How To Make Someone Love You (Or Fall In Love With You)

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to do anything, at least something to make someone love you?

It might be that a new sympathy is making you crush hard on him, or you feel like you and your partner are starting to feel disconnected (in this case, this article can help you too).

Believe it or not, love can be grown from a small seed and there ARE ways to make someone love you. In fact, you can even make someone love you so hard, that they will never, ever forget you, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Here are a few subtle, lasting, and sincere ways to make someone go nuts about you.


HOW TO MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU: 20 Subtle Tricks That Work


PART 1 – How To Make Someone Love You With YOUR BEHAVIOUR


1. Be a safe space for the person


If you want to make someone love you, become their safe haven – a space where they can talk about their pain, scares, and insecurities. Earning honest trust is the first step to make someone feel intensely attracted to you.


2. Be a good listener


Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so it is essential that you let a person talk without interrupting or jumping in at your chance to speak. That’s easy, but to really make someone love you, make them feel heard and listened to.

People tend to hold so many feelings inside, and they don’t have anyone to talk to about it… As soon as someone makes them feel heard, their burden is lightened and they start to feel better around the person who listens to them.

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3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable


If you want to make someone love you, try to open up and be vulnerable around them too. Trying to look perfect will not get you far – nobody is perfect and sooner or later, your perfect image might take a great fall.

Instead, just allow yourself to be vulnerable and imperfect. A lot of men even find the vulnerability in a woman attractive, so it can definitely help to make that special someone love you.


4. Let your self shine


If you pretend to be someone else to please your partner, that will only backfire in due time. If you want to make someone love you for YOU, be yourself at all times! Don’t be afraid to show all the quirky, fun, and spontaneous sides of your personality. Show off your looks as well – confidence is very attractive and can make anyone look better just like that.

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5. Be confident in your abilities


Speaking of confidence… People appreciate people who are confident in their abilities. Even if you tend to doubt yourself inside, don’t let those doubts dim your light. Believe in what you have to offer to this world, emphasize your greatest abilities and you’ll make someone love you in no time.


6. Don’t confess your feelings first


This may not be a golden rule, but it can be helpful if you don’t want to ruin everything by rushing too soon and too fast. Allow your crush enough time to process the feelings instead of going through the distress of a one-sided love confession. Be patient!


PART 2 – How To Make Someone Love You By FOCUSING ON THEM


7. Make this person feel needed


I know I just told you to be confident around that special person, but that doesn’t mean you should make them feel unwanted. Occasionally ask for their help, opinion, or support to make this person feel useful, and needed. A little bit of vulnerability is always attractive and it can help you to create that invisible bond.


8. Show interest in them


Showing interest in what they do or have to say and being curious in the conversation is critical to creating and maintaining a healthy bond. You can’t make someone love you if the person doesn’t feel your attraction and curiosity about him or her. Also, knowing that someone is interested in their personality, makes people naturally want to have a little bit more communication with them. Hear them out, care about their goals, dreams, and ideas just like you would care bout yourself.


9. Laugh at their jokes


Laughing and smiling while talking to that special someone will strengthen the bond between you two, so make sure to laugh when he/she tells a funny joke! You don’t need to go overboard and laugh extremely long (like those girls in comedy movies)… But having fun while joking around together is a perfect way to make someone love you, just because it feels so good to spend time with you.

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10. Fill their belly!


It may sound cliché, but both men and women love to eat tasty food, and this experience can also help to make someone love you (what a great opportunity to show off those cooking skills!). Inviting him / her over for dinner and presenting with a lovely home-cooked meal is sure to work its magic.

What if your special person is someone from work, and you don’t want everyone around to find out about your crush? You can make something tasty for all of your colleagues (like cupcakes!) – it won’t be suspicious, and it will still create a nice association for the person you need.


11. Appreciate those good traits


To make someone feel noticed and adored, you can appreciate the little gestures they make too. Even if it is as simple as opening the car door for you, or helping you with a project at work, you should acknowledge that! Make them feel like their effort and good manners are noticed. It’s a small detail, but when you want to make someone love you, every detail matters.




12. Maintain eye contact


Maintaining eye contact is a subtle way to flirt and make a connection with anyone. To show someone you’re attracted, to promote trust, to show your attention, to make them feel heard – all of these things can be achieved with soft and gentle eye contact.

You don’t have to stare into his or her eyes without a pause, but trying to hide your eyes won’t help either.


13. Use your body language


Our body language is one of the most important ways to communicate and send signals to anyone. When you want to make someone love you, body language can do wonders to express your interest! A flirty brush on the arm, an innocent blush, a gentle hair stroke can often say a lot more than words can.

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14. Stun with your looks


The first thing people will notice about each other is the appearance. It’s not a secret that you can make someone love you just by looking stunning and put together. If you need ideas for that, check out these cool little guides we have on beauty and looking great:


15. Send cute texts


If there’s already some mingling happening between you two, phone messages are remarkably important. Remind about yourself from time to time, or send a nice good-morning type of text if you feel like things are moving forward. A lot of people feel more confident to express their feeling over texts, so you might notice a few important signs directed towards you, hidden between the lines.

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PART 4 – How To Make Someone Love You Through MUTUAL INTERESTS


16. Have healthy debates


How to make someone love you fast? Make sure that they know you are a beauty with brains! Nothing attracts men more than an intelligent man or a woman who can hold her ground in a deep conversation. It’s important to know how to argue without offending others too – you don’t want to ruin your blossoming relationship with poor discussion habits (and that’s very easy to do).


17. Spend time together


If you want to make someone love you, you have to find ways to spend time with that person. Not a single bonding experience matches the magic of a movie night where you share your favorite snacks… If you’re just starting with your mission to make him or her fall for you, just try to be somewhere around, as much as possible. Be seen and felt around.

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18. Don’t be sticky


Even if you want to talk to him or her all day, it’s a good idea to spend some time apart too. To slowly make someone love you, try to find a nice balance between being together often, and letting that special person rest and think through whatever is happening with you two.


19. Try out their hobbies


One of the easier ways to make someone love you is to find an activity that interests you both. Just imagine how much you could chat about a hobby that excites both of you!

It is vital to appreciate his or her interests and hobbies, so even if you are not interested in those golf games, try to accompany them a few times, or get invited to do this activity together. Of course, it’s not easy, but if you manage to do it, it can be a great way to spend some time together and learn something new!


20. Yet… Always have your own opinion


Agreeing with everything they say may seem like an easy way to make a person love you, but that’s not always the case. If you have a difference of opinion, express yourself and don’t stay silent! People love a person with character and strong views – it’s almost like standing your ground (without getting heated) shows you’re confident in who you are.


How To Make Someone Love You: Final Notes


These are a few general tips that can help you on your journey to win someone’s heart. Of course, there’s always a possibility that even the highest effort won’t pay off because everyone has his or her taste in the way other people look, speak, or act. However, making someone feel appreciated, noticed, heard, and admired is just something that is in our psychology – people tend to like those who like them (this is called reciprocal liking).

I hope you will try these tips to inspire, captivate and eventually – make someone love you, for you.

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