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100 Healthy Actions That Help You To Get Fit

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At this time of the year, I always start to think about my health and how I could improve it. I’m also a big fan of going for something 100%, which means that if I’m ready to work on a goal, I’m going to do whatever I can to make it happen. Why? Because I know that once you need something done, every little step will count towards the result. Even the tiniest one.

If you’ve been thinking that you need to finally lose the extra weight, improve your health or just generally get fit, this “every step counts” approach can be extremely helpful in your journey. Once you start changing one small thing after another, eventually you can feel that it’s not only your body that is changing. Your whole lifestyle, philosophy, and mindset change as well.

And isn’t this what they preach in those health journals and recommendations? “To be healthy, you have to make living healthy your lifestyle”. That’s right.

I have made this beautiful list a few years ago and it’s still one of my favorite, go-to lists whenever I feel that it’s time to get more fit. I love how simple yet effective these ideas are and how they remind me that getting in shape is just a bundle of different steps we have to make in order to achieve our desired goal. Big or small, all those tiny steps are important to our success.

So here it is! A whole 100 of healthy actions you can implement in your life to enjoy a faster, healthier and more effective road to weight loss, health, and wellness. Let’s get in shape, shall we?


100 Healthy Actions That Help You To Get Fit


1. Drink more water 

2. Strive to be more active every day

3. Add more veggies to your meals

4. Choose fruits for a desert

5. Choose leaner meats (if you eat meat)

6. Choose a salad as a side

7. Eat more probiotic-rich foods

8. Take the stairs instead of lifts

9. Park your car further and walk

10. … Or even bike to work if possible

11. Have an invigorating yoga session in the morning

12. Lift weights 2-3 times a week

13. Do cardio for the rest of your weekly workouts

14. Do some gentle stretching before sleep

15. Try to get enough hours of sleep

16. Spend more time in fresh air

17. Take long walks on the weekends

18. Don’t weigh yourself every day

19. Take body measurements

20. Try to minimize your stress

21. Limit the amount of salt you consume

22. Strive to eat less added sugar

23. Choose wholegrain when possible

24. Learn to make quick and healthy smoothies

25. Add more protein to your diet

26. Choose healthier oils and fats

27. Find out your daily basic metabolic rate

28. Weigh your foods if possible

29. Log your calories into the calorie counting app

30. Journal your weight loss journey

31. Visualize yourself fit and healthy

32. Choose red wine when you drink alcohol

33. Limit your alcohol consumption overall

34. Start your day with a big glass of water

35. Try to eat more fiber-rich foods

36. Make it a habit to do a few exercises while you’re watching TV

37. Get lymphatic massages if you can 

38. Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week

39. Never stay hungry for too long

40. Take your coffee black (lattes are full of calories!)

41. Research healthy recipes

42. Create your favorite healthy recipe binder

43. Eliminate soda from your life

44. Try to take 10.000 steps daily

45. Choose 85% cocoa chocolate (and enjoy in moderation)

46. Always try to eat slowly

47. Chew your food very well

48. Eat mindfully and fully enjoy every bite

49. Eat until you feel 80% full

50. Don’t eat in front of TV or your phone

51. Limit take-out foods

52. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry

53. Find ways to reward yourself without food

54. Notice when you’re eating emotionally (and try to stop)

55. Set small health goals instead of one huge goal

56. Always listen to your body

57. Don’t try to only eat salads (it doesn’t work)

58. Find healthy snacks you like (like air-popped popcorn!)

59. Start reading ingredient lists

60. Take detoxifying baths

61. Visit a sauna for detoxing sweat session

62. Use coffee or seaweed body scrubs 

63. Carry your shopping bags instead of using a trolley

64. Explore different workout types to find out what you like

65. Get a gym subscription

66. …Or subscribe to a few workout channels on Youtube

67. Find a workout buddy

68. Always do a warm-up to avoid injury

69. Put on small ankle weights when going for a walk

70. Eat something within 1 hour after a workout (helps muscles recover faster)

71. Have rest days between 2-3 workout days

72. Stop giving up after a few slip-ups

73. Go swimming regularly if you can

74. Notice PMS food cravings and try to comfort yourself in other ways

75. When eating out, try to choose leaner, healthier choices

76. When in doubt, choose a vegetarian meal

77. Skip fatty dressings whatsoever

78. Eliminate processed foods from your diet

79. Choose organic when possible

80. Make regular, vigorous home cleaning sessions (burns calories + keeps the house clean!)

81. Always remind yourself that every little step counts

82. Keep saying to yourself that this is what you wanted

83. Stop expecting fast results (slow and steady wins the game)

84. Ditch negative self talk

85. Practice loving your body no matter how it looks

86. Focus on getting healthy first (body results will come with that)

87. Set daily reminders to eat healthy and workout

88. Plan your meals

89. If you can – prepare your meals for the whole week

90. Take your own lunch to work

91. Have a few healthy snacks in your purse (nuts work great!)

92. Don’t follow fad diets

93. Talk to a dietician if needed

94. Eat more super foods (chia seeds, goji berries, quinoa…)

95. Replace your favorite meals with healthier, modified versions of them

96. Read inspiring success stories to stay motivated

97. Find a few fitness role models and follow what they say

98. Read fitness blogs and websites

99. To be extra precise, try counting your macros as well

100. Don’t give up if you got stuck on a weight loss plateau

I hope you enjoy this list! Try to implement a few of these tips every week for the best results. Good luck on your “getting fit” journey! 

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