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Certified Aesthetic Nurse Shares The Best Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin

Angela Dunlap from VCI Med Spa provides us with five easy ways to make your skin vibrant.

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First impressions make a lasting impression.

A first impression can make a person decide whether they like you, whether they trust you and whether they want to get to know more about you.

A negative impression can impact careers and relationships, even when further conversation belies a first impression.

Making a good first impression takes assurance, and when people are not comfortable with their appearance, it can take a toll on their confidence.

One of the best ways to gain this needed confidence is to improve the health of the skin, literally putting the “best face forward.”

Angela Dunlap from VCI Med Spa provides us with five amazing ways that we can make our skin vibrant, younger, and healthier all in one.

No matter how your skin looks right now, by going through some spa treatments and utilizing the right steps, you can make your skin shine once more.

Follow these simple tips to help give you the glowing and healthy skin of your dreams.


Daily Skin Care


Angela stresses that daily skincare, both morning and at night, can be the key to healthier-looking skin.

The first thing that you should do when you wake up in the morning is clean the face.

Oils can accumulate on the face as you sleep.

Leaving those there can cause the pores to widen and can ruin the look of your face.

A cleanser that is gentle and easy to use before you head out for breakfast can be a great way to start.

A good skincare routine should have three main steps to it.

You need to start out with a good cleanser, going in gentle circles and being careful with some areas of the face, like around the eyes.

Rub all the way down the neck to continue the glowing that you need.

Rinse with lukewarm water to help remove the cleanser without damage to the face.

Apply a serum next, says Angela.

A serum is great for preventing some of the fine lines on your face while also reducing some of the discolorations.

Many serums will have important vitamins and minerals that are so good for the skin, especially when it is warm and dry out.

You don’t even need a cotton ball to apply; just add some to your hands and apply where necessary.

Even if your skin is oily, Angela says moisturizing is an important step of every quality skin care routine.

Many clients complain about oily skin.

If this is a problem for you, choose a good moisturizer.

This product is going to help prevent some of the overproduction of oil that causes acne and will make your skin look amazing.

Make sure to use it not only on the face, but down the neck to help protect more of your skin.

Angela also recommends that her clients work with a high-quality eye cream to help as well.

These products are amazing because they provide some added protection around the eyes and will reduce some of the damage and wrinkles that may show up there.

These areas are easy to forget but can be imperative if you want to keep your skin looking young.

Drug store or discount store products can end up being very expensive in the long run.

You want to go with high-quality products to help improve your skin.

Most of those found in the drug stores will be cheap because they use fillers, rather than hydrating vitamins and minerals.

Many will add in more water, making these less effective, and it is more likely that these drug store cosmetics will cause an allergic reaction to the skin, leaving it worse than before.


Wear Sunscreen Every Day


Everyone needs to consider a good sunscreen to wear each day.

One that has some good minerals in it like zinc and titanium dioxide, will provide the most protection from the harmful UV rays while keeping the individual protected and hydrated.

It is easy to run outside into the sun and assume it will be okay.

Some even assume that because it is cloudy out, their skin doesn’t need protection from the harmful UV rays.

But any exposure outside without the proper sunscreen will lead to potential skin cancers and issues with aging.

The sun has a nasty habit of doing a number on our skin.

Without moisturizer and sunscreen, it is easy for the skin to wear out and get lots of fine line, wrinkles, and sagging.

Some will even suffer from sunspots.

Pick the right sunscreen to keep you safe.

Choose one with zinc oxide that will stay put and provide the best protection.

You will need to reapply every few hours to get the best benefits.

A large hat and sunglasses can go a long way in helping protect you as well.


Deep Hydration


Thorough, deep hydration can provide a real boost to your twice-daily moisturizer. “Deep moisturizing will plump your skin and reduce fine lines by actually increasing your skin’s water content,” says Angela. “This higher water content also enables your skin to generate new cells.”

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Like the moisturizers we discussed above, hydration is going to be important, no matter the type of skin you have.

Make some changes in your daily routine to help the hydration last as long as possible.

Avoid harsh cleansers and aggressive exfoliation that can cause more damage than help.

Skip the hot showers, tea, and coffee too.


Get Spider Veins Treated


All the skincare products and hydration in the world won’t give you a smooth, even skin tone when the face is covered in spider veins and broken blood vessels.

These imperfections will make you look older.

Utilizing different techniques like Fotona tight sculpting will help you to fight the spider veins and make your whole skin look better.

Broken blood vessels, as well as spider veins removal, are going to be close to painless.

There is no surgery, no downtime, and no injections.

This makes treatment a great option if you want to look younger.


If you want to determine which treatment is the best for you, a vein clinic in Dallas can surely help you.


Avoid Acne Breakouts


“At any age, acne can be a real challenge,” says Angela. “Beginning in puberty and lasting well into adulthood, hormone fluctuations and genetics can cause acne.

Treating acne isn’t just about your looks; There are different studies out there that show how bad untreated acne can be and that it is more likely to cause issues with anxiety and depression, especially for someone going through their teenage years.

They also have lower self-esteem and a poor self-image.

These feelings will make you be less confident in your career, feel more alone, and have a lower quality of life overall.”

Angela also notes that laser treatments can resurface acne scars and promote the production of new collagen to further reduce acne scars.

It is so important for you to take care of your skin to take care of the rest of your health.

You need to go with a daily skincare routine that includes the best products and a great sunscreen.

Take the time to hydrate your skin every two to three weeks and remove the spider veins that show up to help the skin look younger and more rejuvenated.

This will keep the skin young and vibrant and can help you look amazing for years to come.

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