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Picture Portraying 50+ Beautiful Self Care Ideas &Amp; A Free Printable Self Care Planner

“I would love to see a list of self-care ideas to try for increased well-being and health.”

Do you feel tired, drained, and overworked?

Have you been running around like a bunny, trying to take care of as many things as possible?

Yep, been there!

I have to tell you – it may work for a long time, but the aftermath of that is not pretty.

Suddenly, you don’t want to get up in the morning.

Everything starts to look lame and boring.

Life just feels like a spinning routine with not much fun going on.

Sounds familiar?

If you’ve been giving all of YOU to others or if you’ve been mean to yourself, it’s time to change things a little bit.

Your body and soul need care – ideally every day.

Skipping self-care is a fast road to burnout and the sooner you change your lifestyle to include more “ME” time, the better you will feel every day.


How These Self Care Ideas Can Help You


By doing at least 10-15 activities from this self-care ideas list, you will create a better, more sincere, and loving relationship with yourself.

My results from simple self-care routines were fantastic, and so can yours!

By practicing these self-care ideas, you can:


  • Learn to embrace your personality with all its quirks;
  • Establish healthy routines;
  • Started to feel better about your body;
  • Learn how to keep a habit;
  • Learn to find time for yourself daily;
  • Feel happier;
  • Feel well;
  • Gain self-confidence.


That’s just a few benefits of self-care – who knew it could be so refreshing?

Also read: A guide to self-care basics – learn where to begin

Now, I know it can be hard to find empty time slots in your schedule.

If you feel the need for some quality ME time, try to ask your loved ones for help.

Maybe you can take a day off from work?

Spend this Sunday without doing the errands?

And please – don’t feel selfish!

“I’m just skipping my responsibilities here”

That’s unhelpful thinking.

In reality, even a few hours of self-care can recharge you for the WHOLE WEEK.

Picture Portraying 50+ Beautiful Self Care Ideas &Amp; A Free Printable Self Care Planner


The Ultimate Self-Care Ideas List: 50 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself And Boost Your Wellness


1. Listen to relaxing music or soothing nature sounds


Rain sounds, beach waves, soft wind, thunder (if you like it), river stream – any sound you love hearing has the ability to help your body and mind to relax.

It’s also one of the cheapest (and mostly free) self-care ideas you can think of!

You can get the nature sounds app on your phone or find videos you like on Youtube (these have a bonus of real nature view).

One of the best investments I made this year was buying a pro version of the nature sounds app that I liked.

Now I go to sleep with a nice rainy ambiance in the room and it helps me to relax instantly.


2. Enjoy a hot bath, shower, or simply a foot bath


A Bath As One Of The Self Care Ideas For Women

Warm water is an amazing relaxant and we should all enjoy it more.

And I don’t mean quick showers, I mean nice long sessions in the water where you can relax and not think about shaving your legs for a while!

If you can, enrich your bath with some herbs, and calming essential oil blends, or hang eucalyptus branches under your shower head for an extra spa experience.


3. Have an at-home or at-the-salon pampering session


Feeling more beautiful helps you feel better overall.

Visit your hairdresser, go for a mani / pedi or simply schedule a mask hour in your bathroom.

You will find yourself in a much better mood afterward and you will also look pretty so it’s a win-win.


4. Plan your self-care routines – and stick to them


Since there are so many things you can do to reboot yourself with self-care, having a plan comes in really handy.

Here’s a printable Self Care planner I created just for that (it’s free!).

It’s easy to use and helps you plan your self-care activities in a cute, organized, and convenient way.

Plan your skincare, body care, hair care, soul care, and any other self-care ideas – anything that is nourishing to you both externally and internally.

Another thing I like about planning self-care is that it creates an intention to stick with the plan so you don’t forget to spend time with yourself every day.

And if you do happen to stop doing your self-care, you will always have it neatly planned when you get back.


5. Take a nice nap (as long as you want!)


One of the most refreshing self-care ideas is having a sleep session without interruptions.

Turn off your phone and please – do not set up any alarms!

Try to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Sleep is your body’s natural recovery tool and we usually don’t get enough of it.


Ever tried a weighted blanketPicture Portraying 50+ Beautiful Self Care Ideas &Amp; A Free Printable Self Care Planner?

It’s absolutely terrific if you have trouble falling asleep or struggle with anxiety.


6. Read a positive, easy-to-read, or inspiring book


I love books.

Especially the ones that make me feel inspired.

