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How To Glow Up In a Healthy Way: 30-Day Glow Up Challenge To Boost Your Outer and Inner Beauty

Here's how to glow up with a transformation that touches not just your face, body, and hair, but rejuvenates your very soul.

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“I want to improve my appearance and accentuate my best features.

How to glow up healthily, inside and out?”

As the next season rolls in quicker than we think, it’s the perfect moment for a seasonal glow up – a month-long tradition I’ve always loved.

It’s something I’ve done every year: in the summer before school, university, or more active work season starts, in the autumn before the holidays, and then again when winter starts to fade and spring is on the horizon.

These glow up months have been my special time for self-care, full of beauty routines and love for myself.

Taking on a pleasant glow up challenge is a fun way to get ready for the times ahead, whether it’s waving goodbye to summer or gearing up for a busy winter.

But, of course, you can start your glow up any time of the year – there are no time limits.

Let’s dive into how to glow up and make this season your time to shine!


What Is a Glow Up?


For those unfamiliar with the term “glow up,” here’s how the Urban Dictionary describes it:

A Glow Up is a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better.

Glow Ups can be both natural or planned.

As well as being gradual and permanent, or fast and temporary.

Natural glow ups can happen through puberty years, but I think that the best glow ups happen when you fall in love!


What Is a Glow Up Challenge?


A glow-up challenge is a month of increased physical and mental self-care, a time that you dedicate to yourself, focusing on improving your wellness, health, looks, and mental strength to look and feel your best.

Even if it’s one of the busiest months for you, it can still be a good time to incorporate all or some of the activities that are part of this challenge.

“Yeah… Wait, what?”

That’s right!

The more work or chores you have to do, the more you need your self care.

Skip your self-care for a week or two, and you might notice the first signs of not giving yourself enough attention.

You might start feeling tired, the stress weight gain (or loss) begins, and you might also be on your way to burnout (which is way harder to heal from than simple everyday fatigue).

“Okay, but I don’t have time for this.

I don’t have time for anything!”

This is why I want this article to show you how to glow up without affecting your life routines and schedules too much.

This glow up challenge includes activities that require a little more time, but quite a few are quick and integrate seamlessly into your everyday life.

Oh, you can do so many things that won’t take much of your busy schedule! *claps eagerly*

And guess what – if you’re super dedicated, you can glow up in less than 30 days – just always choose what’s good and healthy for you (we’ll touch this part later).


After doing this glow up challenge, you will:


  • Feel physically better, healthier & stronger;


  • Probably lose a few pounds in a 100% healthy way;


  • Look better, prettier & happier;


  • Possibly develop new, healthy habits.


And please know that this is not only for your looks!

Feeling pretty and “put together” adds a lot of joyful mood too.

I know that it’s sometimes hard to take care of yourself, especially if you feel tired, have a bad mood, lack motivation, or try to cope with anxiety or life in general.

But sometimes, doing a few caring things helps to improve these negative feelings.

Before I begin, let me quickly introduce a freebie that I think could be helpful to you.

The Glow Up Planner Printable Freebies By Shinesheets

This FREE printable planner is a lovely tool for anyone who is ready to BLOSSOM like never before!

You can use it to set your glow up goals, create beauty routines, track your fitness progress, and, most importantly – stay committed to your goal of a massive glow-up!

You can grab it for FREE at the bottom of this page.

Okay, back to our glow up!

Are you ready?

Here’s how to glow up yourself and your life – for beauty, health, wellness, and growth.


How To Glow Up In a Healthy Way: The Glow Up Challenge For 2023-2024


How To Glow Up Your BODY


This part of your glow up challenge is about getting healthier, more fit, and achieving a healthier physical appearance.

I will not be talking about colossal body makeovers here.

Let’s be realistic – those require way more time and patience.

If you’re committed to long-term body changes, I highly recommend you go through my 100 Actions To Get Fit list to prep your mindset first.

But for a fast body glow up (just enough to get you ready, healthy, and more toned for the next season), here’s how to glow up physically with things you can do now.


1. Drink Enough Water


I love drinking enough water.

