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What Do Men Find Attractive In Women? 10 Science-Based Facts

Everyone has a different taste, but there are some things that make most men fall in love.

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“I have to know!

What do men find attractive in women – and why?”

We can’t deny that first impressions play a significant role.

We’re always judged by our looks in the first seconds of meeting a new person.

But when it comes to men and women, it’s not just beauty and looks – it’s much more than that.

What do men find attractive in women, exactly?

And most importantly – why?

Is it their waist-to-hip ratio?

A particular hair color?

Their motherly behavior?

Or maybe it’s all about their positive personality traits?

Fortunately, we don’t have to guess.

There have been a lot of studies conducted on this topic, and they have given us plenty of insights!

It’s important to note that personal preference exists.

Some of these insights might not apply to every guy in the world.

However, there are some things the majority of men find attractive in women, no matter their specific taste.

Surprisingly, sometimes it is not even intentional – some things attract men toward women without them even noticing or understanding why.

Let’s see what those studies have been talking about!


What Do Men Find Attractive In Women: Behavior-Related Facts


The way a woman behaves is very important and can even be more important than the way she flutters her beautiful eyelashes.

There are a few characteristics that can make every woman infinitely more attractive (without touching their looks).

Here’s what speaks “beautiful” to most men’s hearts.


1. Good Sense of Humor


Sense of humor is that special charisma point that can level up both men and women.

It is something that translates across all communication and is universally attractive.

So, it’s not a surprise that a good sense of humor is among the most common things that men find attractive in women.

You can be sitting next to someone on a train, chatting to your neighbor, or messaging a guy that you met on high-quality dating apps – a great sense of humor is something that will ALWAYS get a guy’s attention.

But, according to studies, men and women have different choices and preferences regarding humor, and they are quite interesting.

For women, those men who are funny and can make them laugh are considered perfect.

Whereas for men, the woman doesn’t need to be funny herself – instead, she can just respond to their jokes and thus make them feel good (hmm…).

Simply speaking, if a man is joking about something, and a woman gets the joke, laughs at it – bingo!

The door to that man’s heart begins to open.


2. Confident Behavior


We all have met that one person in our lives…

They didn’t look like a 10, but their confidence and bravery radiated such powerful attractiveness that everyone around adored them!

That’s how magnetizing confidence is.

Now, this goes both ways – both men and women like confidence and confident behavior.

Confident and risky behavior, in particular, can be a huge factor in attractiveness for all genders (men even use physical risk-taking as a display strategy to show off their resilience around women).

Many men find it attractive when a woman is ready to accompany them and enjoy adventures and trips together.

It can be mountain climbing, camping, skiing, getting tattoos, and other exciting stuff.

Even if a woman doesn’t know how to do any of these, many men would love to teach her these things because it allows them to show off their strength (but you must be confident enough to take the risk!).

Woman Sitting In A Balcony With A White Dress

Being attracted to risky things might also be one of the reasons why men seem to be attracted to females with tattoos and piercings.

Since they send a signal of bravery and acceptance of riskier things, such women appear very attractive to a lot of men.

Please note!

While risky behaviors can be fun, you should always remember to stay safe, no matter what.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, there’s absolutely no need to pretend that you like it, even if that’s something a man or woman likes.


3. Feminine Independence


It’s not a secret that many men like women who appear vulnerable and depend on them for certain things.

However, some studies show that things are changing with our society evolving.

The University of Queensland conducted research that revealed a beautiful truth – men now find it attractive when women are independent, self-supportive, and not needy.

According to their research, independence signals strong character and inner integrity.

Men also seem to like it when women make their own decisions and manage their fears or insecurities without needing support from their men.


4. Kindness, Honesty, and Responsibility


A nice personality matters.

Men wouldn’t like a woman who is rude and dishonest, just like women wouldn’t find insults, unfaithfulness, and confrontational behavior attractive.

Instead, men find it attractive when women are kind, honest, and responsive.

These traits are important because kindness gives men the heads up about a good relationship, honesty means they can trust the lady in question, and responsivity signals that a woman can be supportive, helpful, and an equal partner in every life situation.

After all, a long-term romantic attraction is expected to morph into a long-lasting relationship.

Therefore, anything that hints at a nice family and a happy life together is important to both men and women.

A Happy Woman Receiving A Red Rose From Her Loving Husband


What Do Men Find Attractive In Women Looks?


We can pretend it’s not true, we can pretend it’s shallow, but beauty and looks are extremely important when choosing a romantic partner.

A Perfect Woman As An Example Of What Men Find Attractive In Women Looks

Attractive women can even make men stressed when they’re around – that’s how powerful feminine beauty is!

Here’s what men find attractive in women’s appearance.


5. Mature or Youthful Appearance (It’s Complicated)


Depending on what a man is looking for women, some men prefer youthful looks that signal easier communication, and some – a grown-up appearance that signals status and higher integrity.

One study revealed that younger-looking, attractive women are more likely to be objectified by men – as if their youthful looks signal “less mental or moral capacity.”

On the other hand, women who signal maturity, status, and independence with their appearance are less likely to be seen as just romantic one-night objects.

Older women also tend to have more attractive personality traits that come with older age.

They have fewer feelings of shame, fear, or insecurities – this can signal a more stable relationship.

However, if a man seeks a one-night adventure, he will likely search for a younger-looking woman.


