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6 Short Term Goals Examples For People Who Are Tired Of Being Mediocre

If you are DONE living a mediocre life, here’s your path to excellence.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Tired Of Being Mediocre

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Picture Portraying 6 Short Term Goals Examples For People Who Are Tired Of Being Mediocre

Someone who lives an average life always sets their dreams and goals asides and chooses the easier path because it just makes the most sense to them.

A life of mediocrity is comfortable.

You never have to leave your comfort zone, and you just follow the world without doing anything extraordinary with your life.

However, remember that sometimes the right path is not the easiest one!

If you have blank pages in your diary, unfinished assignments, an empty canvas, or an incomplete song that you could never bring yourself to complete, that’s an alarm sign.

If you are unable to commit to a task or pursue your life goals because you are convinced that they are not possible, you, my friend, are living a mediocre life.

But if you are tired of living an unfulfilling life and are wasting your potential, you have come to the right place!

In this article, I want to share a few short term goals examples for those who are tired of being mediocre.

Remember that excellence can’t be achieved in one day, but if you’re finally fed up with mediocrity, you’re probably ready for anything.

Let’s begin!


Short Term Goals Examples For People Who Are Ready To Grow


Short Term Goal #1: Adopt a Habit Of Waking Up Early


Let’s start with something you can do right now. Make it your habit to wake up earlier than the competition around you, because it gives you the head start to surpass them and escape the life you are living.

Use this time productively to complete pending work, brainstorm ideas, or preparing for the day so that you are always one step ahead.


Short Term Goal #2: Cut Down The TV & Internet Time


One of the best short term goals you can have is to limit the time you spend on useless activities like watching movies and scrolling through Facebook, Insta and other time-wasters.

Instead, invest this time on something productive. Buy a good non-fiction book, listen to a podcast, learn bunch of goodness on this blog and you will find that your mind is clearing up.

You may even get the motivation you have long been searching for, so don’t wait!


Short Term Goal #3: Stop Being Afraid To Dream BIG


Now, this is a really short term goal that you can decide on and rock right NOW.

If you are scared to dream big, stop doing that right now!

You can only pursue your goals if you dream big, and take actions to attain that goal.

Are you afraid of chasing your fantasy job because you think you are not good enough?

Are you avoiding those makeup artist classes because your friends have discouraged you?

Do you think you can’t become a self-made entrepreneur just because everyone around you thinks it’s not possible?

Most of us give up on all our fantasies because we are afraid or don’t get enough support!

The only way to achieve these goals is to make up your mind that no one can stop you but yourself!

Start with small steps, plan your time, keep on nurturing that motivation, and always stay focused on your dream.

Imagine yourself having it.

Feel it!


Short Term Goal #4: Choose a Role Model And Start Learning From Him/Her


It is said we can only be as good as the people that surround us.

If you regularly spend time (either in real life or online) with people that are content with their life without having any vision to change it, you will also do the same.

It can be your short term goal to change your perspective and start to follow and learn from people who started with nothing yet ended up changing their life completely.

Always remember that if they can do it, so can you!


Short Term Goal #5: Stop Listening To Those Who Limit You


Taking the less traveled road is one of the ways you can escape mediocrity… Yet there will be many people who will try to stop you at all costs.

Make a decision based on what you want, not what everyone else wants you to do.

If you keep following the herd, you will never find yourself on the top!

Do not let others limit your dreams, goals, and eventually – success.

P.S. This might help: How To Stop Caring What Other People Think


Short Term Goal #6: Start Doing Something Others Are Afraid Of


One of the biggest hurdles to escaping mediocrity is the feeling that a task is impossible.

It immediately kills any motivation you may have, and you sweep your visions under the rug.

However, you will find yourself on the road to success once you start to pursue a mission others run away from.

Accept the problematic work assignment, start up your side gig, chase your dream.

Put everything you have in you to prove yourself and others that it is possible!


These were just a few of short term goals examples to choose from and you should get the idea. If you are done living a mediocre life, start to create your own short term goals for the day, and soon you will be on the path to excellence!

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