Not just because it keeps you healthy and energetic, but it also shows that you’ve been drinking it.


  • Want to rock clear skin? Staying well-hydrated helps your skin to get clean, pretty, and healthy;


  • Water helps to flush out bloat that comes with eating too much salt or junk food and not drinking enough water;


  • Also, it’s easier to lose unnecessary pounds when you’re drinking enough H2O.


Make it your glow up step #1, and ensure you consume your recommended water intake today.

If you hate plain water, add some taste with fruits, mint, or cucumber!

And if you keep forgetting to stay hydrated, here’s another small tip.

Having a cute water bottle can help you to build a healthy habit of drinking water regularly.

It’s also a nice accessory to carry around.

Pink Water Bottle

Hip Plastic Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve


Colorful Water Bottles

Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid


2. Clean Up Your Diet


Choosing healthy, more nutritious foods – like veggies, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats – is beneficial for all of us.

Also, it’s a perfect, healthy way to lose a few pounds without feeling like you’re dieting.

Here’s how to glow up by choosing more vitamin-rich foods in your diet.


  • With every meal, opt for a big salad as a side or choose grilled veggies, veggie soups, and stews.


  • If you can, make one of your daily meals a plant-based one.


  • Have a fruit smoothie (it’s perfect for breakfast!).

    To make it more filling and satisfying, add a little bit of healthy protein, like Greek yogurt.


  • Include healthy fats in your diet, too – nuts, crunchy or smooth peanut butter, soft chia seeds, crunchy flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, or even sesame seeds.

    These contain important fatty acids that are needed by your body.


  • Enjoy foods full of vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols that will feed your skin and hair so they can look gorgeous.


  • Try focusing more on healthy proteins, like beans, eggs, lentils, almond milk, and chickpeas, as they’re just as good for your body.


Eating this way can boost your metabolism, give you a natural glow, increase your hair shine, help you to become more fit, improve circulation, and make your skin softer.

The right diet is your straightway to becoming prettier and healthier in no time.

Just try it and thank me later.

When I want to eat healthier, I also use this little mindset shift: imagine that every veggie, nut, or fruit you eat will make you healthier, prettier, and happier.

And it’s not just an imaginary illusion – every healthy food indeed gives your body the nutrients necessary for your skin, nails, hair, and cognitive functions.

For example, flax seeds are especially beneficial for your mood (and can even help you fight depression) thanks to their high omega-3 acids and magnesium.

Spinach is an absolute champ veggie with so much zinc that your skin will forget about blemishes, and your hair will grow stronger.

Avocados can give you that nice glowing skin thanks to their abundant sources of vitamins E, C, and healthy fats.

Other foods that can help your body “glow up” are berries, greek yogurt, lean meats, fish, seafood, various seeds, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, mushrooms, oats, honey, and various fermented foods.

Just one thing to remember – all food has calories.

Some have more, and some have less, but if you want to lose weight while you glow up, make sure you are not overeating.

Even a good thing, in excess, can become unhealthy.

It is a myth that simply eating healthy is enough to lose weight… It doesn’t work like that unless you’re an athlete who expends a ton of energy every day.

It usually comes down to the calories in and calories out.

Yes, there are occasions when weight loss can be hindered by hormonal imbalance or specific health problems, but generally speaking, if you consume fewer calories than your body can use up, you should lose weight.

Alternatively, if you consume more than you use up, you will gain weight, even if you eat just avocados and healthy energy bites.

Keep in mind that skipping meals never works, though.

If you don’t give enough calories to your body, it will easily convert even low-calorie foods into soft, cute belly fat.

Try to look for a golden balance: keep your body nourished but not overnourished.

If you want to find out the number of calories you need + keep track of your daily food consumption, I recommend the MyFitnessPal app.

It’s very helpful and accurate!

Avoid processed foods, too – they’re chock-full of sodium and have lower nutritional value, leaving your skin, hair, nails, and everything else craving nutrients.


3. Do a Quick Workout Every Day


I know you don’t have time.

Or energy.

I don’t either (yet!).

But working out is an essential part of “glowing up.”

Physical exercise can boost our health, improve our mood, improve circulation, and help our bodies function properly.