6. Pretty Hair


There is no denying that hair is one of the most common physical things that men find attractive in women.

Around 44% of men define hair as the first thing they notice in a woman, especially if it’s long, shiny, and healthy.

The hair color is mostly a question of taste, but women with blonde, luscious locks seem to have the upper hand.

This is because lighter hair colors are associated with youth, playfulness, and more positive parenting potential.

No wonder blonde hairstyles never go out of style!

Also, both men and women are easily turned off by hair that has too many products in it, looks greasy, or is dyed in a very unnatural color.


7. Red Lips or Clothes


Red is their weakness!

It might be strange, but men really like to see red color around a woman.

This color is associated with passion, love, and heat.

It was thought that maybe men like this color because it excites them (pinky hues remind them of some beautiful zones, ahem!), but we couldn’t find any studies to prove that.

Red really just seems to make a woman appear more desirable, just like that.

Men can’t simply ignore a woman wearing red lipstick or clothes – this color is too powerful and attention-grabbing!

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women - Artistic Photography - Attractive Woman With Red Lipstick


What Do Men Find Attractive In Women Skill-Wise?


There are some things that most women are born with, and they make men lose their minds for them.

Some might sound cliché, but we’re not trying to debunk common stereotypes here – just sharing what we found in our research, okay?



8. Cooking Skills


Of course!

It’s still a thing, and the old saying that “the road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach” is still alive.

Men find it attractive when women can cook and fill their bellies with tasty foods.

Cooking is also a sign of caring, and men love to be cared for… Just like any other human being.

The fact that women can cook delicious meals might also be related to the fact that mothers usually cook for their children.

Therefore, being presented with a delicious meal resembles being cared for.


9. Their Ability To Create Beauty


Women are notoriously good at creating beauty and wellness everywhere around them.

Decorating home, creating perfectly matching outfits and elegant looks, taking old things, and making them look new… These skills can be extremely attractive to anyone, really.

However, women are more involved in things related to beauty, design, and creation, and creativity is considered an attractive trait.

It suggests a mind that can envisage possibilities, foster growth, and bring forth the new from the mundane.

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women - Artistic Photography - Unrecognizable Woman Holding Straws Near A Pink Wall


10. Motherly Care For Children


Human behavior is always influenced by our need to have offspring.

Many women are biologically drawn to playing with children, taking care of them, and responding to their needs – thanks to the hormonal changes that happen in gestation.

The love for kids is also evolutionary more standard in women, so they usually find it easier to care for babies and children than men.

As mentioned before, men like anything that signals them of a healthy mother for their children (ah, nature again!), and motherly behavior can also appear attractive to them for this reason.


Evolution-Based Features That Men Find Attractive In Women


Finally, there are some things we all carry from the old, old past.

Silhouettes, signals of good health, and body differences play the most important part here – they create a perception of better offspring chances.

So, what do men find most attractive in a woman physically?

Let’s see.


  • Waist and hips ratio (WHR) – men usually like it when a woman’s hips are wider than her waist (a sign of good fertility);


  • Anything that signals good health – rosy cheeks, healthy hair, clear skin, healthy-looking body;


  • Obviously – their body with nothing on;


  • Larger chest (a sign of enough milk for a potential baby);



  • Both men and women look more attractive with straight postures;




  • Just like women, men seem to be attracted to signs of good hygiene (like good smell, clean hair and skin, clean clothes).


As you can see, primal instincts are deeply embedded within human nature and continue influencing what guys find attractive about women today.

The preference for certain features (such as a lower waist-to-hip ratio, fuller chest, and indicators of good health) are not mere societal constructs but are deeply rooted in the biological imperative of choosing a partner with the best potential for healthy offspring.


Frequently Asked Questions


What part of a woman’s body do men find most attractive?


The parts of a woman’s body that men find most attractive, according to evolutionary psychology, are those that signal youth, health, and fertility.

These are often represented by a woman’s body shape, particularly when it displays a lower waist-to-hip ratio and a healthy body mass index (BMI).

The classic “hourglass” figure, where the waist appears smaller than the hips and breasts, is commonly cited as highly appealing.



Men are initially attracted to a combination of traits in a woman.

At the forefront, there’s physical chemistry, which can be an instant indicator of attraction.

Physical aspects like body type, skin, eyes, teeth, lips, and hair are quickly noted for their appeal.

A woman’s smile can also play a critical role, along with her personality.

Beyond these, intelligence and communication skills suggest a deeper level of compatibility and the potential for meaningful interaction​​.

These initial attractions can be complex, intertwining physical appearance and personality traits to form the first impression.




So, the mystery has unfolded…

What do men find attractive in women?

Everything that reminds them how beautiful, caring, and different women are from them.

In simple terms, men are attracted to the unique qualities of women – their looks, their nurturing character, and some qualities that are unique only to them.

Men notice things that show a woman might be a good mom someday or can raise a family.

Men also like being around women who make them feel good, who can joke around and get their jokes, and who can simply enjoy life.

And yes, nice hair doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re a woman reading this, remember that you likely have all these things naturally.

It is not a checklist to be completed but a mosaic of what you inherently embody.

Just by being yourself — with your own kind of humor, your own style, and your own way of caring — you’ve got what it takes.

We hope you liked our research on what men find attractive in women.

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