How To Make Room For Family Life Insurance In Your Household Budget

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Woman Writing Down Her Family Insurance Plan

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Do you find yourself worrying about the safety and security of your family? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at life insurance. Family life insurance is an important purchase to protect your loved ones. We all know the financial strain of raising children, and it’s even more challenging when you’re trying to save money for your future.

There are many things to consider when budgeting for your family. Many people put their life insurance on the back burner because they feel it’s too expensive or that they’re not at risk of passing.

However, family life insurance is one of the most important factors in ensuring that your family will have enough money without you to support them. Luckily, there are ways to make room in your household budget for this necessary purchase. Here are six steps on how to make room for life insurance in your household budget.


Building Family Insurance Plan From Scratch


STEP 1: Make A Budget


The first step into making room for family life insurance is to make a budget. Figure out your income and expenses, then create categories such as family essentials (groceries), miscellaneous spending money (clothes and other necessities), and savings. Be sure that you include room in the family essentials category for groceries and other household necessities, even if it means reducing the amount of entertainment or eating outside of the home.

While making a budget may seem like more trouble than it’s worth at first glance, having an organized plan will be key to paying premiums on time each month.

Woman Making Plans And Setting Priorities


STEP 2: Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need


If you have a family, it’s important to determine how much life insurance coverage your family needs. There are three different types of family life insurance:

a) Term Life Insurance  

Term life is the most affordable and flexible type of family life insurance available. This policy offers protection for a specific amount of time and pays out upon passing away during that term as long as you pay premiums on time each month. If you want more detailed information regarding this kind of plan, speak with an agent who can guide you through which options will work best for your family.

b) Whole Life Insurance  

Whole Life provides lifetime protection against passing away in exchange for premiums paid every month or year, depending on the policy. Generally, family life policies will include a cash value accumulation that can be borrowed against or paid out as needed by the family, depending on individual needs.

c) Universal Life Insurance  

Universal Life is similar to Whole Life. It provides lifetime protection with the additional flexibility of premiums being paid at any time during the policy term. However, unlike Term and Whole Life, the premium payments are not fixed, making this an expensive option for family coverage due to fluctuating rates throughout your policy’s term.

When determining how much family life insurance coverage you’ll need, it’s important to sit down with those who rely on your income most. Ask them their concerns about finances without you and help determine which options are best suited for each family member depending on their financial situation.

Woman Holding Her 10 Year Plan Planner(1)


STEP 3: Calculate Your Monthly Premium


Next, figure out how much family life insurance you can afford with your family budget.

With family coverage, it’s important to choose the right amount of coverage for your family members not to have a difficult time getting on their feet after losing you. Life insurance premiums are typically paid monthly or yearly depending on which chosen policy type and should be included within your household budget.

You will want to shop around when looking into family life insurance plans to know what companies offer the best rates in terms of rates and service.


STEP 4: Get Quotes From Multiple Companies To Find The Best Price


To make the family life insurance affordable, you will need to shop around for quotes from different companies. You can find reputable family life insurance providers by doing a quick Google search for ‘family life insurance’ or speaking with an independent agent licensed with multiple carriers and has access to information regarding rates.

Remember that coverage needs vary depending on a family’s unique circumstances, so it’s important not to choose the first policy offered but rather compare your options before making a final decision.


STEP 5: Find Some Money-Saving Ideas To Help You Pay For Life Insurance


Although life insurance is meant to provide your family with the financial means necessary even after you pass, it can be an expensive investment. You may find that family coverage makes up a large portion of your monthly budget.

Don’t worry, though. There are many ways to make room for family life insurance within your household budget without breaking the bank or sacrificing time together as a family.

For example, you could cut back on spending money by making meals at home instead of eating out each night, saving you hundreds per month. Another way would be getting creative about finding extra income, such as selling things you no longer use around the house and using this money towards premiums.

Plan Making Materials And Coffee


STEP 6: Review Coverage Details And Compare Plans Side By Side


Finally, review your chosen family life insurance coverage to ensure that it fits your family’s needs and financial situation. You should compare plans side by side until you find a family plan with reasonable premiums as well as great coverage! Make sure to consider any pre-existing conditions or other factors that may affect your rates when meeting with an independent agent.

Remember: quality service should be a top priority when shopping around. Having an agent who listens carefully to individual needs is the best way to get the most accurate information regarding which family life insurance plan works well within your budget.




Family life insurance policies are a great way to provide your family with financial support even after you have passed on. With so many affordable family coverage options available, it’s essential not to settle for anything less than the perfect family plan that meets individual and family needs.

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