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Secrets To Creating An Instagram-Worthy Look: 6 Best Tips To Try

All about spicing up Instagram with stunning style!

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“Ohh, so beautiful!”. “You look stunning”. “Outfit #goals” – these are some of the compliments you love seeing on your Instagram #OOTD post.

Isn’t it?

Well, you’re not alone!

In this age of social media, it’s natural to want to post photos of yourself that are fun and flattering.

And, with Instagram becoming the high spot of modern life, looking picture-perfect has never been more important.

The key to getting more (real!) likes and comments on your posts is to make your outfit look insta-worthy.

But how to make it happen?

In this article, we’ll share top secrets on how to invest in designer dresses that aren’t just stylish but also instagrammable.

Whether you have a special occasion in the offing or simply want to give your Instagram feed a makeover, these tips and ideas will surely gather non-stop flattery on your handle.

Here’s how to create an Instagram-worthy look.


1. Get The Perfect Fit


There may be plenty of filters and photoshop options on Instagram, but nothing works great if your outfit doesn’t fit your body.

So, whenever you shop for a casual or evening dress, the first thing you should look for is the fit.

If you shop online, make sure to go through the size chart and choose the ‘ONE’ that is more likely to give you an accurate fit.

When in doubt, it’s always safe to go a size up.

Once the dress is delivered to your doorstep, you can make necessary alterations if you’re handy with a needle or contact the professional seamstress for the same.

Woman In An Instagram Worthy Picture


2. Dress According To Your Body Type


When you dress in a designer gown for a formal occasion, it’s common to go for a full-body snapshot.

That’s where the importance of dressing according to body type comes in!

In other words, your outfit should not just fit right to your size but also your body shape.

Go for form-fitting styles if you have an hourglass shape.

Mermaid, trumpet, and sheath dresses are picture-perfect examples of what we are talking about.

They gently outline your body down to the hips, enhancing your naturally balanced figure to brilliance.

On the other hand, if you are curvy but yearn to create an illusion of a slimmer figure for a perfect Instagram shot, look for universally flattering silhouettes like a-line or empire waist.

There’s magic in these dress shapes; they minimize your hips, midsections, thighs and highlight your best features.

Tip: you can easily grab the ‘ONE’ from the collection of Jovani dresses without burning a hole in your pocket!


3. Count On The Occasion


Do you know what attracts your followers to like your post in one go?

A picture that speaks for itself!

The trick is to dress up in an outfit that gives a hint to where you’re going.

You don’t always need to seize the sparkling attire.

Instead, start with the simple structure, onto which you can add accessories and makeup to create your dream look.

After all, elegance is something that never goes out of style.

Stylish Woman In An Instagram Photo Session


4. The Surroundings Matter


The surroundings add an *extra* something to your picture, and it’s beyond doubt!

Especially when your dress matches the surroundings, the result is the perfect Instagram shot that you’ll love to show off.

Woman In Yellow Dress Taking Instagram Pictures

Say, for example, if you’ll be attending a daytime event surrounded by greenery and flowers, a bright yellow a-line dress is good to add a pop of color to a contrasting background.

Woman In Yellow Dress Taking Instagram Pictures In Green Background

If you’re going to be on the dance floor of an evening cocktail party, a metallic or sequin dress will help you create a perfect party vibe, great to flaunt it to your Instagram followers.


5. Cherry On The Top – Accessories!


While a simple, plain look is best to feel comfortable, it may be dull for your Instagram post, especially for the close-up.

Thus, you shouldn’t neglect the power of accessories.

Accessorizing with purpose is a great way to revamp your ensemble to OTT.

Whether you’re adding a simple pair of hoop earrings or heavy danglers and a statement necklace, accessories always help you express your unique style.

Plus, you’ll be able to pose like a model for your Insta feed.

Besides, don’t forget your footwear.

When taking a full-body photo, shoes are one of the first things people notice about your style.

A trendy pair of heels or sneakers are all you need to glam up your ensemble and create an instantly insta-worthy look.

Stylish Woman Street Style Photo For Instagram


6. Most Important: Stay True To Your Style


Your followers are there because they like your style.

If you pretend to be someone you’re not or copy someone else’s style, you will lose your uniqueness and, as a result, the interest of your followers.

Thus, find a style that both you and your followers love.

This may take a little longer, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Once you know what you want, you can proudly flaunt on Instagram and set new trends.

Pro Tip: If you are tempted to copy the style of your favourite celebrity or influencer, do it with a twist.

We promise this will grab you more attention.

Stylish Black Woman In Trendy Bodysuit

Jovani – 00065 One Shoulder Flared Jumpsuit


Ready To Become An Instagram Sensation?


While Instagram certainly isn’t everything, it is surely a thing to reflect your style and make everyone think highly of you.

The effort you put in making your outfit Insta-worthy will directly impact the number of likes and comments you get.

Besides, it will make you look and feel amazing.

So, wait no more and try out new styles to transform your closet into a fashion influencer’s dreamscape.

Remember, the right dress captured in the right way will spice up your Instagram feed and get you more engagement, just like you always wanted!

That’s it. Happy Posting!

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