All of these together are a recipe for a beautiful, glowing you.

So let’s try to make this work, even if you’re super busy.

Here’s how to glow up with a simple exercise routine.

Instead of committing to a long workout once a day, commit to a short, 10-15 minute workout that you can fit into your schedule whenever you have a small gap.

If you have time, will, and energy, doing more is always a good idea.

But a quick workout is enough to make your body warm, and heart beat faster, and 15 minutes a day adds up to 105 minutes of exercise in a week.

When I have more spare time, I like to incorporate even more of these quickies (“That’s what she said” – Michael Scott) to reap more benefits.

Simply do a quick workout twice a day, and tell yourself how proud you are of your choices!

This method is also excellent if you’re overweight and it’s hard for you to start with full workouts.

Doing a little bit, a few times a day will help your body gradually strengthen and prepare you for more strenuous workouts later.

If your body allows it, use some weights!

The faster you make your muscles stronger, the sooner you will start burning more calories, resulting in your body getting fitter.

While doing an exercise routine from YouTube, exercising app, or simply taking a 15-minute walk, be conscious of your posture.

Good posture is half of the work in your body glow up routine.

Practice standing and walking straight.

It will help you look healthier, and it can even make you feel more confident.

And if you absolutely hate working out, here’s how to learn to enjoy it!


4. Optional – For Fans Of Tan


A healthy golden glow can be one of the “glow up” tasks, too, if it’s something you like.

But the key here is to keep it healthy.

As a teenager, I spent my whole summers tanning on the beach just to get that dark tan before school.

I know – unhealthy!

I don’t do it anymore, and I wish I had never done it (I have quite a few moles today).

So, how to glow up your skin with a lovely shade of golden, rich, sun-kissed tan and keep your skin healthy while doing that?

Choose a self-tanner as an alternative.

Yes, it takes quite some time to keep up with a good self-tanning routine (most tans need to be “built up” and don’t last more than a week).

Here’s what you can do to outsmart this – try an in-shower self-tanner!

St Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion Bottle

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Golden Glow Medium

With this self-tanner, you can skip all those long self-tanner application – waiting – showering routines because this one is used in the shower for three minutes and washed off afterward.

Now, you can shower AND tan at the same time!

I couldn’t believe it at first either, but yes – you don’t have to sleep covered in fake tan anymore.

It works just perfectly.

The color is nice, subtle, and natural, with no sticky feeling, no streaks, and no dread that your self-tanner will stain your clothes.

You can gradually build it up to the color you want.

Of course, you will still get a little bit of self-tanner smell with it, but I noticed that it’s much less detectable than with other tans.

I found this tanner in lighter and darker shades on Amazon:

And here are some self-tanner application tips I swear by: 5 Critical Self-Tanner Tips For a Natural Tan All Year Round


5. Get Enough Sleep


If you can, allow yourself to sleep better to help your body rest, recover and recharge.

A good way to ensure this is to review your sleep schedule.

Could you use less blue-screen tech before sleep?

It can help you to go to sleep on time and fall asleep easier.

Could you skip watching that one more episode on Netflix in favor of a more calming bedtime?

Can you minimize your evening beauty routine to get more minutes of sleep?

After all, any sleep is beauty sleep!


6. Spend More Time Breathing Fresh Air


The air we breathe can have a direct impact on how we look and feel.

I used to think I was breathing fresh air in my home, but after doing an air quality test, the hairs on my neck stood up.

There were allergens, tons of microdust, and even MOLD particles (and I’m a clean freak!), everywhere around me.

No wonder I felt so stuffy so often.

So what can you do about air quality?

If you can invest some money, a high-quality air purifier system can help a lot.

I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time and hope to be able to get it one day for my family home.

It can filter out mold, pollen, dust mite allergens, food smells, formaldehyde, RNA + DNA viruses (!).

It can obliterate all those teeny tiny airborne pathogens that get us sick.

Hands down, every germophobe’s dream!

But if a personal air purifier is something out of reach for you too, try to follow these tips, as they can be just as helpful:


  • Open your windows every morning, after the rain, and at night when the amount of dust particles in the air is lower.


