4 Ways To Stop Abandoning Your Goals

Updated on June 7, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

Picture Portraying 4 Ways To Stop Abandoning Your Goals

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Picture Portraying 4 Ways To Stop Abandoning Your Goals

If you keep creating and abandoning your goals, it’s easy to feel lost and confused.

You know what you want from your life, but you just can’t seem to push through with any goal you set.

How can you improve your chances?

How can you finally stop abandoning your goals and get what you want from your life?

Today I’m sharing 4 helpful ways to make sure you push through with absolutely any goal in your life.


4 Ways To Stop Abandoning Your Goals


1) Always Plan Your Goals Before Starting


Even if it’s just a simple paper sheet, materializing your vision on paper will help you start with the right foot.

A simple plan can help to break down big goals into more achievable steps, which can greatly improve your success chances.

I personally love project planning for almost any goal in my life – a simple system that I use always helps me to tackle small, medium, and even huge tasks and projects.

Without a plan, you’re making things a lot harder for yourself than they need to be. It’s like knowing where you want to go, but doing it in the night – without lights, roads or signs that help you to reach your destination.

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2) Stay Committed To Your Goals With Positive Visualization


Constantly visualizing a life with your goal achieved can help you stay committed. Instead of focusing on how much you still have to do, focus on the result you are going to get when you achieve your goal. Imagine how you would feel, on how satisfying your life would be if you achieved this goal. You’ll notice that this positive visualization can help you stay consistent and also – improve your mood while you’re working on it.

Another way to stay committed is to share your goal with someone you love (or even try to achieve the same goals together). Having a commitment buddy can greatly improve your willingness to work on a particular goal.


3) Constantly Work On Your Motivation


The sad thing with motivation is that it tends to run out… This is why it’s important to constantly re-motivate yourself and keep trying new self-motivation techniques.

Here are the simplest, yet really effective ways to keep your motivation burning:

  • Reading self-improvement books;
  • Watching motivational speeches;
  • Watching TED talks;
  • Listening to motivational podcasts;
  • Reading self-improvement blogs (like the one you’re on now!)
  • Journaling daily about your goal achievement success.

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4) Review And Revise Your Goals To Make Sure They’re Realistic


Once you start working on your goal, you will soon get an uneasy feeling if your goal is too unrealistic… If that happens, don’t just drop the goal – realign, readjust and make your goal a tad smaller so you can keep working on it.

Making goals that are too big, or too hard is one of the easiest goal-setting mistakes you can do, and preventing this from happening can be a real game-changer in your life.

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As you can see, staying committed to your goals is not rocket science – you just need to know a few key elements when working on your goals and making progress towards them. I hope these tips will help you in your goal-chasing journey! If you’d like more tips on this topic, just scroll down below.

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