8 Crystal Clear Signs Someone Has a Crush On You

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Sometimes you just can’t help but wonder – why does a particular person act the way he or she acts? Are they just being weird or do they actually have a crush on you?

Or, when you have a crush on someone yourself, you end up spending a lot of time thinking about it too. You wonder whether or not that significant someone shares your feelings, do they notice that you have a crush on them and whether or not it might be a start of a new relationship.

You end up questioning everything and feel a tad insecure about the entire situation – which is totally fine! None of us were born with mind-reading abilities, but there are a few distinctive, subtle signs someone has a crush on you, and they’re quite universal.

To help you shine some clarity on your crush dilemma, we did a little research and completed a list of these crush signs to help you quickly identify: is that significant someone seriously crushing you?


8 Crystal Clear Signs Someone Has a Crush On You


We’re humans, with shared psychology and hormonal systems that make us do what we do. No matter the situation, age, or gender, there are a few universal crush signs that say more than meets the eye – they’re in our genes, and invisible rule books of how to procreate (sorry!). Here’s exactly what to look for when trying to decipher a possible crusher!


1. You Find Signs Of Him or Her Constantly Checking You Out


In real life AND social media, that is.

This is one of the most important signs someone has a crush on you, so it landed right in the first spot of this list. The way that person reacts to you, both when they meet you in real life, and while interacting on your social media, is a sure giveaway of their feelings.

Here are some subtle crush signs you may notice:

  • You notice that this person is looking at you often. It might be a daring eye stare, or a shy peek once in a while, but a person who has a crush on you will find it really hard to not look at you at every possible chance.
  • That person is constantly looking at you while you’re speaking, giving presentations, or walking in and out the door. Basically, if you’re at the center of attention, they will be the most loyal watchers. They will notice when you arrive and when you leave, how well you manage a project at work, and sometimes – even what you ate for lunch.
  • On social media, a person who has a crush on you will surely follow your accounts and you may also receive a bundle of likes (a person who has a crush on you will usually hit that like button no matter what content you share). Usually, the stronger the crush – the more attention they will pay to your online feeds. In the year 2021, this is a crush sign number #1!

woman pushing like and love buttons on her social media


2. Their Body Language Screams “I Like You”


When someone has a crush on you, their body language can give out more information than they would like, because our body language gives away a ton of information that we aren’t even aware of!

For example, when someone has a crush on you, they might:

  • Have a hard time keeping or breaking eye contact.
  • Blush or stutter when chatting to you.
  • Try to stand straighter and taller, appear stronger (or more seductive if it’s a female).
  • Touch their hair a lot.
  • Even the position of their feet can be revealing  – if your crush has the feet pointed directly at you, without facing outwards, it’s also a subtle crush sign to look for.

Another interesting sign that someone has a crush on you is the way their pupils act. That’s right! Their pupils. It’s been proven that when people look at something they really like, their pupils tend to expand and appear larger. So the next time you’re trying to read your crush in a stare-off, take a look at those pupils too!

expanded pupils as one of the crush signs


3. They Act Differently Around You


To tell if someone has a crush on you, think about how they act around other people. If they have a distinct approach when it comes to friends or relatives, yet become a different person around you, they probably have a crush on you, yes!

First of all – he or she will offer you a lot more attention and at the same time – be very attentive to what you say or do. They might even become protective of you and try to defend you against other people.

Someone that has a crush on you will suddenly perceive you as the funniest and the most adorable person in the universe (including your jokes – they become the absolute funniest jokes in the world).

And here’s some other crush signs to look for in their behavior:

  • They may bring you food, small gifts, or souvenirs from their weekend trip.
  • They may try to be somewhere around, without even talking to you.
  • They might appear nervous, clumsy, and even a little bit awkward around you.
  • They will offer their help, without being asked.


4. They Try To Be Next To You, As Often As Possible


One of the dead giveaway signs that someone has a crush on you is their effort to be near you as much as possible.

Specialists say that when we truly like someone, we perceive them as our center of gravity and it is quite natural to move around your crush just to enjoy being next to them.

