99 easy ways to improve your health

Hey pretty! Now that the holidays are over, have you thought about your goals and resolutions yet? I sure did! Since the last year was pretty rough to me health-wise, I decided to make my health a priority. And who doesn’t want to be healthy right?

I know many of you are struggling with health issues too so I combined this list of things you can do to greatly improve your overall health. Most of them are not only easy but you can also do them without spending a lot of time or money.

It’s all about choices and a little effort, combined with a strong decision to take better care of yourself. And if you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll need to make that decision sooner or later. Our bodies need love and care and we’re the only ones to give that to ourselves. No one else is going to keep us healthy (unless you are still living with your loving momma who cooks those extremely healthy, home-cooked, love-filled meals and in that case – girl, I envy you with all my heart).

Plus, what’s a better time to start living healthier than the beginning of the year?? 🙌

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I hope you’ll find at least a few ideas to try. If you would like to save this list to your Pinterest, there’s a perfect pinable image at the bottom and you will also find helpful tools and resources on the go. So, let’s go!


Let’s make this year a healthy one.


1. Choose healthy eating.

2. Use essential oils to boost your wellness.

3. Try dry brushing to boost circulation.

4. Have occasional treats.

5. Do cardio exercises every day.

6. Implement some strength training weekly.

7. Become more active overall.

8. Use a food diary to track your nutrition.

9. Take multi-vitamins.

10. Eat more fish or take fish oil supplement.

11. Take a probiotic course.

12. Drink enough water (but don’t go to the extremes either!)

13. Keep your home dust free.

14. Let in some fresh air every morning and evening.

15. Go outside every day.

16. Journal to improve your mental health:

17. Meditate to relieve life stresses.

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18. Do some stretching every morning.

19. Swap white salt and sugar to Himalayan salt and natural cane sugar.

20. Get a Himalayan salt lamp.

21. Get a humidifier.

22. Get enough sunshine to boost your Vitamin D reserves.

23. Call or chat with a loved one regularly.

24. Give hugs.

25. Nourish your body with healthy fats.

26. Get serious about your sleep hygiene.

27. Set yourself a sleep regime and sleep hours.

28. Grow air cleaning plants at your home.

29. Carry and use hand sanitizer when not at home.

30. Get a deep-tissue body massage.

31. Nourish your skin with natural oils.

32. Heal and protect your hair with oil masks.

33. Add spices to your food for extra health benefits.

34. Drink herbal teas.

35. Black coffee (in moderation) is ok too!

36. Slow down before eating.

37. Go swimming to revive your whole body.

38. Keep your refrigerator clean to avoid unhealthy bacteria.

39. Deep clean your home once a week.

40. Declutter your life to minimize stress.

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41. Enjoy the benefits of deep breathing.

42. Use natural cleaners instead of chemical ones.

43. Walk instead of driving.

44. Visit a sauna to detox your body and improve circulation.

45. Track how you feel after foods to understand your food sensitivities.

46. Get regular medical checkups.

47. Sit straight to protect your spine.

48. Do stretching breaks while working on your desk.

49. Indulge in dark chocolate to boost your mood.

50. Minimize alcohol consumption.

51. Lose weight slowly and for your health, not your looks.

52. Get those 10k steps daily.

53. Learn to think positive all the time.

54. Cut out soda and juices.

55. Keep a workout log to see your progress.

56. Set your health goals:

57. Quit smoking if you do.

58. Choose organic food when possible.

59. Eat as clean as possible and say NO to food additives.

60. Listen to music you like.

61. Drink lemon water.

62. Eat and use honey to boost your immune system.

63. Cook food at home whenever possible.

64. Slowly get yourself accustomed to contrast showers.

65. Eat more fermented foods for vitamins and probiotic boost.

66. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

67. Explore superfoods like quinoa, chia seeds, goji berry, spirulina, flax seeds etc.

68. Use a gratitude journal to stay in a good mood.

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69. Be creative and playful.

70. Laugh more!

71. Discover or deepen your relationship with yoga or tai chi.

72. Do bed exercises if you need to take it slower.

73. Do a mindful body scan to relax before sleep.

74. Add herbs and essential oils to your bath or shower.

75. Keep a healthy work and rest regime.

76. Declutter your mind regularly.

77. Eat until you are 80% full.

78. Brush and floss every day without excuses.

79. Plan your meals.

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80. Always listen to your body.

81. Try alternative pain relievers (heat, cold and yoga poses).

82. Reduce morning stress with a morning routine.

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83. Go to the beach, visit the sea or ocean.

84. Immerse in refreshing forest walks.

85. Forgive and let go of anger.

86. Pump up your lymphatic system with a quick HIIT workout.

87. Walk barefoot in nature.

88. Have or give yourself feet or head massage.

89. Eat at least one fruit or berry handful a day.

90. Replace refined grains with whole grains.

91. Wash or soak your fruits and veggies well.

92. Do a short workout when watching Netflix.

93. Come up with a health or fitness challenge.

94. Develop healthy habits.

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95. Go to sleep before midnight.

96. Wash your hands regularly.

97. Use SPF sunscreen (and not only at summer!)

98. Create your self care plan.

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99. Make healthy living a lifestyle.

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