Picture Portraying 5 Ways To Love Your Body And Be Kind To It

5 Ways To Love Your Body And Be Kind To It

Stop bullying your own body! It's time for peace and self-respect.

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Picture Portraying 5 Ways To Love Your Body And Be Kind To It

Many of us wish our body was like that of our favorite celebrity or Instagram inspiration.

At the same time, many of us are regularly hating the way we look, dissatisfied with the body type we have, and even getting depressed because of it.

If you are on the same boat, trust that you are not alone at all.

Every girl has doubted her body at least once in her life.

But have you ever stopped and contemplated how these thoughts are hurting your mental health?

Are those thoughts even realistic or healthy?..


Why Don’t You Love Your Body?


When you’re constantly body-shaming yourself, you self-perceive your flaws and focus on them instead of noticing all the good you have.

This is all a tricky battle in your head.

You may see how other people are portraying their bodies, we look at their glamorous figures, and fall for it – “I wish I could look like that!”.

Where instead, none of it is real.

All those glamour shots are done to attract people and keep them interested.

They got you (and me, sigh).

Moreover, you may give others more rights to your body than you even have yourself.

This happens when you take other people’s opinions as important when in reality they’re just… Useless.

We all deserve to love ourselves and for that, you must understand how to love your body.

You need to start accepting your body as it is and you need to strive to love your body – unconditionally.

Here are a few tips that can help you.


How To Love Your Body And Be Kind To It


1. Dress your body accordingly


If you are following someone with an opposite figure than you, or are clinging to the dresses that just don’t fit your body type, it is time to let them go.

It is not about how your body is, it is all about how you carry it.

Search for style guides, take your friends, go shopping and buy the clothes that actually fit you.

No need to constantly look at those old-new clothes, hating yourself just because they don’t fit anymore (or ever).


2. Stop worrying about your weight


If you are becoming over or underweight, it is acceptable to think about it and make strategies to control it…

But to worry about every pound is not healthy at all.

This stress can be a cause of many dangerous things like depression, anxiety, or food disorders.

To love your body and to be kind to it, don’t define yourself based on your weight.

It is just one aspect of your body.

If you make a progress on it, celebrate it, but don’t make it your primary source of anxiety when you don’t.


3. Respect everyone’s body


This is very important if you want to love your body – you ought to accept others as they are as well.

When you’re constantly judging others for the body they have, this will come around, and you won’t be able to respect your body as well.

When you are pointing out someone’s flaws, you are projecting your own fears and insecurities…

But when you embrace everyone around you as they are, you will be able to do the same for yourself as well.


4. Don’t be a perfectionist


You want a perfect figure, curves, and other physical features that might require a very strict diet, hours of exercise, a professional personal trainer, and much more…

Does this really sound appealing to you?

If you are chasing a perfect model body, you might be making unrealistic goals and they won’t get you anywhere.

You need to focus on what you have and celebrate it in the moment.

Give your body a break and stop projecting your perfectionist goals on it…

Instead, focus on the ways you can make your body healthier, stronger, and happier as it is the perfect way to love your body and make it look better in a healthy way.


5. Take a social media break


Believe it or not, social media is playing a big role in shaping our thoughts about our bodies.

You might be scrolling down, enjoying the feed, and nothing else…

But, your mind is also noticing those glamorous pictures of so-called perfect people.

All those perfect figures of the people you saw are unconsciously registered by your mind, thus putting you on unnecessary stress response.

Moreover, when you post your own picture on social media, you might face different comments that can seriously hurt your relationship with yourself.

That’s why taking a break from social media can save you a lot of stress and help you love your body more.

You won’t be seeing other people’s fake glamorous life (trust me, 90% of them are using picture enhancement apps) and it will allow you to stop comparing yourself to the impossible, unreal “reality”.


If you want to love your body, it is time to implement these things.

Get control of your emotions and life right now.

Love your body and be kind to it by taking care of it both mentally and physically.

Your body deserves to be loved.

Embrace it.

Shared by Amber, editor-in-chief at ShineSheets.com

I hope you loved these little tips and if you did – scroll down below where you can discover more of them!

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