  • When possible, spend more time further away from the city to breathe more clean air.


  • Use fewer household chemicals, or use gentler versions of them when available.


  • Is there a forest around?

    Go Japanese forest bathing style and enjoy some time in the forest – all those trees will fill your lungs and skin with beautiful, rejuvenating, life-giving oxygen!


  • If you can, add a few air-purifying houseplants to your home.

    Peace lilies, snake plants, spider plants, and ferns are perfect for that.


How To Glow Up Your FACE


This part of your glow up challenge focuses on beauty improvements that you can do for your face, especially if you want to achieve a radiant glow for your skin.

I have great news for you here – if you’re already doing the Body part, your face will get prettier just because of that.

All that water, exercise, and a healthy diet feed your skin to rebuild it, make more collagen, clear out pimples, acne, redness, and whatnot!

Now, to make your face really glow, here’s what you can do.


1. Use Gentle Acids To Exfoliate Your Skin


Gently exfoliating acids include AHA, BHA, Azelaic, Mandelic, and Glycolic acids.

Your derm can help you find the most suitable product for your skin, but if you want to try it yourself, choose the lowest-concentration products and do a patch test.

If your skin likes the product – awesome!

Just don’t overdo it – once a week is completely enough, and if you have sensitive skin – make it once in two weeks.

For very sensitive skin types, enzyme exfoliators can be even more gentle.


2. Try a Weekly Face Massage


I love face massages!

They help you get that glowing, healthy, smooth skin and help improve elasticity.

You can choose olive oil or almond oil for your face massage, but my favorite one is rosehip seed oil.

This oil has practically transformed my skin!

I think it’s because rosehip seed oil has natural retinoic acid (a retinol derivative), which is very effective at reducing fine lines and boosting collagen production. You can read my review here.

To learn how to do a face massage yourself, search YouTube – there are tons of great tutorials.


3. Use Face Masks


Sheet masks or face packs, if chosen according to your skin type, work wonders and can be generally inexpensive.

I like to pick a few at the drugstore, preferably the natural ones, and have them ready in case I find a few minutes to relax with a mask on.

Masks are concentrated with hydrating and replenishing ingredients.

Hence, it’s a perfect way to get glowy, pretty, radiant skin (and yes, all skin types can benefit from a face mask once a week – dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin, and acne skin included).

No money for face masks?

No problem!

Use what you have in the kitchen.

And don’t believe that those things don’t work… They do!

You can never go wrong with DIY masks made with mashed banana, crushed oats, mango, honey, a little bit of olive oil, Greek yogurt, avocado…

Mix and match to find which food your skin loves – and feed it!

You will love it.

Your skin will love it.

My fave is the Greek yogurt mask – I slather pure yogurt on, leave it for 15 minutes, and wash it off.

My skin gets brighter, clearer, and moisturized – thanks to good old Greek yogurt!


4. Prioritize Moisturizing


Moisture is one of the main things your skin needs to look great.

Invest in a good, non-comedogenic moisturizer with hyaluronic acid (and a serum, if possible!).

Use it morning and night after washing your face with warm water, gentle face wash, or micellar solution to keep your skin plump, moist, and healthy.

For your body, choose a lotion with moisturizing properties and use it after every shower or bath.


5. Get Serious About Your Sunscreen Habits


If you’ve been skimping on sunscreen, it’s time to create a skincare habit of applying sunblock every morning and reapplying it throughout the day.

I know it’s a messy thing to do, but believe it or not, you will notice positive improvements in your skin as soon as a few days after starting (yes, sunscreen is that effective!).

Look for SPF 30 and more.

Quick question: How to glow up and have a lasting glo up effect simultaneously?

Answer: Get generally better at skincare with this helpful list for good skin!


6. Find Your Signature Makeup Look (If You Want To!)


Makeup is such an easy way to enhance your beauty if you are into it (and if not – that is absolutely okay).

Learn about the newest makeup hacks, trends, and tricks, practice makeup tutorials by watching YouTube videos, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup looks.

After trying a few, you will notice what suits you best and will be able to decide on your signature makeup look.

