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5 Genius Tips on How to Pack Skincare For Travel

These tips will make packaging skin care for travel easier than before.

Researched, written by Suyud Issa
Updated on July 9, 2023

Woman Packing Skincare For Travel

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Packing Skincare For Travel

If you are a person who travels a lot, you are of those who either struggle to take care of their skin or become a mess in the process of trying.

Truth is, when I traveled, I used to become a mess myself.

With so many skin care products and an elaborate skin care routine, doing skin care while traveling can become daunting if you’re not prepared.

Lucky for you, these 5 effective tips will help you maximize your skin care while traveling making it an easy and enjoyable experience.


Tip #1: Switch From a Liquid Cleanser To a Balm Oil Cleanser


This is one of the first and simplest tips for you to try out when packing skincare for travel.

If you have ever tried to pack a liquid cleanser, then you know how difficult it is.

The bottles cleansers come in are not designed for travel and that’s why they are more likely to spill and cause a huge mess.

Even if you try to duct tape the bottle to prevent the cleanser from spilling, it will most probably spill inside your luggage because baggage handlers are not delicate; trust me, I know.

Switch your liquid cleanser to a balm oil cleanser, there’s a common misconception that balm oil cleansers are only beneficial for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types.

But the best feature of this type of cleanser is that it works for all skin types and comes in a solid balm which is of tremendous help when packaging because it’s spill-proof.

If using a balm oil cleanser concerns you, know that it’s just as easy to use as a liquid cleanser.

Most skin care brands have balm oil cleansers but with so many choices it can be overwhelming choosing which one to buy, so always do your research to make sure you’re buying a balm that’s ideal for your skin and preference.

Cleansing Balm For Travel Skincare


Tip #2: Presoak Cotton Pads with Toner


If you’re traveling, especially long-distance, then you know the feeling of wanting to freshen up and toning your skin is the perfect way to do just that.

When we’re at home, we usually have cotton pads and a full-size toner bottle which is not ideal for traveling because it takes a lot of luggage space and just like the liquid cleanser it can spill.

Presoak cotton pads with toner and seal them in a Ziploc bag to prevent the toner from being evaporated from the cotton pads.

You will love how convenient this tip is when you need to refresh your skin on the fly, all you have to do is to take out a cotton pad from your Ziploc bag and then use it.


Tip #3: Pack Eye Cream within a Contacts Case


Traveling can be exhausting but you don’t want to look tired when you have to travel for an important event.

A big misconception is that the more skin care product you apply the better but when it comes to eye cream you don’t need to apply a lot, as a matter of fact, applying a small amount does the trick.

That’s why you don’t have to take the entire eye cream container with you.

Instead, take an old contact case and fill it with eye cream but make sure you have enough to use for a couple of days.

You will love the smaller package because it barely takes any luggage space and it’s easy to apply on the go.

Contact Lense Case Idea For Traveling


Tip #4: Switch Facial Oils From Glass Bottles to Eye Dropper Bottles


Facial oils, such as Rosehip Seed Oil, Marula Oil and Jojoba Oil come in very fragile opaque glass bottles so they can easily break.

Avoid carrying them in the same exact package they came in, otherwise, it will just be a headache the entire trip.

If you are a person who travels frequently, you need to switch your facial oils from fragile glass bottles to spill-proof plastic eye dropper bottles.

Plastic eye dropper bottles will not only prevent the oils from being spilled and easy to apply but will also help the oils keep their original chemical composition so they don’t lose their effectiveness.

Eye Drops Bottle


Tip #5: Mix Serum with Moisturizer


Mixing your serum with your moisturizer is not just easy but it’s a very effective tip for people who travel often that don’t have the time to put into a long skincare routine.

All you have to do is take a drop of your favorite serum and add it to your favorite moisturizer, this tip will minimize your travel load and shorten your skin care routine making skincare easier while traveling.


Bottom Line


These tips will make packaging skin care for travel easier than before.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your skin care because you travel, as a matter of fact, having a solid and practical skin care routine while travel is important to prevent stressed skin.

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