If someone asked me what’s an easy way to get some rest & nice motivation at the same time, I would tell them to go read a positivity book.

It’s just a perfect self-care idea that lets your mind and soul recharge!

If you don’t have any books around and don’t feel like going to the bookstore for them, you can always choose e-books or audio books.


7. Spend some time with your pet or visit a local zoo


Just watching animals – the way they interact with people or each other – can feel very therapeutic.

If you don’t have a pet, try to visit a zoo, aquarium, or a place with water birds.

Go spectate, take photos, and feed them (please don’t forget to choose non-harmful snacks!).


8. Go to the park or any place where you can be surrounded by nature. Sit there for a while


Hiking As One Of The Most Mindful Self Care Ideas

Spending time in nature is invigorating.

I personally love wild fields and forests, but absolutely any nature-surrounded place will work.

Go for hikes, beach walks, take deep breaths, enjoy pretty views, and feel the wind in your hair…


9. Meditate


You can do a simple meditation (try to not think about anything and concentrate on your breath) or choose a guided meditation.

In a guided meditation there’s someone speaking gently and telling you what to do, how to breathe, or what to imagine.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I really suggest you add meditation to your self-care planner!

You can find a lot of meditation apps for free or simply search Youtube.

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10. Do some yoga


Yoga is a way for your body to relax and be active at the same time.

It incorporates breathing techniques too so it kinda works like a moving meditation.

You can start with beginner poses or stretching and build your strength with every workout.

If you don’t like yoga, try Thai Chi or Chi Gung – these are quite similar to yoga and there are tons of workout videos online!


11. Remember who you are with a self-discovery journal


Self-discovery journaling is one of those soul-searching self-care ideas that can change the way you perceive yourself.

A great self-discovery journal can guide you through an amazing 30-day journal journey and help you find more balance, confidence, and integrity within yourself.

“30 days to myself” – is a free printable self-discovery journal I designed based on my astonishing experience while journaling about myself.

This is one of my personal favorites from the store and it has helped me to create an amazing, real bond with myself as a person.

If you want to finally start loving yourself for you, this tool is a great way to start so do check it out!

Also read: How to turn your weaknesses into strengths


12. Cook a healthy, nutritious, or simply delicious meal for yourself


I decided to include nutrition on this self-care ideas list because eating well is basically a foundation of your wellness.

It’s amazing how a really nutritious meal can help you feel better and even happier – that’s how powerful healthy eating is!

If you haven’t had a really healthy, nutritious meal in a while, you may feel grumpy and unmotivated to do anything.

It’s your body telling you to give it nutrients!

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13. If you’re religious, spend a spiritual session


A prayer, reading session, or a chat with another believer is a perfect soul-care idea.

Spending time spiritually will help you feel renewed, blessed, and loved, plus it’s totally free, forever!


14. Buy yourself pretty flowers and decorate your room


Decorating With Flowers As Self Care Ideas For Gentle Souls


Don’t overdo this for the bedroom (flower smells might disturb your sleep), but any other room can be drowned in flowers.

It looks amazing, makes you feel like a princess, and is a perfect self-care idea for any visual person.


15. Put on a face mask and relax in a comfortable position


Unwind and focus on your breath for a mindful, zen break.


16. Go for a walk or hike


Sitting in the same room for hours is tiring, while just changing your surroundings for a while can give you a nice overall boost.

Plus, you get some fresh oxygen to your brain and your whole body.


17. Buy a new perfume


Or a shower gel.

Or shampoo.

Anything, just spoil yourself a little.


18. Plan your future goals & dreams.


This may not be for everyone, but planning can feel extremely satisfying.

A planned future gives a feeling of control and lets your mind rest a bit.

There’s absolutely no need to keep overthinking things when they can rest safely on paper.


19. Watch videos on Youtube


People have different tastes, but the ones that work for most people are funny videos, motivational vlogs, and makeup videos.

Just try to watch anything that helps your mind to disconnect from your work, tasks, or problems.


20. Do something creative to express yourself


Paint, crochet, DIY things, write poetry or songs – do anything that lets your creativity flow.


21. List all the things you are grateful for


I have to admit – I find myself being cranky about silly things way too often.

Yet gratitude – one of the most important ideas on this list – can change this in seconds.

Finding gratitude for what I already have makes me feel free and humble again.

When I feel sad for no reason, I remind myself that I have food, water, a roof over my head, and a warm bed.

That is a lot!