Just make sure not to overcomplicate it – the easier your makeup look, the easier it is to do it in the morning.


7. Consider Consulting a Dermatologist


If you find your skin rather picky and don’t know which skincare line to choose, I recommend talking to your dermatologist.

I’ve been struggling with breakouts on my chin that would never go away for several years.

The internet would tell me I have everything, usually all at once.

“Fungal acne”.


“Acne-prone skin”.

“Closed comedones…”.

“Skin purging??”

“That’s hormonal acne, FOR SURE.”

“No, lady, you just need to attend church more.”

I’ve tried everything under the sun until I finally went to a derm and discovered that I had…

Combination skin.

That’s it.

All I had to do was get an accurate skin type diagnosis and choose skin care products accordingly, instead of trying a ton of different things (church included).

Not my proudest moment.

Please don’t judge.

Or judge, I’m learning to be okay with it anyway (it’s working!).


8. Do An Eyebrow Inspection


Skincare is important, but some details can seriously impact the way your face looks.

One of them is your eyebrows.

Are they even?

Are they tidy?

Are they overplucked or a bit thin?

In that case, consider regrowing them and reshaping them into a more natural, fuller shape.

Now, they take some time to grow back, but you can hide it pretty well with good eyebrow gel and rock that fuller brow until it grows back.

Another thing I recommend doing is checking if the eyebrow pencil, gel, or shadow you’re using is not too dark for your face (it can make you look a bit older).


9. Take Care of Facial Hair


Some people love waxing or epilating, but I can’t stand the excruciating pain and opt for a simple feminine facial blade called a “derma planning razor.”

This tool has a very sharp blade (gotta be extra careful with that!), and it removes facial hair just perfectly.

You can use it on your upper lip, on your peach fuzz, and it leaves your skin notably smooth.

I know you want to ask…

No – your hair does NOT grow back darker!

I didn’t notice any change in hair thickness or color (and frankly, the thickness of your facial hair is decided by your hormones, not your hair removal method).

You can get your derma planning razor on Amazon.

Be careful – do a patch-shave test to ensure your skin likes it.

Some people get breakouts after doing anything related to facial shaving.


10. Lip Care


If you constantly notice dry and flaky skin on your lips, you probably don’t even know how beautiful your lips are!

Include a lip scrub into your skincare routine (simple sugar + olive oil works great), and invest in a moisturizing lip balm or simple Vaseline.

Use every other night, and you will be surprised at how pretty your lips are and how much they can add to your look.


11. Teeth Care


How to glow up in a second?


A smile is always attractive, and it’s okay to want a brighter smile.

The best teeth whitening option is to visit your dentist for a professional whitening.

But if you can’t do that, using a whitening toothpaste is the next best choice.

If you want a more potent effect, you can also opt for a few rounds of teeth whitening strips.

Just as with everything – be gentle, don’t overdo this.

You don’t want to sacrifice your teeth just for the whiter color.

It hurts!

Some people also use baking soda or activated charcoal to remove any tooth stains gently.


12. Inspect Your Beauty Products And Tools


Lastly, review your skin, makeup, and body care products.

Many skincare products contain harsh ingredients that can potentially damage your skin.

Inspect the bottles and, if possible, replace anything that has paraben, synthetic fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate (this one especially!), and mineral oil in it.

Get rid of anything that has expired too!

Expired makeup is an easy way to get a skin or eye infection.

If you use makeup brushes, make sure to deep-clean them regularly too.


How To Glow Up Your HAIR


Let’s admit our hair plays a significant role in our appearance.

So what are the best ways to glow up your hair?

Let’s take a look.


1. Trim The Split Ends


Ah, that uncomfortable sentence!

It hurts my hair follicles just reading it.

I don’t enjoy trimming my hair too, but those dry ends really don’t make our hair prettier.

Trim them.

Schedule a salon visit, do it, and move on.

(Asking your hairdresser to be careful with length also helps!).


2. Optional – Renew The Color


If you are coloring your hair, renewing the color can feel refreshing and make a difference in how your hair looks.

You don’t have to change your full-length color (unless you want some BIG changes in your appearance!).

