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beauty tips for face

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All of us want to have a pretty face with glowing and flawless skin , but it is not possible to invest tons of time on skincare with long work-hours and a busy routine. I mean… When am I supposed to rest, right?

Today I want to discuss a few dead-simple, proven methods to improve your facial skin health, and you can practice them daily without much effort. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Read on to discover the best beauty tips for face that are simply timeless!


THE ALL-TIME BEST BEAUTY TIPS FOR FACE – skin , makeup , and everything else you need to enhance the beauty of your face!



PART 1 of Beauty Tips For Face: FLAWLESS SKIN


1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!


Water is the sign of life, and no life form can exist without it. If you’re seriously looking for the best beauty tips for face , I can’t imagine any skin care list on the internet skipping hydration, no matter what skin type you have.

Our skin consists of living cells, so you can’t expect to get radiant glowing skin without adequate hydration. Skimping on the water will leave your skin dry and flaky, and dry skin is more prone to fine lines + wrinkles as well.

Even though the temptation is strong, you should also trade sugary drinks for a refreshing glass of water, and your skin will thank you. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to flush out toxins and improve skin health. Don’t forget your moisturizer and if your skin still feels dry, opt for a hydrating sheet mask and wear it for 20 minutes while chilling on the couch.

One of the best (and seriously hyped on Reddit skincare forums) face masks is SNP Bird’s Nest Ampoule mask:

Korean face mask SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask

SNP – Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical before trying this (it contains bird’s saliva , after all), but it’s probably one of the best hydrating face masks I’ve ever tried! The sheets are LOADED with serum and work like a charm – my skin feels incredibly moisturized and nourished after using it once . Plus, the price is superb as you can get 11 sheet masks for around $16.


2. Always Remove Your Makeup Before Sleep


If all you do at night is just a few swipes with makeup remover wipes… You’re simply ruining your skin .

As we get through the day, our face accumulates dust, oil, and sweat. All of these can clog pores over time, resulting in acne and blackheads, and we don’t want that! So, how can you prevent this? Proper cleansing is the best answer. Washing your face (twice a day) with a gentle cleanser, micellar water or cleansing milk is key to maintaining healthy and radiant skin . You should use a cleanser that fits your skin type and removes all the dirt without stripping off the natural skin oils, especially if you have dry skin .

If you want to go one step further, add an oil-cleansing regimen to your skincare routine at least once a week. This method is proven to clean pores , reduce acne , dead skin cells and clear blackheads while maintaining the natural oils in your skin . And yes, it’s perfectly safe to use on oily skin too!

woman removing makeup


3. Use Sunscreen , Please!


If there is one fact that dermatologists universally agree on… It’s that using sunscreen is one of the most important beauty tips for face , ever. If you have a choice to choose a single skincare product, you should pick a good sunscreen because it’s THAT essential for maintaining healthy skin and preventing fine lines .

When we step out in the sun, the harmful UV radiations penetrate the skin and start a chain reaction that results in free-radical formation. The free-radicals damage the cell membranes, which results in sunspots, wrinkles , and blemishes over the years. Using sunscreen helps to prevent this damage, and ten years down the lane, you will be grateful because you will have less fine lines and wrinkles than you could.

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and UVA + UVB coverage, or go the extra mile and pick strong, non-sticky protection like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreens:

Sunscreen products displayed as important beauty tips for face

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 100+


4. Don’t Touch Those Pimples


We are all guilty of popping the occasional zit on our face, and I can’t deny that it kinda feels good! However, there is no scenario in which popping a pimple is healthy for our skin . Think about it, our hands touch just about everything that is contaminated, from mobile phones, laptops to doorknobs. Now imagine all these bacteria entering your skin through the open wound you just created by squeezing a whitehead. Sounds like a nightmare? There is a simple way to avoid this, and that is to stop touching your face! Let the acne heal on their own over time by following a simple skin care routine for healthy skin :

  • Apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide spot treatments;
  • If you have oily skin – avoid comedogenic skin care products ;
  • Remove dead skin cells by using a gentle exfoliator once a week;
  • Alternative skin care tip is to use gram flour or baking soda mixed with water + a few drops of lemon juice which is a notoriously gentle yet effective way to remove those dead skin cells !;
  • Use a face wash or moisturizer with ingredients that are suitable for combination skin , like Vitamin C , tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid .

… And you will see improvement in your skin problem very soon! If you don’t, it may be time for a visit to your dermatologist (yet don’t be afraid of this – a professional can help you to solve pimple problems faster!).


5. Don’t Go Crazy With Skincare Products


Do you layer on 15 different products before you sleep in hopes of waking up with baby soft, beautiful skin ? Let me break it down for you… More products do not equal better skin . I’m sorry if it’s news!

