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15 Luxury Gifts to Treat Mom On The Next Mother’s Day

Any of these gifts are sure to put a smile on her face.

Researched, written by Cora Gold
Updated on October 8, 2023

Mothers Day Gift

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If anyone deserves to be celebrated with a luxury gift, it’s your mom.

She’s done such much for you and your family.

Splurging to celebrate her with a luxury gift can earn you the spot of being the favorite child — at least for the day.

Although these gifts may be an investment, your mom will get the gift she deserves.

Here are 15 luxury gifts to treat mom this Mother’s Day.


1. Supersonic Hair Dryer Gift Edition


Nothing is like the gift of beautiful hair.

If your mom is still drying her hair with a dryer she’s had for decades, this is the perfect upgrade.

The most popular supersonic hair dryer (Dyson) has five styling attachments to work with all hair types.

It is lightweight, making it easy to lift your arms for a while as you dry your hair.


2. Temperature Control Smart Mug


Many moms love to drink coffee for increased alertness, energy, and concentration — or she might just love the taste.

Whatever the reason, a self-heating mug will be on top of your list this year.

You can even adjust the temperature on the app.

The newer version has an extended battery life to keep the coffee warm for longer.


3. Weighted Blanket


After a long day, your mom might deal with stress and anxiety, whether from work, kids, or anything else going on in life.

A weighted blanket is a perfect solution to fight restlessness while trying to relax.

There are many colors and styles to choose from to fit your mom’s personal preference.


4. A Trip to Wine Country


For a wine- and travel-loving mom, a trip to wine country will feel like a dream.

There are so many gorgeous places to consider, such as Sonoma Country, Napa Valley, and Anderson Valley.

Wherever you go, your mother will surely have plenty of wine to enjoy.

To make the experience even more extravagant, you can take a private jet to ensure your mother gets to wine country without any hassle!


5. Complete Bakeware Set


Does your mom spend her days baking lovely foods for everyone?

To match her unique creations, she needs a top bakeware set to compliment them.

This set is sure to inspire even more delicious creations everyone will enjoy.


6. Stone Diffuser


Some moms swear by essential oils.

If you want to add an essential oil diffuser to feed her obsession, this is the one to get.

It provides a hydrated environment with lavender and looks sleek in the corner of a room.


7. Dior Dinner Plate


You can’t go wrong when gifting a gorgeous set of plates from Dior.

It is a perfect start to an elegant dinner party collection.

The colors come in many beautiful hues to suit her style, like sky blue and pink, and have a geometric design.


8. Flower Subscription


Flowers are a safe option to get your mom.

Nothing beats a fresh, beautiful set of flowers delivered to your door.

If you want to continuously remind her of her importance, consider a subscription.

They can get customized and delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly to ensure she always has a fresh set.


9. Washable Silk Robe


Something about a silk robe just feels like luxury and self-care.

While your mom spends a day indulging in pampering activities, she needs a silk robe to complete the experience.

A washable robe will be the cherry on top of a night’s relaxation.


10. Facial Treatment Mask


A high-quality sheet mask is perfect for any time of the day.

It can be done before applying makeup or for a boost of hydration before bed.

Your mom will be amazed at how much radiance and moisture her skin has.

Make sure to choose a face mask that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to create a youthful glow.


11. Colorblock Sheet Set


Sheets can get worn down over time, so gifting her a new one made with organic cotton and bold, chic color designs will elevate the bedroom’s look.

A fresh set of sheets will have her sleeping like a queen.


12. Wine Subscription


For moms who love their wine, a wine subscription can send them 3, 6, or 12 bottles delivered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

The best part is she can enjoy her gift together with her friends on girls’ night — or with you!


13. Express Espresso Machine


Splurge on a high-end espresso machine for the mom who loves a caffeine boost during the day.

Instead of running out to get a coffee from the nearest Starbucks, recreate them right in your kitchen with an at-home espresso machine.


14. Birthstone Ring


A mother’s best gift is the kids in her life.

You can give her a ring that showcases the entire family through birthstones.

Figure out what birthstone you and your siblings have and get them on a gorgeous ring that reminds her of you guys every day.


15. La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer


La Mer is a luxurious skincare brand that leaves the skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Although it is pricey for a moisturizer, your mom deserves to have the best glowing skin at any age.


Treat Your Mom with Luxury Gifts!


Make a statement this Mother’s Day by getting a gift to represent your love for her.

Any of these gifts are sure to put a smile on her face.

Cora Gold is the Editor in Chief of Revivalist magazine, where she covers wellness, beauty and more. Follow Cora on LinkedIn and Twitter.