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How To Become a Freelance Writer With No Experience

No experience? No problem.

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Freelance jobs offer you many benefits—a flexible schedule, an opportunity to save money and time by avoiding public transport, and the possibility for fast professional growth.

Such a working format allows you additional safety from the pandemic and is easy to combine with the educational process for students.

It is no wonder that recently it became so relevant, and with each day more people in the USA and UK start thinking about working remotely.

One of the most popular jobs in this field is freelance writing.

Many people are hindered by their own insecurities, thinking that becoming a successful freelance writer without extensive experience or a college degree is impossible.

However, starting to work as a freelance writer is much easier than you may think—and we combined tips from experienced authors to help you in this endeavor.


How To Become a Freelance Writer From Scratch


What Do You Need to Work as a Freelance Writer


You don’t need much technical equipment or even experience to start working as a freelance writer and you can upgrade with time if such need arises.

All you have to do is establish your personalized home office to feel comfortable and think about suitable payment methods.

  • A laptop. First and foremost, you need something to write on, and a simple laptop or desktop computer is enough.

    You don’t need any fancy tech, only something that supports modern writing programs.

  • A proper working place. This aspect is especially important, as when you work from home, you tend to spend a lot of time sitting at your desk and writing.

    Investing in a comfortable table and chair would be beneficial for your well-being and overall health in the long run.

Woman Doing A Freelance Job On Her Laptop

  • A convenient payment method. It’s important to consider all the aspects of getting payment from your clients and make this process as easy as possible for you and them.

    Choose a popular payment method, for example, Paypal, so there won’t be any problem with sending and receiving money.


How to Develop Necessary Skills for Freelance Writing


However, if you have little to no experience in writing, you might be worried if your skills are up to par with other freelance writers.

After all, this job is quite competitive, especially in the beginning.

Let’s consider the easiest methods to acquire and develop your writing skills quickly.

  • Reading. Nothing is better than reading quality texts for your growth as a writer, and it also allows you to combine business with pleasure!

    You can read everything from journal articles to fiction literature, as it helps develop your vocabulary and English knowledge.

    If you want to see more specific examples of texts, such as essays or papers, you can turn to professional writing companies like CustomWritings to get an essay writer for hire.

    Such essay writing companies allow you to order any type of paper written by a real expert you need to pay online.

Asian Woman Doing A Freelance Job On Her Laptop

  • Practicing writing. Another vital requirement for developing your writing skills is constant practice – such an approach allows you to acquire a distinct and clear writing style and further improve your English.

    Practice on any free topic, review services or products, complete a proper academic assignment, or write an essay from scratch.

    Such methods will train you in different areas of writing and provide additional experience in research.

  • Signing up for a writing course. There are quite a few writing courses available on the Internet, so you can buy the one that seems right for you.

    Such an approach allows you to pick the necessary skills and understand which topics to focus on.

    The best way would be to check the reliability of such a service, so read the reviews and check ratings on any independent website.

    However, a freelance writing job allows you to improve your skills throughout your working process, so don’t spend too much time trying to reach perfection before getting to the business.


What Should You Do to Find Clients


So you have got the laptop, equipped your home office comfortably and thought out the payment method.

Now the only thing is finding clients and gaining an exemplary reputation to receive good-paying orders.

  • Make samples of your writing. By creating examples of text, you provide your potential clients with the possibility to evaluate your writing abilities and style quickly.

    Such an approach will help you make a good impression right away, as any customer always wants to ensure before paying that they will receive a quality and original result.

  • Create a professional social network page. An excellent approach to promote your services would be to create your own business page in a popular social network.

    You can post examples of your writings there and subscribe to blogs and companies that create similar content and with which you would like to co-work.

    Don’t be afraid to write to them and propose your services.

    You can also start your own blog or create a website to post your texts.

  • Cooperate with more experienced writers. If you want to get helpful advice and promote your writing, try to reach out to top freelance writers.

    Often they are ready to give you some tips and recommendations or an opportunity to create a custom guest post for their website – such assistance is invaluable when you begin your journey in this field.

  • Search for orders. Of course, this stage of work is one of the most important, as here you actually start working as a freelance writer and earning money.

    However, it is possible that you will have to take a few cheap orders to gain a high rating and a good reputation in the beginning.

    You should also ensure that you choose a legitimate order – use the reliable job boards, check the available information about the company, their reviews, and ratings.

Pretty Black Woman Doing A Freelance Job On Her Laptop




Freelance writing is a hot topic right now, so if you are interested in a remote job that offers an opportunity for professional development, go straight for it.

However, a low entry threshold means that you will meet high competition in the beginning, so determination and motivation are a given.

Another important aspect is creating a comfortable home office to make your working process easier and save your health.

Of course, you should spend some time developing your skills through reading, practicing your writing, or even signing for a specialized course online.

Don’t forget to do everything to promote your work: create examples of your writing for potential customers, create a blog or a social media page, and search for orders on job boards.

In the end, persistence and desire for improvement will ensure your successful career as a freelance writer.

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