5 Basic Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

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Woman On A Virtual Meeting

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Woman On A Virtual Zoom Meeting

The way we work has changed a lot and virtual meeting, video conferences and team chats became a new normal. As virtual meetings become more commonplace, there are a few things you should keep in mind during a virtual meeting because yes, there virtual meeting etiquette is now a thing! These quick tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes in the virtual meeting world.


5 Most Important Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips


1. Mute your microphone


Double-check your microphone to make sure it’s muted when someone else is presenting. There is nothing more embarrassing than your co-workers or boss hearing you baby-talking your dog or cat. People have been terminated for mumbling something degrading on an open microphone; triple check your microphone.


2. Turn off your camera if not needed


Picking your teeth, or rolling your eyes will be seen by everyone in the meeting. Unintentional actions, no matter how innocent, could be viewed as offensive or against company policy. Once again, check that camera if you don’t need to use it during the meeting.


3. Tidy your background before the virtual meeting


Your workspace in your office building should be tidy; this same tidiness should carry over to your home office. This little bit of effort to tidy your home workspace before the meeting can and will make a lasting impression on potential clients, as well as your immediate supervisor. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine your thoughts and feelings if you saw a disorganized dirty mess in the background.


4. Dress appropriately following your company’s dress code


Sitting in your PJ’s during a meeting is one comfort of working from home. Your boss or the CEO of the company will not appreciate your casual attire during an official business meeting and could lead to disciplinary action or, at the least, a stern warning on the company dress code.


5. Organize your materials beforehand


Spending a few extra minutes checking notes or presentations could be the difference between pulling off a stellar meeting and gaining that sought after client and stumbling through a disorganized presentation.


The Bottom Line


It may feel uncomfortable to participate in a virtual meeting. It may even feel like a virtual invasion to your personal space. To help yourself feel more confident while on the camera, treat a virtual meeting exactly the same as a face to face meeting to make a lasting favorable impression on bosses, co-workers, and potential clients.

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