Simply coloring it the same color again can make your hair look healthier, shinier, and the color more vibrant.

In between salon visits, you can also use a coloring hair mask.

It does not color permanently but can help you revive the color until you get to your hairdresser.


3. Explore New Hair Style Ideas


If it’s been a long time since you’ve changed your hairstyle, now is the perfect time to dive on the internet and see what’s new!

There are so many new hairstyle ideas you can try, even without changing color or hair length if you don’t want to.

If you trust your hairstylist, you can ask for their opinion of what could fit you and look stylish every day.


4. Heal Your Hair


Summer sun, autumn winds, hair dyes, products, and especially box dyes are hard on our hair.

If you want to glow up your beautiful tresses, this glow up challenge is a perfect time to try and heal whatever hair damage you have.

Now here’s the secret – it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I’ve completely healed my hair with natural remedies once, but that path requires more time and patience.

If you want to recover your hair fast and skip the whole searching-for-good-products-without-going-broke part, try my favorite brand – Giovanni!

Giovanni 2Chich Ultra Sleek Shampoo For Hair Glow UpGiovanni 2Chic Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Shampoo

Giovanni 2Chich Ultra Sleek Conditioner For Hair Glow UpGiovanni 2Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek ConditionerPicture Portraying How To Glow Up In A Healthy Way: 30-Day Glow Up Challenge To Boost Your Outer And Inner Beauty

These products are affordable, powerful, and help heal dry and damaged hair in just a few uses, making your hair remarkably soft, shiny, and healthy.

This brand is my absolute drugstore favorite for hair, and I haven’t found anything else so effective yet.

In fact, this particular Brazilian Keratin line is always sold out where I live, so it shows just how good these products are (and it’s also a little annoying, to be honest!).

If you want to try out this hair care brand and wonder if Giovanni Haircare has sent me these products for free – nope, they didn’t.

I purchased these products myself multiple times in the past.

These recommendations are based on my real experience.

Here’s what I use for my hair right now (should I make a review?).

Giovanni Hair Care Products

Oh, and have you ever tried a scalp scrub?

It’s a nice way to awaken your hair follicles and give your whole hairstyle more energy.

It can also help you to fight hair loss!


How To Glow Up Your NAILS


I wish I could have long nails.

But it’s impossible to rock these when I’m clapping on my keyboard 24/7.

However, keeping nails pretty and tidy, no matter their length, is a fun part of this glow-up challenge.

After all, healthy and tidy nails are a sign of good personal hygiene.


Decide how to keep your hand and toe nails pretty – and try incorporating it into your routine if you haven’t already.

I love doing my nails at home with non-gel polishes.

It allows me to keep changing my nail color weekly.

But gel manicures can be a lifesaver for people who don’t have time for that.

You can also do your nails at home or the salon or even have a mix of both, depending on your mood.

The key here is to keep nails, cuticles, and everything around them clean and tidy – even if you don’t want to use any nail polish at all (which is also absolutely fine).


How To Glow Up Your MIND


So far, we have touched glow up tips for your body, face, hair, and nails.

Now, how to glow up your mind and thoughts for a positive change too?

It’s not enough to improve your appearance – one of the most significant changes happens within.

Sounds tricky?

Here’s how to glow up from the inside while you enjoy your outer appearance getting lovelier and healthier every day.


1. Weed Out Negative Self-Talk (And People!)


If you’ve been saying mean things to yourself until now, make a pact never to do it again.

Let it all go!

Flush negative, demeaning self-talk and, from now on, try to say helpful and encouraging things to yourself.

Learn to love yourself, your body, and every single cell of yours because this is you – and you deserve love.

Whenever you feel a negative thought coming up, please try to change it to something more helpful, encouraging, and supportive.

Be the first line of support for yourself.

If it doesn’t work, practice mindfulness.

Don’t try to push negative emotions and thoughts away – instead, just be with them.

Notice them, let them float around, and decide you are and will be okay, despite them.

After all, thoughts are just thoughts, and certainly, not all our thoughts are true.

If you happen to have a lot of negative people in your life, too, let them go, if possible!

