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How To Make Curls Last Longer

Curly hairstyles are in vogue lately! (for like, the past 5 years)

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023


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Hairstyler Showing Her Client How To Make Curls Last Longer

Curly hairstyles are in vogue lately! (for like, the past 5 years) and everybody wants to have these beautiful, curled, and tousled hairstyles.

However, without the proper texture, it’s almost impossible to make curly hairs last long and stay frizz-free at the same time.

Here are few insights on how to make curls last longer and enjoy damage-free hair.


How To Make Curls Last Longer


1. How To Choose The Right Curling Tool


If you want a long-lasting curl, start with choosing a high-quality curling tool.

Right now, the best tools available for curling your hair are ceramic curling irons.

Ceramic tools are suitable for those who enjoy professional, salon-quality results and they produce beautifully textured curls while offering good heat protection at the same time.

If you like to use a hair straightener to create waves, you can now get a flat iron that is both a straightener and curler at the same time, not just a straightener.



I know it’s hard to imagine so here it is – probably the most genius flat iron this year:

Landot Hair Straightener And Curler 2 In 1

LANDOT Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1

I don’t know who thought of it but gives this man a medal.

This tool can straighten your hair, or curl your hair, depending solely on whether you’ll be twisting your hand.

I know that regular flat irons also can be used for curling, but let’s agree that they’re not very comfortable for that.

The hair slips, the sides of the tool sometimes grab your hair (ouch!) and it’s easy to burn your hair while you’re trying to figure it all out.

So whoever invented this twisty piece of technology, thank you!

We’ll probably be seeing more of these beauties in the upcoming years.


2. How To Make Curls Last Longer With Prepping Products


It’s not enough if you use the appropriate tools for creating curly hairstyles.

You should also learn how to handle and style your hair using these tools properly and that means prepping your hair the right way with curl products.

To find what fits your hair perfectly, you should try out different curl styling products and find out which ones suit your hair type.

Curls are usually tricky, so it takes time to experiment.

However, there are a few fundamental rules that apply to a lot of people:

  • If you have long hair and want to curl it, definitely use thermal protectant sprays to prevent heat damage.

    A spray is lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down.

  • If your hair is dry, you should use a heat-protecting cream after washing to protect your locks from damage.

    Your hair should be conditioned with a conditioner before you dry it too.

    However, never over-condition it because this can weigh your hair down and destroy all those curls faster.

    Use just a little bit of conditioner or curl cream every time.

    This way, you’re giving your hair moisture and shine, while avoiding too much weight.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Vitamin E Curl Defining &Amp; Curl Enhancing Lotion – Moisturizing Detangler, Anti Frizz Hair Styling Product For Curls

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Vitamin E Curl Defining & Curl Enhancing Lotion


3. How To Make Curls Last Longer With Hairspray


Your hairstyling arsenal should include hair spray too, as this is one of the most important products that will help your curls last longer.

Now, don’t think that hair spray is bound to make your hair feel dry, hard, and matte.

Those days are gone.

Choose hair spray that offers a nice hold, while staying flexible.

This kind of hair spray allows you to comb your hair if needed (although it’s not recommended to brush your hair often if you want to make those curls last longer), and it will boost shine instead of diminishing it.

My personal favorite is Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray because it’s virtually weightless and offers a flexible, medium-level hold which is perfect for casual daily curls.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium


4. How To Make Curls Last Longer If You’re Creating Them With a Flat Iron


Here’s an important thing to note – curls do best when the heat distribution while styling is even.

Depending on your curling iron heat distribution, the temperature can vary from being too hot (dries your hair out) to being too cold (doesn’t create the desired curl).

If you have particularly stubborn hair, this can make things especially difficult, so take your time to test your flat iron until you find the lowest heat that gives you the curls you like.

Once you get the hang of using your flat iron without damaging your hair, you’ll find that your curls last longer too, just because they don’t get dried out during styling, and the heat was high enough to create a long-lasting curl.

When curling your hair with a flat iron, make sure to apply a small amount of curl product.

It is a good idea to spray your fingertips with the product or better yet – apply the product directly to your hair strands.

This helps to coat the hair for protection as well as add shine to your curls.

Once you have applied the product, allow it to soak into your hair shafts, and start curling your hair.


5. How To Make Curls Last Longer Once You’re Out And About


That’s it.

You created perfect curls that look fantastic when you’re looking in the mirror… Then you step out your door and wind, humidity or rain destroys them immediately.

This can be avoided (except rain, of course, if it’s raining you need an umbrella).

  • To prevent humidity from destroying your hair, you can use a heat protectant cream or hair spray that offers humidity protection too, like the Brocato Movable Hold:

Brocato Moveable Hold Flexible Hairspray By Beautopia Hair: Anti-Humidity

Brocato Moveable Hold Flexible Hairspray by Beautopia Hair: Anti-Humidity

However, there are no magical products when it comes to humidity so along with an anti-humidity finishing spray, make your curls last longer by staying away from very humid areas.

  • If the wind is your curl enemy of the day, gently cover your hair with a lightweight silk mantle, and get indoors as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, enjoy slightly looser curls that should still look gorgeous thanks to your effort while prepping and styling them correctly.


Final Thoughts


There’s one thing I have learned while playing with curly hairstyles over the years.

Curls generally like to be left alone.

If you want to make your curls last longer, avoid touching them too.

Let them live their own glamorous life and you’ll be repaid with gorgeous waves, curls, and crimps!

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