22. Spend a few hours (or even a whole day) technology-free


Turn off your phone, tablet, TV, computer – anything digital to take a break from the digital world and electronics.


23. Look at the stars at night…


24. …Or wake up early & watch the early sunrise.


Watching Sea Sunset As One Of Self Care Ideas For Introverts

And if you can walk barefoot on the morning grass – you are blessed!


25. Exfoliate & moisturize your body


Another of my favorite self-care ideas for your body is dry brushing, which is basically brushing your body before the shower, with a natural bristle brush and moving in circular motions.

It enhances blood circulation and is very relaxing too.


26. Go for a professional dental cleaning


Having sparkling clean teeth and a healthier mouth feels so refreshing and invigorating!

I always feel better after professional cleaning – for weeks!


27. Write compliments about yourself


For once – tell yourself all the things you like about yourself.

Even the smallest things are important (just admit that you’re adorable).


28. Snuggle in some soft, comfy, warm clothes


Grab a cup of cocoa, a book, your cat(s), and just relax for a few hours.


29. Look at pretty pictures online or at your local art gallery


Visually pleasing things stimulate your brain and create positive emotions.

And anything positive is useful!

We experience too much negative information every day already.


30. Have a make-up session


You can do that at home or book a session at the salon.

It’s a bonus if it’s Friday and you’re meeting your friends after!


31. Go swimming


Swimming lets your body move but protects you from unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Also, it allows you to immerse yourself in water, which is very soothing.

If you have a swimming pool, it is perfect for that (and for the colder months, it’s best to invest in a swimming pool heater).

If you don’t have a pool, or can’t go to one, swimming in a natural lake is even better (just don’t do that in winter unless you’re a Viking).


32. Destress with an anti-anxiety journal


Guided or non-guided anxiety journals are amazing tools to declutter your mind and dump out negativities.

You can try our free anxiety journal to get a quick hang of it.


33. Shop for detoxifying bath salts, oils, and bubbles


Or, if you want a natural bath enhancer, try mixing up your own salt-essential oil mix.

34. Allow yourself to do absolutely nothing


If you’re looking for self-care ideas that don’t require energy at all…

Just be lazy for a little while!

Doing nothing is also a form of self-care if it’s what you actually want now.

It’s important that you don’t feel guilty while doing that or you will not feel rested otherwise.


35. Have a guilty pleasure


Sometimes, the best self-care ideas are on the tip of your tongue – literally!

Have you been craving a delicious dessert or a high-carb meal?

Let yourself have it and enjoy every. single. bite.


36. Binge-watch your favorite TV show


Just be careful!

Don’t fall into the trap of binge-watching too much.

And yes, I know you sometimes watch TV all weekend.

I do that too (“sometimes”).


37. Paint or play with watercolor


Painting As One Of The Creative Self Care Ideas


Even if you don’t know how to paint, simply try out pretty colors, brush light strokes, and enjoy seeing colorful patterns.

You don’t even need fancy materials, even colored pencils are enough for a short painting or coloring session.


38. Dance – how you want and as much as you want


39. “Visit” other countries on Google Maps


This one is really fun and educational.

If you don’t know how to do it, simply Google “how to street walk on google maps” and start exploring random cities all over the world.


40. Go for a drive


Choose a calm route and drive your stress and tension off.

Listening to a helpful podcast while you do that can also enhance the experience further.


41. Do a mindfulness exercise


This is one of my favorites in this self-care ideas list!

Mindfulness helps you stop living in the past or in the future.

Simply speaking, it brings your mind back to the present, where it actually should be.

Here’s a quick exercise: try to bring yourself back to the present moment by listing 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.


42. Play video games


If you like it, go for a good gaming session.

Try to choose games that aren’t too competitive or hard since they can give you the opposite effect.


43. Forgive yourself


Write down everything.


Bad behavior.


Unfinished projects.

Acknowledge them and forgive yourself for everything.

This simple activity can help us to build self-compassion and self-love.


44. Have a Mani & Pedi


Go for a full nail care session!

Scrub, exfoliate, massage, file, buff, apply masks, hardeners, primers, polish, decor…

I’m sure I still missed something here.

If an extensive routine feels too much right now, just scrub your feet with olive oil and sugar mix.

Wash the sugar off.

Massage the rest of the oil into your feet and put on fluffy socks.


45. Go to church


This is one of the self-care ideas for spiritual care.

The church is a place of silence (or heavenly gospels!) and a place where you can feel calmer, safer, and complete.

