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6 Most Interesting Conversation Starters for Couples

For when it seems you've already chatted about everything...

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Couple Having Conversation On The Bed

“Conversation starters for couples?

Who cares about it!”

You may be thinking that you and your partner do not need to know any topic ideas for your pillow talks… We get it, you and your significant other have a great thing going, and we are happy for you.

But as time goes by, it’s important to remind yourself that relationships are a constant work in progress.

Talking is incredibly important – even the way your voice sounds is impactful for your relationship.

But what’s even more important is that getting to know your partner on a deeper level can keep your bond strong and strengthen your relationship further.

As you get further into your relationship it can be harder to find things to talk about and really “see” the other person for who they are and how they are growing.

Today we are taking a look at six interesting conversation starters for couples.

Let’s spark a new discussion between you and your love.


Interesting and Intimate Conversation Starters for Couples


1. What are your greatest fears?


This question may seem a little silly, but this is actually quite a valid topic of conversation.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we, as humans, can experience.

It has the power to push us forward and hold us back depending on how we approach it.

Starting a discussion with your partner about what causes them to feel an incredible amount of fear gives way to a very deep conversation.

When you better understand what scares your partner and how they approach fear, you can begin to discern how to be a source of support and protection in their lives.


2. What would you like to be remembered for?


One of the most meaningful conversation starters for couples is to ask your loved one how they want other people to remember them.

When we think of the legacy that we leave behind, it can shape how we lead our lives and what goals we set for ourselves.

By asking your partner what they would like to be remembered for, you are getting a sense of what they consider to be important and what they value.

This conversation will bring you and your loved one closer by resurfacing your values and sense of purpose.

Think of what you want to be remembered for too.

Is that concept or value a pillar in your life?


3. Do you have any regrets about your past relationships?


Diving into previous relationship territory is never a topic of conversation that couples look forward to having… However, this question can also be one of the most intimate conversation starters for couples too.

This question indirectly asks what your partner felt like they were missing in their last relationship.

Chances are, if they regret doing or not doing something then, it was important enough for them to develop and keep an emotional connection.

This information can be a very eye-opening conversation for a couple and shed some light on how to make the relationship a successful one.

The past is a great teacher!


4. When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?


Understanding what comforts and makes your partner feel most beautiful is a crucial aspect of their personality to understand.

Whether your significant other feels most comfortable when wearing sweatpants on the couch, or being sweaty and tired after a long run, you want to know what makes them feel good about themselves.

Because what makes them feel good is also what makes them feel content within themselves.

We all wear a lot of hats and put on different faces depending on where we are, who we are around, and what we are doing.

Understanding when your partner feels the most comfortable means that you are getting a better sense of how they see their true self.


5. What does marriage look like to you?


This, without a doubt, is one of the most important conversation starters for couples.

Warning: do not have this discussion too early in your relationship.

It’s very personal and requires a level of comfort to share.

It may seem like the idea of marriage is a very universal thing, but it is truly a concept and a practice that looks different to every single person.

As your and your partner’s relationship deepens, it is imperative that you understand what that marriage means to your partner.

Some people view marriage as a partnership between two souls, while others view it as a relationship that has a different set of rules.

You have to ask, listen, and share with your partner to truly see the other’s perspective.


6. How can I help to make your life less stressful?


Most of us lead incredibly stressful lives.

We are expected to complete many tasks and constantly perform throughout the day.

The great thing about a relationship is that it is supposed to be a safe place for you and your partner.

By asking your partner this question, you are demonstrating that their happiness and well-being are important to you.

We carry stress in our minds and our bodies, so learning how we can help alleviate that for our partners elevates and deepens the bonds we share with each other.


Talking Is Great For Any Relationship


So, don’t be shy to talk about deep stuff. These conversation starters for couples might help you to get to know your partner better.

The most important thing?

Try to truly listen to their responses, and make sure you are feeling heard, too.

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