The Best Skincare Routine For Oily Skin: Morning + Evening + Must-Haves

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Oily skin can be a significant concern for many women, and it is a challenge to form a skincare routine for oily skin that actually helps.

The oily skin type is quite unique because it can be caused by a variety of factors, which include genetics, diet, climate, and stress. Not only does it give you a shiny complexion… Oily skin causes a whole set of problems including acne, blackheads and clogged pores.

So I did a research and today I want to go through a skincare routine for oily skin that requires only a few minutes in the morning and evening. Also, I’ve researched best skincare products for oily skin that are currently loved by girls all over the world so you can find things that are actually helpful. If you stick to this skincare routine, soon you will fall in love with your skin!


The Best Skincare Routine For Oily Skin


PART 1: MORNING skincare routine for oily skin


Just like any morning routine, you should stick to the basics and leave the heavy lifting products for the evening. This three-step morning routine for oily skin helps you get through the day, and you won’t look like a shining ball by the time you return home!


Step 1: Cleansing


Your skincare routine starts with a thorough cleansing that removes all the residual products from last night, for a fresh start. Choose a gel-based cleanser because it will gently clean the skin without lathering up too much and stripping off natural oils from your face. (Yes, even oily skin needs some oils!). Splash on some cold water, as it helps to close your pores and reduce puffiness.

Oily skin can also be very sensitive, dry or reactive and this is why it’s recommended to choose a gentle face wash that won’t irritate your skin further. I personally love Bioderma Sensibio foaming gel – it’s so gentle that even when my skin gets super dry, it doesn’t dry it out at all. Surprisingly, it’s also extremely effective in removing any dirt or makeup and I still can’t figure out what makes it so good, haha!

Bioderma Soothing Micellar foaming gel for sensitive skin

Bioderma – Sensibio – Foaming Gel

Step 2: Toning


While the market is filled with alcohol-based toners that promise a matte complexion throughout the day, they can cause more harm than good in the long run. Instead, opt for a toner with gentle exfoliating agents such as low-strength glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and they will help to regulate sebum production and unclog pores.

People all over the world love Pixi Glow Tonic for its mild exfoliation properties and deep-cleaning effect:

Pxi Glow Glycolic Acid Toner for oily skincare routine

Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng

It has 5% glycolic acid which increases cell turnover and is very beneficial for oily skin, yet the concentration is low enough to prevent any unnecessary irritation. If you want to have a stronger “new skin” effect, I would choose The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution, which has 7% glycolic acid.

Step 3: Moisturizing


Many ladies with oily skin believe that they don’t need a moisturizer at all… However, reality can’t be any different. When you skip the moisturizer, your skin reacts to low hydration levels by producing excessive oil, and guess what – you are stuck in a fairly brutal cycle.

To help with this problem, choose a light gel-based moisturizer that delivers adequate hydration to the skin. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide work great on this skin type, but when it comes to oily skin, La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat is probably the most popular right now!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Daily Moisturizer For Oily Skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Face Moisturizer

It’s constantly praised in online skincare communities and is widely recommended by dermatologists worldwide. I think the best thing about Effaclar products is that they truly leave your skin matte and shine-free for a long time, which is a real relief for oily skin owners.


Step 4: Lightweight Sunscreen


Sunscreen is incredibly important and yes, I know you hate them because they usually leave you sticky and shiny. However, we’re looking for the best skincare routine for oily skin and we simply can’t skip this step. What’s a girl to do? Choose the right sunscreen!

La Roche Posay covers this problem as well with their mega-popular Anthelios sunscreen (I’m using this one right now!):

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Oil-free Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen

Seriously, this stuff is amazing! Not only does it have superb, broad-spectrum protection, but it truly leaves your skin dry to the touch. I hate when my hair sticks to oily sunscreens and when my makeup becomes a mess because of too-heavy formulas – yet none of that happens when I use this SPF. A true holy grail!


PART 2: EVENING skincare routine for oily skin


This is a simple 4-step routine that you can follow every evening for cleansed and refreshed skin that doesn’t suffer from breakouts and blackheads.


Step 1: Makeup remover or cleanser


For the night time, you can either choose an oil-based cleanser or some micellar water for a gentle but deep cleansing effect. Micellar water is fantastic at removing dirt and makeup, and it dissolves all the impurities immediately to leave you with glowing skin.

While an oil cleanser sounds counterproductive (after all, you probably don’t want to add MORE oil to your already oily skin), but it actually does wonders for oily skin by attracting all the unwanted oils and lifting them out of your skin. Here’s the list of best oils for oily skin!

P. S. Wipe your skin with a warm washcloth afterward to remove any oil residue.


Step 2: Use a retinol


A retinol-based serum or cream is best applied at night, as it can work its magic on the skin all night long while you are in the dreamland. Retinols are great for any skin type because they help fight aging, sunspots and uneven skin tone. Due to the fact that retinol can be a bit drying (it’s a strong skincare agent!), it’s actually wonderful for oily type of skin as well.

This is why I believe retinol is a must if you’re trying to build the best skincare routine for oily skin. It can help you to reduce sebum production, minimize the appearance of pores and tighten the skin by triggering collagen production.

Speaking of best retinol products for oily skin, The Ordinary makes a great retinoid + squalane (very powerful moisturizer) serum for a fair price (keep in mind that usually, a good retinol cream starts at $35-$55):

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Skincare Serum

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

This form of retinol is gentler on the skin and more stable (which means that it won’t turn into a useless moisturizer after contact with sun or air). And hey, people just honestly The Ordinary because they changed the skincare routines for millions! Their products are strong, effective, they work great, and they aren’t overpriced – what else can you ask for?

P. S. If you’re interested in preventing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, check out the best anti-aging skincare ingredients as well!


Step 3: Apply an eye cream


As we age, the delicate skin under the eyes start to get dull and wrinkled, and everyone needs to incorporate a good eye cream in their beauty regimen. You can choose a cream with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin as these seem to work wonders in rebuilding moisture and natural skincare barriers.


Step 4: Moisturizer/ Night Cream


Apply a gentle, lightweight moisturizer or night cream to deliver adequate hydration to the skin, so that your skin cells can repair overnight and you wake up with rejuvenated skin every day.

People with oily skin type really love Cerave products lately because they’re gentle (hypoallergenic + oil-free) and contain a ton of repairing and moisturizing ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. Basically, a perfect cocktail for a nighttime skincare action!

Moisturizer for oily skin CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion PM

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

– –

And this is it! In this article, I tried to break down the absolute best skincare routine for oily skin, and I’m sure you will notice visible results if you tried it yourself! Oily skin needs love, adequate hydration, and protection just like any other skin type. Be gentle with it, keep it moisturized and you’re on the way to perfectly controlled sebum production and beautiful skin.

P. S. In love with skincare? Check out my list of 25 things to do for STUNNING skin or simply scroll down for more beauty tips!

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