5 Astonishing Lavender Benefits For Beauty And Health

Updated on September 27, 2020

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There is nothing more refreshing than the fresh scent of lavender! While widely popular for its scent alone, lavender benefits our health and beauty in astonishing ways. Lavender is one of the most highly versatile plants out there, with countless ways to use it. Originating from the Latin word “lavare”, lavender quite literally means “to wash”. Take a look at our top five list of its benefits to your beauty and health routines!


5 Amazing Lavender Benefits for Beauty and Health


1. A Haircare Holy Grail


Lavender doesn’t just smell pretty, it is actually proven to promote hair growth, especially in individuals who may suffer from alopecia or pattern baldness. In a 2016 study, lavender oil when applied to mice was proven to not just grow their hair thicker, but also at a rapid rate.

Not only does lavender stimulate hair growth, but it also has antimicrobial properties, which help to ward off bacteria and fungi growth, as well as rid you forever from a dreaded itchy scalp or stubborn dandruff.

Luckily, lavender benefits your hair in more ways than you’d expect. Lavender has also been proven to have moisturizing properties; so, for anyone who actively struggles with dry tresses or frizz, lavender may just be your newest saving grace!

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2. An Anxiety Eliminator


Don’t we all wish for a magical button that could rid us of our persistent anxieties? Well, lavender may just be your new solution. Lavender is one of the most commonly used plants in aromatherapy, and the fragrance from its oils alone is proven to promote calmness and reduce feelings of stress.

You’ll also be glad to know that while you can effectively eliminate your anxiety, lavender benefits your menstrual cycle in profound ways as well. If topically applied, lavender can significantly reduce the severity of menstrual cramps, leaving you to continue on in living your best life.


3. Lavender Benefits for Sleep


We now know that lavender can help reduce feelings of both anxiety and stress, but did you know that lavender has the power to kick-start your sleep cycle back on track? That’s right, lavender is scientifically shown to combat insomnia, as well as dramatically improve your sleep cycle.

This wonder plant achieves this by increasing your slow-wave sleep, which is instrumental for slowing down your heart rate and relaxing those muscles. So, not only does lavender induce sleep, but it dramatically improves the quality of sleep that you are getting as well.

Whether you choose to opt for an oil diffuser or a simple lavender spray, be sure to fill your bedroom with the soothing scent before you turn down for the night to ensure a night full of peaceful rest.

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4. Lavender Benefits for Skin


Lavender is excellent for dermatological use, so, if you are someone who suffers from acne, eczema, or skin inflammation, listen up! Lavender oil works to kill off bacteria, which could be instrumental in unclogging pores, as well as preventing and healing stubborn acne breakouts. If you choose to use lavender for your skin, it’s recommended that you dilute it in coconut oil first and then apply it directly after washing your face.

Lavender is also equipped with anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used to easily heal minor burns, bug bites, or other skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. Although it may seem too good to be true, lavender benefits not just the surface of your skin, but it is also said to slow down the process of aging – have we just discovered the true fountain of youth?

Lavender contains antioxidants, which in turn protects against harmful free radicals that are proven to dramatically age the skin. Free radicals are shown to be partly responsible for the development of premature fine lines and wrinkles, so be sure to keep your skin looking youthful and bright, and your lavender supply in full stock.


5. Kick Migraines Goodbye


Are you someone who suffers helplessly against migraines? If you prefer a natural alternative to harmful over-the-counter medications, then turn to none other than lavender! While we know that lavender is paramount in inducing feelings of relaxation, it has actually been shown to treat not just headaches, but severe migraines as well. An astounding 2013 study found that lavender oil had the ability to reduce the pain of migraines in only 15 minutes.

Whether you choose to inhale the scent through a diffuser or massage the oil onto your temples, neck, and forehead, the results are proven just as effective. Another effective measure to ensure that bothersome migraines and headaches are kept at bay is lavender therapy. In another groundbreaking study, lavender therapy over the course of a three-month period resulted in participants reporting a shocking reduction in both the frequency and the severity of their migraines.


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Lavender benefits not only you but your entire lifestyle as well. Keep your beauty and health routines as natural as possible, all the while reaping the endless benefits of one of nature’s most powerful wonder plants!

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