Go sit for a few minutes or even a few hours – you will feel renewed and spiritually rested after.


46. Get a massage


… Or ask your loved one to give you a back rub.

You can even grab something to massage yourself.

Hint – your hands are pretty useful for rubbing your own body!


47. Let go of the past


Another unnecessary weight on your mind – past sufferings, hurts, and disappointments.

Write them down.

Let them go.

There’s nothing you can change about the past so it’s best to just accept things that happened and stop ruminating.


48. Buy a new decor item for your home


Sometimes, simply seeing something new at home can feel really refreshing.

And the process of looking for it is so fun!

Decide on a small or bigger budget and go find something you like and then have fun decorating.


49. Plan your week


Planning is a nice form of self-care that also feeds your productive side.

Write down a quick plan for the week ahead, and don’t forget to include time for self-care.


50. Take a deep breath. Two. Three…


Deep Breathing As One Of The Easiest Self Care Ideas Out There

Repeat every day, for a few minutes if you absolutely don’t have time for anything else self-care-related.

Breathing is free and effective, and you can do it anywhere.


How To Implement These Self Care Ideas In Your Life


For starters, it’s fantastic if you can do any of these ideas once a day.

Or, you can implement these self-care ideas in your life a lot easier with a self-care planner!

A self-care planner helps you plan your self-care routines and creates an intention to take care of your mind, body, and soul daily.

I designed a printable self-care planner to be your handy tool, helping you take the best care of yourself every day (you will find it below).

Create your own routines, track your self-care acts, set priorities, and simply develop a sincere, loving relationship with the most wonderful person – you.

You know you deserve it!

When printed, it is also a cute gift for a friend, family member, or even little princesses who are only starting to develop their first self-care ideas and habits.


Free Self Care Planner Printable


Plan, create, and prioritize your self-care routines in a simple and easy way.

  • Stay inspired to take care of yourself with self-care lists, quotes, and trackers.
  • Create an unlimited amount of routines with an included blank template (have a separate routine for your nails, creativity, or meditation?

    This one’s for things like that!)

Self Care Planner Printable

Grab the one that fits your planner and fill it with your favorite self-care ideas:

Free Self Care Planner Printable by ShineSheets US LETTER

Free Self Care Planner Printable by ShineSheets A4

*Personal use only.

How to start taking the best care of yourself using a self-care planner


First, print the planner.

You can jump-start and use mind, soul, body, skin, and hair care pages to plan your routines or decide on your self-care priorities first.

While planning your routines, don’t be afraid to be as broad or specific as you need.

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 or 15 items in your skincare – it only matters that you intentionally spend some time on yourself.

If you want to have another kind of care (for example: “my creativity expression”), go ahead and use a blank template – it’s perfectly designed for unlimited routine creation.

Next, use your planned routines.

Track your self-care acts in a daily self-care tracker to form a healthy habit of self-care.

If you are very busy, don’t forget your self-care completely (yes, it’s easy to do that!).

Try to find time for at least one thing a day and track too.

List down things you want to try and keep adding them to your routines to stay motivated and excited.

Some days you may want to simply write down your thoughts and relax.

Use an included note page to write it all out and decompress.

If you never tried self-care or feel skeptical about it, I urge you to simply try it for a few days and see how you feel.

Here are a ton of ideas related to self-care to boost your inspiration.

Remember – “Self-care is giving the world what’s best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Planner Printable


Self Care Ideas For Work


Self care can be practiced at work too!

There’s no need to drag yourself through the workday until you’re super tired and stressed.

To stay healthy and well while going through a busy workday, try these simple self-care ideas for work:


1. Carry a water bottle everywhere to stay hydrated.



Have a mini-humidifier on your desk to keep your skin healthy.



Have a few mindfulness minutes every hour – notice your surroundings, the things you can hear, smell or see.

Try not to judge – just notice.



If you feel super stressed, go somewhere where you can be alone and meditate for 10-15 minutes.

Focus on your breathing and try to ignore the thoughts that are flying by.

This will help you to relax and stay calm throughout the rest of the day.


5. Have lunch alone – sometimes we get tired just because we’re always talking to someone.


6. Go easy on caffeine as too much of it can have the opposite effect and leave you tired.




I hope you loved these self-care ideas and found a lot of interesting things to try.

Just remember that not even the biggest self-care ideas list can be useful if you don’t plan your time for self-care…

If there is no time, try to create time for yourself, even if it’s only five minutes for a quick breathing session.

Stay well – and scroll down for more tips below!

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