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That One Crucial Tool You Should Use Daily To Get Things Done

Can you guess what it is?

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 12, 2023

Various Daily Planners And Organizers On The Table

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Women today are busier than ever, and that is fantastic.

Many of them are successfully balancing busy careers with fulfilling home lives, rocking their life like real productivity superstars.

You may ask yourself “how these women are able to juggle all these moving parts?”.

Well, the simple answer is that they plan.

They make sure that every single aspect of their lives is well planned, from their careers to their family lives, every single day.

Today, I can honestly tell you that planning has been an essential element in helping me to succeed in my life too.

When I had trouble juggling my problematic and unorganized life, I found that using a daily planner drastically improved my ability to perform better at everything.

It may sound like an old-school tool, but it is actually super effective in helping you plan!


What is a daily planner?


A daily planner is a tool that allows you to catalog your tasks for the day.

In its purest form, it allows you to write what you plan to do on that particular day. For planners everywhere, this is the ultimate tool to manage their affairs and is a great record if used for business purposes.


Top Reasons to Use a Daily Planner


To Stay Focused


A daily planner allows you to remain focused on the tasks ahead.

You do not need to worry about remembering everything that you need to do, especially if you are a busy professional.

In my experience, a daily planner can keep me focused on one task at a time.


To Plan Your Daily Activities


A daily planner can allow you to plan your activities in a simple and effective manner.

The best part about a daily planner is that it allows me to prepare for things even two weeks in advance.

For a professional with numerous business meetings, it seems that this is the most important reason to use a daily planner.


To Increase Efficiency


A good schedule is also important in increasing your efficiency.

If you can allocate time for your activities, then nothing is missed, and you can work more efficiently.

You have to use a daily planner correctly so that you have a clear vision of your requirements for the day.

How a Daily Planner Can Affect Your Life


While it may seem like a simple tool to have in your life, a daily planner can positively impact your life in many different ways.

In most cases, it improves your life.

Here are some ways that your daily planner can influence your life:


Increase in Self-Discipline


Personally, the daily planner has been essential in enhancing my self-discipline about how I spend my time. I found that by using a daily planner, I was able to schedule both business and personal activities in a way that was controlled and effective. I also found myself feeling accountable for my daily planner so that I had to have more self-discipline in order to accomplish all the daily tasks that I set for myself.

If you have problems with following rules or schedules, then a daily planner can help you improve your self-discipline immensely but I also want to stress the importance of working on your self-discipline every day.

God knows where would have I been if I didn’t work on my discipline over the past few years.

We humans really like to be lazy and I was a perfect example of a textbook procrastinator.

Simply speaking, if I could postpone something to the last minute, or if I could avoid doing something I should do, I would avoid it like crazy.

Even though I knew I will face negative consequences, I would ignore that fact and rather drown in negative self-talk.

I was able to fix this issue by reading a ton of books about self-discipline, and – this is important – really striving to apply what I’ve read in real life.

Somehow, I finally managed to exchange feeling comfortable for being disciplined and doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

If you would like to become self-disciplined, here’s my guide on developing rock-solid self-discipline.


Better Time Management


Daily planners are essential in enhancing your time management.

For hardcore procrastinators, the daily planner is a blessing that helps you schedule your time more effectively. You can allocate adequate time for meetings or calls, daily work activities as well as any other things that you need to do.

The daily planner was very useful in helping me manage my time well in terms of schedule while also keeping me on track for the day.

If you are always late, I will suggest that you try to use a daily planner to improve how you deal with time.


Schedule “Me” Time


Of course, as a busy person, you must still be able to balance your home life with your work life to stay healthy, happy, and energetic.

This is especially important if you have a family at home.

Scheduling “me” time means that you should use the planner to allocate periods that you dedicate to your self care or relaxing time with your family.

We have all become so busy that we forget that taking a day to relax, have a nap, work out, or have quality family time can help us balance our lives.

A daily planner helps those people who think that they do not have time in their schedules for such activities because it helps you to identify where you have time, where you waste too much, and how you can schedule these activities so that you have more time for yourself.


Where can I get it?


There are many great daily planner designs that are suitable for you.

You can access a physical daily planner from your local store or grab a printable daily planner template to start with.

Personally, I recommend modern, minimalistic, and distraction-free daily planners, especially if you are going to use them in the work environment.




Do not become pedantic about planning.

You do not have to schedule every moment of your life.

Reserve the planner for essential activities, and always include some time for yourself.

But in a nutshell… Daily planners are lifesavers, try them out and see how your work and home life can change!

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