!

Just go out and go anywhere to enjoy the rush of endorphins that comes with it.

Exercise lowers stress hormones, makes you feel fresh, and again – it’s another way to feel alive.

Woman Taking A Walk In Nature To Find Inner Happiness


3. Find Inner Happiness Through Content


Complaining about everything will not get you anywhere near inner happiness, even if you have everything you want.

Try to complain less about the things that can or can’t be controlled and be content with what you have at the moment.

If you want inspiration, you can look around and see the people who have lesser than you but are way happier.

Being happy with what you have is the real inner happiness that cannot be taken away from you.



4. Sleep Well


Sometimes, even the simplest things can make you unhappy – like not having enough sleep.

You need to sleep well to make sure you are ready to feel good about your life.

If you are draining yourself out and not getting enough sleep, it will just leave you more confused about various life situations.

Simply speaking – when you don’t have enough sleep, you are not in the right mindset to think healthily about life.

Also, you’re physically preventing yourself to feel any inner happiness there might be.

Have a good sleep, let your mind relax, and allow yourself to feel whole.


5. Meditate


If you haven’t tried it yet, it is time to give meditation a chance.

A lot of research has been done and it proved that meditation changes the part of our brain that is responsible for happiness and contentment.

Make it a habit to meditate a little bit every day and give yourself a chance to explore the areas of your inner self.

Chances are, your inner happiness is in one of those caverns of your soul.

Woman Meditating On A Mountain To Find Inner Happiness


6. Accept Your Imperfections


You think you are falling apart, a mess, hopeless, and unable to cope with every situation.

It is fine to think like that sometimes, but instead of being emotional about it, know your weaknesses, and accept them.

If you don’t embrace yourself, no one else will.

You don’t have to struggle with trying to be a perfect person – everyone around has flaws and it is perfectly normal.

Don’t give yourself a hard time for meticulous things like that.

Accept that you are imperfect, and you’ll feel a flow of inner happiness just because you can be free.


7. Define Sufferings and Loses as Events


You might have lost something, someone, a job, or even a whole career.

Such losses can make you think that there is something wrong with you, or that you won’t be ever able to feel inner happiness again.

Yet, it is not true.

Think of these losses as things that can happen to anyone – it has nothing to do with you in particular.

Don’t associate yourself with the negative events of your life.

After all, they’re just events.

You experience them, you cope with them, you take time to heal, and eventually – time will help you to move on.

Your soul is not bound to be unhappy forever.

Woman Sitting With Her Dog On A Mountain To Find Inner Happiness


Finding Inner Happiness: a Quest Worth Taking


Using these tips can help you find inner happiness and if you want it, it can be the ultimate goal in your life.

Money or not, inner happiness comes from within you and it has nothing to do with outside events.

Now, it’s up to you – are you willing to let that inner happiness be found?

Are you willing to allow yourself to be happy?

If so, you’re only a few steps away from that happiness you’re craving for.

Search inside.

It’s there.

I hope you loved these inner happiness tips and if you’re up for more inspiration, just scroll down below.

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