5 Easy Steps To Begin Your Personal Development Journey (Today!)

Updated on August 23, 2020

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Have you ever felt that you are not doing enough to live the life you always dreamed of? Do you feel like even if you are leading a normal and healthy lifestyle, something is always missing?

Well, it might be that this emptiness arises from a lack of personal development. It is very common with most of us, and there are a few people who do something about it…

Yes, millions of people stay miserable because they don’t know how or what to do about their unhappy life!

What Is Personal Development Anyway?


Personal development is all about achieving your full potential and reaching the stage of full satisfaction with yourself and your life. It is about maximizing your potential and bringing yourself out of your comfort zone, so you can grow as a person and achieve your goals.

To have content and fulfilled life, you need to change, adapt, come out of the box, accept your failures, challenge yourself, and expand your capabilities up to the point where you see yourself achieving anything you dream of.

A researcher at Stanford University, Carol Dweck, has worked a lot on mindset and, according to her, people have two types of mindsets – fixed and growth mindset. People who have a fixed mindset think their talents are fixed and there is nothing more to achieve.

On the other hand, people with growth mindset think they can grow more and more every day. There are things yet to explore and they always crave to learn more! These are the people who move forward with their life and they lead a personal development lifestyle that helps them to conquer any goal, no matter how big.


5 Easy Steps To Begin Your Personal Development Journey (Today!)


If you have been feeling empty, unsatisfied and incomplete lately, it’s time to start your personal development journey! (it’s a great thing to do even if you don’t feel low as well).

The only problem that you might face is where to start. Most people don’t know how to start their personal development journey, so they end up leaving it.

But it’s not that hard and I will show you how to begin in 6 easy steps. This is how you start your own personal development journey, right today!


1) Start With a Clean Slate


Accepting your failures and self-neglect is the first step towards success. It gives you a blank canvas to draw on and you can start to learn new things with an easy mind.

Learning will change your perspective towards life and things around you. It will even make you a better person because learning lets you grow and changes your mindset radically.

But first, you have to…


2) Be Committed


You can’t just grow yourself by thinking about it every day. You need to be committed and persistent with the determination to know and explore.

For this, you can choose the resources that you like and set some time to spend on your self improvement every day. You can read books, listen to audio books, or subscribe to the inspiring people online (you can also subscribe to me, eh!). Choosing the sources you like and trust is a good step towards growth because it will give you guidance.


3) Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones


You don’t have enough time or room for all the habits and lifestyle choices – you can only keep some and leave others. When you want to change yourself and your life, you need to decide which habits are keeping you from moving forward. Do you watch TV too much? Do you spend your evening routine endlessly scrolling Instagram? How about replacing that time with a good book? Or mental health journal? Or self care?

Small habit replacements like this can help you a lot in becoming fixated on your personal development journey.

And trust me, once you feel the first results, you will be hooked!

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4) Start Exercising Daily


It might seem like a physical health scenario, but research has proven that exercise is effective not only for your physical health but also for mental health.

Exercise makes your day fresh and your mind open. When you exercise daily, you become more energetic, more willing to learn new things, and even more productive.


5) Set Your Goals


Personal development is just a few fancy words without a goal. Set goals to keep yourself going and committed, but don’t burden yourself too much.

Humans work better when they have an organized set of steps to take towards their destination (this is why planning is so helpful!).

Set up a few goals that you can follow and achieve with focus, determination, and clarity. This will make your actions structured and organized which is already a habit of a successful person.

To make goal setting easier, I have designed a few printable goal planners, challenge calendars, and habit trackers that you can print and start using right away. They can help you to set and organize your goals, track your progress and they’re basically a must-have for anyone who wants to make their goal setting process less complicated!

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Now that you know what personal development is and how to get started, it is time to take that first step. Go take a walk, grab a coffee on the way, and make a pact with yourself to finally do what you need to in order to be happy. Forgive yourself and appreciate your own effort. Make a decision. Don’t wait, start today!

I hope you liked this article (you can rate it below). Scroll down for more personal development tips and ideas!

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