Even though most of us have a myriad of lotions, masks, and serums, do not give in to the urge to apply all of them at the same time. When you saturate your skin with so many products, the result is clogged pores and a dull complexion. Try to limit your skincare routine to a few essentials (preferrably – with natural ingredients ), including a moisturizer , toner, and eye cream. If you have dry skin , include a non-comedogenic skin care oil (like coconut oil !). If you have sensitive skin , choose products that are fragrance free as well. Need more moisture? Just include aloe vera gel as an extra moisturizer .

Also, check the ingredients before you apply different products and avoid mixing exfoliating agents like glycolic acid , salicylic acid , benzoyl peroxide , and retinol together.

young woman using face pack on her skin


PART 2 of Beauty Tips For Face: PERFECT MAKEUP


6. Use a Primer


One of the most popular beauty tips for face can be found in the world of makeup artists – no matter what look you’re going for, no matter your skin type , always use a makeup primer, and concealer .

A good primer prepares your skin for makeup application, leaving with extremely soft, glowing skin and smooth surface, so all of your foundations, concealers and BB creams glide on flawlessly. Along with that, a nice primer will make sure your foundations stays on for the whole day, protects your skin from the possible damage, and if you choose well, it can even contain some SPF for extra protection. Talk about perfect skin care !

If you’re worrying that adding a primer step to your makeup routine will clog your pores , look for products that are marked as “non-comedogenic” and avoid oily formulas (especially if you have oily skin ).


7. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Red Lipstick


Ah, the red one! Classic, super feminine, sultry and seductive lipstick that fits absolutely every woman. All you need to do is to find your perfect lipstick shade and you’re good to go! The reason why red lipstick is so loved by women through the centuries because it adds a beautiful bold accent to your face – in seconds! Just a few swipes and you’re suddenly looking brighter, fiercer, happier, more elegant and even irresistible to men. Just make sure to prep your lips before using a red lipstick – some nice lip scrub and a lip balm can make a whole lot of difference.

P. S. One more natural beauty tip to remember! If you have hair over your upper lip, your red lipstick will look a lot better if you remove it. Clear skin gives a nice contrast with red hues, so your lipstick appears more crisp.

woman with red lipstick touching beautiful skin


8. Your Foundation Should Match Your Skin Tone


I get it, it’s fun to add a little bit of bronzy glow to your face just by choosing a foundation that is 1 or 2 tones darker than your skin . But don’t be fooled – this actually can backfire quickly.

One of the most important beauty tips for face is to always pick the right tone for your skin , and that includes foundation too. Applying a darker foundation either requires you to cover your neck as well (which is unreliable in summer), or leaves you with a “mask effect” when it’s clearly visible where your foundation ends, and the real skin begins. I wouldn’t risk it!




9. Do Not Over-pluck Your Brows


Thin eyebrows might have been a thing in the ninetees, but those days are long gone and we all hope they will never come back! Keeping your eyebrows full and lush is one of those beauty tips for face that may go untouched because hey – it’s just eyebrows, right?

However, eyebrow hair and their shape are an extremely important part of your face. Keeping them full (and tidy, of course), gives your face a ton of feature enhancements:

  • It frames your face beautifully;
  • It makes you look younger;
  • It emphasizes your eyes;
  • It allows you to play with different makeup looks ;
  • Having lush hair framing your eyes looks more natural;
  • People just seem to love expressive eyebrows!

Did you manage to overpluck your eyebrows already? Here’s an easy homemade beauty tip – help them to regrow by applying castor oil or coconut oil before sleep, and brush them gently in the morning.


10. Massage Your Face Once a Week


This is one of the best beauty routine additions you can have – do yourself a huge favor and perform self-massage on your face.

Face massage is notoriously effective at improving circulation in your skin , thus reducing puffiness, stimulating collagen production and relaxing facial muscles. It’s on of the most important things to do if you want to prevent sagging skin , make your face appear slimmer and improve elasticity. A jade roller or gua sha can also be used to enhance circulation further. Simply speaking – massage your face to look better!

Note – before doing a facial self-massage, it’s best to watch a few tutorials on Youtube to make sure you’re doing things right. And remember – always be gentle with your skin ! Use a non-comedogenic skin care oil to avoid stretching! If you don’t know which one to choose, just stick with coconut oil , or aloe vera gel .

woman using jade roller to massage her face after reading beauty tips for face


And that’s it! All of these are tried and tested, timeless beauty tips for face that millions of women can swear by. If you practice these in your daily routine, you’ll have glowing skin in no time! 🥰 P. S. Get more beauty tips below or dive right into everything skincare!

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