Surround yourself with people who support you, love you, and lift you up instead of bringing you down.

For once, become your best friend instead of being your enemy.

Practice gratitude.

Smile at yourself.

Hug yourself (yes, literally hug yourself right now – it feels really good!).


2. Practice Self Love and Self-Care


Finding self-love is not easy, but it can make you so, so much happier.

Once you say goodbye to negative self-talk and self-criticism, allow real self-love to pour into your life by doing acts of love!

Now, self-love is closely related to self-care, because we usually take care of those we love.

So, it’s a great place to start.

Practice self-care activities that help you to calm down, slow down, appreciate the present moment, and be grateful for what you are and what you have now.

You can try:


  • Guided meditation;


  • Mindfulness activities;


  • Journaling or writing in a diary;


  • Taking long, relaxing baths with soothing bath salts or bubbles;


  • Aromatherapy with essential oils;


  • Dry brushing (a kind of self-massage for your entire body);


  • Breathing exercises;


  • Yoga or Tai-chi.


You can find more loving self-care ideas here:


3. Review or Create Goals and Rules For Your Life


To completely glow up your inner world, review your life goals and the rules you’re living by.

Choose goals that challenge you, and give positive meaning to your life.

Create life rules that speak of happiness, kindness, respect, growth, and appreciation.

This concept is a bit more complicated, so I want to share my resources that will allow you to dive into it deeper.

Here are a few articles that can help you create high-class lady manners and build a positive, goal-oriented, helpful, and kind mindset.





Frequently Asked Questions About How To Glow Up


How Can I Naturally Glow Up?


The most natural way to glow up inside out is to focus on your physical and mental health with good, healthy habits.

Choose clean products filled with natural ingredients and not tested on animals, if possible (vegan is fine too).

Spend time outside, breathe fresh oxygen, soak up the sun to produce lots of Vitamin D, and find a reason to smile daily.

The whole harmony and newly found peace inside you will force a glow up you might not even expect!


How Can I Glow In 7 Days?


If you’re in a hurry to look and feel your best in no more than a week, here’s what I recommend.


  • Drink more water;


  • Eat more vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and fruits;


  • Get a face massage and, if possible – a body massage too;


  • Visit your hairdresser or touch up your hair at home if you know how.

    In cases of an upcoming event, I would stick to a hair salon, though;


  • Every day, tell yourself how much you love yourself, how proud you are of yourself, and how valuable you are;


  • If possible, review your wardrobe and get a few new outfits or accessories that match your current glow up mood and season.


How To Glow Up Overnight?


An overnight glow up is possible as well, but it might not be as obvious.

To quickly glow up and enjoy a brighter view (and mood!) in the morning:


  • Use a gentle AHA or BHA exfoliating product after you wash your face and remove makeup at night – this will clean your pores and allow them to shrink;


  • Apply a deeply hydrating face mask (a sleeping mask works best in this case), preferably one filled with Hyaluronic Acid or Squalane.

    This will help you to hydrate your skin deeply, so it will look beautifully glowing in the morning;


  • Apply nourishing hair oil to your hair (argan and olive oils work wonders!) and leave it on through the night.

    Shampoo and condition in the morning.


How To Glow Up After a Breakup?


Breakups can be difficult, but they can also motivate you to get that glow up you’ve been dreaming of.

If you want to impress your ex, make him/her miss you, or find a new person, this whole “how to glow up list” is perfect for your glow up goals – simply start with step 1.

Just remember – it’s much better if you do it for yourself, not for others.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

You ARE beautiful already.

Everything else you will do is just an extra improvement on top of that.


How To Glow Up Mentally And Physically: Conclusion


As with everything, one can always do even more…

But a glow up challenge shouldn’t feel overwhelming, so please focus on what is most important to you.

Feel free to add more ideas to your plan if you wish or downsize until it feels more manageable.

Make it your own!

Don’t forget to grab that free printable glow up planner I mentioned at the beginning!

I hope this challenge will help you to glow up before the next season or whenever you want to boost your appearance and inner world.

Let me and my team know if you like this by sharing it on social media.

Get more beauty improvement tips and ideas for how to glow up right here!


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