How To Properly Layer Your Skincare Products

Let’s speak the truth: we ladies tend to buy a bundle of skincare products for different purposes, but then we’re stuck with a ton of creams, lotions and serums that we don’t know what to do with. If you feel like you are not getting the desired results from your skincare products, the issue might be the fact that you are not using them correctly.

Properly layering (adding in th correct oder your skincare products can solve a lot of your skin problems (like clogged pores ahem) and improve the efficiency of the active ingredients. Here’s how to properly layer different skincare products in order to get those amazing results we observe in commercials

P. S. I included my personal recommendations to products I love in every step. Do check them out – most of them are praised in skincare communities all over the internet (that’s how I’ve heard about them). Might save you a lot of time looking for great, working products!


First Step: Cleansers

The purpose of this first step is to remove any makeup or dirt from your skin, while offering your skin instant hydration. Therefore it is best to start your skincare routine with clenasers.

You can use several cleansing products if you like but you should start with the ones that wash off and follow in an order from heaviest to lightest.

If you are using oils to remove your makeup (and yes, you can do that if you have oily skin), start with them since they are the most effective at loosening up makeup and waterproof mascara. Apply your cleansing with a cotton and after that you can use a gentle face wash, cleansing lotion or micellar water. Here are a few of my favorites for that task:

Second Step: Toners

The purpose of a toner is to boost the properties of the cleanser and prepare the skin for the face cream. Hence, depending on your skin type, including a toner in your skincare regime might save you some trouble when it comes to various skin problems.

Toner should follow after cleansers and for acne prone skin, I recommerd using a toner that prevents breakouts and unclogs pores.

On the other hand, for all the other skin types it is best to use a hydrating toner to boost water levels at a cellular level. People are loving these lately on skin care communities:

Third Step: Serums and Eye Creams

Serums absorb great on a freshly cleaned, toned skin. This is the best time to apply light products that have active ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin A (retinol), Zinc, Hyaluronic acid and other goodies.

After that, and while serums are soaking in, take care of your eyes. The skin in this region is prone of premature aging due to pollution, makeup products or lack of proper hydration. Hence, using an eye cream  will not only hydrate the skin around your eyes, but will protect your skin from possible irritation of other products.

I am slightly obsessed with skin serums, have to tell ya… I had most succes with The Ordinary serums which never seem to amaza me with their efficiency and incredibly good price! From the first day that I’ve started using them, I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin and things justgot better and better every day. If you’re looking for cheap, yet extremely well formulated and effective serums, definitely take a look at these:

Step Four: Moisturize Hard

Yes, the order is correct: you first apply eye cream and after that you get to apply a moisturizer all over your face. A daily moisturizer  will boost the effects of the already applied skincare products, while offering protection against UV rays. Also, including a night cream in your routine will keep your skin radiant. Opt for products that have a non-greasy formula to avoid clogged pores:

Step Five: What About The Oils?

The last product you should apply on your face is the face oil because it can penetrate moisturizers or various treatments, while being perfect for any skin type. Rosehip or jojoba oil are great for hydration and anti-aging effects, while marula oils can soothe sensitive skin. I have very dry skin so I love to mix a few drops of oil with a nourishing cream for extra repairing action. Here are a few oils that do a wonderful job at keeping your skin on top (definitely take a look at the Rose Hip oil!).

Well, following those 5 steps in your skincare routine will offer you the desired result: a healthy-looking, glowing and amazing skin. This is how you properly layer different skincare products for the best results. Try it out, watch your skin and if you’re still not getting the results you want, look for better quality products and remove anything that possibly irritates your precious skin.

Stay beautiful.

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