The person who has a crush on you may:

  • Appear in places where you hang out.
  • Try to “accidentally” touch you in social gatherings, or find an appropriate reason to get physical (“Heyyy, have you seen all this cat hair on your sweater? Here, let me help” – cleans the sweater).
  • Try to borrow something from you to have a reason to talk again.
  • Try to show you something interesting on their phone.

While some of these crush signs might just be friendly moves, if these behavior changes become more regular or obvious, they’re almost undeniable signs that someone has a crush on you.

guy that has a crush on girl shows her pictures on his phone


5. They Try To Show You (And Their Friends) That You’re The Coolest Person Around


Another sign that tells you a person has a crush on you is that they concentrate on finding out as much info about you as possible.

You may notice crush signs like:

  • Asking you questions about the things you like (like food, movies, music, books, sports, etc.).
  • Constantly admiring you for your skills or accomplishments.
  • Happily introducing you to their friends or family members.
  • Regularly giving you compliments on everything, starting with your clothes, the way you look, and ending with your “wildly impressive knowledge of cats!”.

The reason it happens is that when someone has a crush on you, they’re constructing a romantic mental image about you. This is why this person believes that you’re the coolest person they’ve ever met – they feel like they have won a lottery, and you’re this big golden prize they’ve been waiting for their whole life!

guy checking out a girl he has a crush on


6. They May Try To Look You In The Eyes… For a Little Longer


Ah, the classic! Trying to keep eye contact just a little bit longer, to send a mute signal that says “hey, I’m deeply interested in you”. Why does it happen?

The thing is, when someone has a crush on you, they may try to analyze you for crush signs too. The way you respond to this prolonged eye contact is a crucial source of information for them! And while starring at someone can be creepy, if you like that person back – it can actually be really sweet.

When you catch that kind of behavior (and, yes, it might feel difficult or scary), if you like him or her, you should respond by connecting your eyes with your crush and even smile a little. This way, they will get that special hint that you are feeling the same. This will boost their confidence to approach you and strengthen your connection, as expressing feelings is the first step to start a beautiful relationship.


7. They Try To Keep The Conversation Going


Another way to identify that someone has a crush on you should be looked for in conversation.

The next time you’re chatting with your possible crush, try to exit the conversation for a short period of time (to check your phone, to go to the bathroom, etc.). The manner in which he or she responds will tell you a lot about their feelings:

  • If they look to reengage in a conversation with you as soon as possible, then they’re definitely are interested in you, or at least in what you have to say.
  • If they ask you to ever chat again or mention words like “can I catch you later?”, they’re looking forward to talking again.

A person who has a crush on you might also be texting you on a regular basis, or try to find a reason to call you on the phone.

woman commuting receives a text message from her crush

And finally, don’t ever be doubting the straightforward words. If your possible crush wants to meet you over a cup of coffee, it’s not just a sign that someone has a crush on you – it’s a proof!


8. He or She Tries To Look Their Best


Last but not least – the all-time-best sudden glow-ups, makeovers, and other obvious ways to look better.

Let’s admit that not everyone looks their best at all times… But when someone has a crush on you, they suddenly:

  • Start to look very polished and smooth.
  • Try to be their absolute best (you might even catch them rearranging their outfits to remove any wrinkles!).
  • Chew minty gum or use breath fresheners often.
  • Change or improve their hair, makeup or skin game.
  • Buy new clothes more often.
  • Start using more of perfume.

This is because when someone likes you, they try to impress you and kind of seduce you with their appearance. Thankfully, these crush signs are much easier to notice than the bunch we reviewed before.


Crush Or Not? A Recap


At the end of the day, while it is rather entertaining to play a detective and find if someone has a crush on you by yourself, if you like that person back, it is always better to talk and express your interest. Sometimes we are not sure if the feelings are mutual… Communication here is crucial – especially if you want to skip looking for all these crush signs and know for sure: “Are you into me?”

And even if your assumptions are wrong… It’s still better to find it out than to keep feeding yourself lies. Being rejected might be painful, but it goes away with time and you have to remind yourself that people have very different tastes and preferences. Sometimes people are just more friendly than others too.

Even if your crush doesn’t like you back, or if you don’t like the person who has a crush on you, it’s not a reason to break off the friendly relationship yet. You can still be friends and keep looking for that special connection that succeeds! Because no matter who you are or how you look, there’s always someone who will get a crush on you just because you’re their type.

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