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3 Wholesome Ways To Spend Your Evening After Work

Make the most of your free time at home.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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Picture Portraying 3 Wholesome Ways To Spend Your Evening After Work

For many of us, work requires so much energy that all you’re left with after work is just an empty feeling of being tired. 

And the lack of energy is just one of the ways work can have a huge impact on your evenings.

We tend to bring home our work tasks (either physically or just mentally), we may linger on unfriendly remarks from clients or colleagues, and we may secretly hate our bosses or simply worry about tomorrow.

Work is consuming us and it’s undeniable.

Yet it’s a way to make a living and everybody has to do something to earn money.

We simply can’t hide from work.

But work shouldn’t be the only and most important thing in your life.

Despite the fact that most hours of your day are dedicated to working, there’s still that free time you get in the evening.

Today I want to show you 3 ways to spend that time wisely and use your evenings to recharge and improve your life, not just watch TV (which is not bad, yet it doesn’t add that much to you and your life).


How To Spend Your Evening After Work



Have a Restorative Self Care Session


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to engage in nourishing and restorative activities to make your after-work time a source of energy for the next day.

I know you may feel like “not interested in doing ANYTHING” that requires that last drop of energy you have… But trust me – this is the way to invest that last drop of energy to reap more energy out of it.

The most restorative things you can do after work are:


Having a gentle workout (yoga, stretching, and walking outside are ideal).


Eating a very nutritious, healthy meal with a good amount of veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats.


Having a detox session in your bathroom with 15 minutes of dry brushing and then soaking in a detoxifying bath soak.

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These things can help you feel better sooner than you think and they can also help you feel great tomorrow.



Spend Time Learning New Things In a Fun and Calming Way


You can take an online course, listen to an audiobook or read an actual book – there are many ways to pump some new interesting, and nourishing information into you.

Here are my favorite things to do on self-improvement evenings:


Taking an online course on Udemy.

There are, of course, many other online learning websites, but I personally prefer Udemy because you can get the highest quality video courses for as low as 10$ (they’re constantly having 90% discounts).


Listening to an audiobook.

I have to admit that audiobooks have become my preferred way to “read” self-improvement books because it allows me to do something with my hands while I’m listening.

I like Audible because it has thousands of books to choose from and the quality is perfect so I don’t even bother looking anywhere else (you can get a free trial + 2 free audiobooks here).


Planning, reviewing, and adjusting.

Great if you’re trying to work on a specific goal or organize your life.

I use my planners for this, but really any planners you prefer will help you to organize your life.

You just have to do it – make those plans, track those habits, break down those goals into pieces and track your progress.

It makes you feel in control of yourself and your life as well.

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Declutter Your Home AND Your Soul


If you’re a fan of clean, tidy, and organized rooms… You might be surprised how cleaning can actually help you to mentally rest after work (and achieve a very organized home!).

Making things clean has a therapeutic effect on your mind and is also a form of movement, which is great for your body.

To have a productive evening after work, don’t just toss those shoes in the corner and jump n the bed.

Instead, pick a room and declutter + clean + organize it for a while.

If you have a small apartment, you might find yourself doing more, but you should not rush yourself.

Remember, the goal is to feel rested!

So try to do it in a relaxed way and once you’re done, take a look around, and enjoy the cleanliness and tidiness you’ve created.

Sit down and have a 10-15 minute meditation to empty your mind as well.

This might not fit you if you hate cleaning, but even if you do, I still suggest you try it as it helps you to take your mind off of work and work-related worries.


These are a few ideas on how you can use your evenings to nourish your body, soul, and life, while also gathering mental and physical energy. Doing something positive for yourself and your life will make you feel good and improve your mood + prepare you for the next day.

I hope you try them out!

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