7 Ideas for the Most Effective Home Office Setup + FREE Work Week Planner Printable

It’s time to make your setup comfortable and efficient.

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Updated on May 19, 2023

Sitting In A Great Effective Home Office Space

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Remote work has been on the rise for a couple of years already. More and more professionals value the flexibility it offers. It saves valuable time spent on long commutes every day. It comes with a lot of freedom, but it also requires a smart approach to working space design.

If you seriously intend to build your career working from home, it is time to make your setup comfortable and efficient. It is impossible to stay productive with temporary measures. Together with Jooble partners, we’ve gathered the best ideas on doing it right. Since 2020, millions of people have started working from home and prefer not to go back to their offices. If the advantages of remote work seem obvious to you, setting up a comfortable home office would not be difficult. We hope that our ideas will come in handy.


Top Ideas for the Most Effective Home Office Setup

The style, atmosphere, and general design depend on personal preferences. However, one needs to incorporate fundamental pieces of remote work setup into their space.


1. Great Desk


The first time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, professionals had to improvise and be creative with finding a place to work from home. However, those times are long gone. If you plan on spending at least 8 hours a day there, you need to invest in a good desk. It is a basis for productivity and well-being as uncomfortable furniture may lead to health issues.

Today, many offers are available on the market, from mobile-friendly desks to huge transformers. Depending on your needs, you can invest in:

  • Expendable desk;
  • A folding one;
  • Industrial desk;
  • The raised one can change the heights so you can work sitting or standing;
  • Lap desk;
  • Laptop side table.

The point is that it has to be comfortable and fit all the tools and devices you need to work.


2. Ergonomic Chair


The next best thing one can invest in is a good chair. The bad one might result in constant back or neck pain. It can lead to getting tired quickly and being less productive. If you are going to sit in it for several hours, it has to be ergonomic.

Good of a good chair in terms of back support and natural fabrics. Do not go for leather if you live in an area where it gets really hot in summer. Look into gaming chairs as an option as they are designed to be used conveniently for hours.


3. Speedy Internet


It is probably one of the most essential parts of successful remote employment. The only reason why you can work from home is the internet. So do not cut the budget on speedy connection.
Make sure you have the best speed possible, and the router is near your desk.


4. Hardware and Software


It is also incredibly important to invest in your tools to do your job fast and effectively.

Invest in a good laptop or a computer home setup, if possible. Those computers are usually faster and have more power to work with difficult software solutions (like Adobe Suite). Of course, it is not necessary for everyone. A good laptop will do if the heaviest software you work with is Excel. Some might need a wireless printer, a scanner, or good headphones for online meetings. Make sure that you have all devices ready and always nearby. Organize the space so that you can access them all when needed.

Also, make sure you have all the necessary software and licenses. Except for the traditional ones, consider subscribing to a VPN service. It will protect your data when you are online and working with sensitive information.


5. Natural and Artificial Light


If possible, set your office space next to the window. Natural light is great for the eyes and overall well-being. A little sunlight can help to go all day in a good mood and stay motivated.
According to the studies, people that work in natural daylight experience fewer eye issues related to staring at computer screens.

If it is not possible to have daylight, buy blue-light blocking glasses for work. They will reduce the harmful blue rays that impact the eyes, brain, and sleep patterns.

Also, do not forget about artificial lighting. You can create a comfortable space with it. There are plenty of design options that can make sure you have a clear vision while doing the job.


6. Add Greenery


Having some connection to nature is important for human well-being. It is great to have some greenery outside the window to stare at during the breaks. But if it is not an option, just bring the plant to your desk. The studies proved that home plants help to keep the air fresh and clean. And some greenery will add a personal touch and a connection to nature.

Tip: People who do not want that could just hang a picture or painting of natural sight. This will add a green touch to the setup as well.


7. Personal Touch


Surely, it is a space where you are busy with your job. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be generic with this faceless “office” look. Adding a little bit of personality to the setup will make it more welcoming and enjoyable to be in. After all, the job should bring fulfillment, not misery. It can be anything that works for you!

  • Pictures with loved ones on the wall;
  • Some art or crafts;
  • A rug nearby where your pet loves to lie down;
  • An inspirational quote;
  • A candle that sets the productivity mood;
  • Artificial lights;
  • Themed mouse mat, etc.

Surround yourself with a couple of things that make you feel happy, so that they do not overcrowd the space but still make it yours.


Free Work Week Planner Printable


Working from home, even in a beautiful surroundings, can get a bit hard. It’s important to have a well-planned routine or schedule to stay on top of all the tasks and appointments you have.

To make things easier, we’re also sharing a free, printable work week planner that will also look good on your home office desk:

Free Work Planner Printable

This free work planner printable will be especially useful for people who find it hard to quit the work at the end of the day.

Work Planner Printable Design

To get this free printable work planner, simply choose the size you need below:

Free Printable Work Planner by ShineSheets in size US LETTER

Free Printable Work Planner by ShineSheets in size A4

*Personal use only.




Working from home is a great opportunity when done right. Those who prefer to build a remote career need to invest their time and effort into creating an ergonomic, efficient, and welcoming space for that. It should be a healthy balance of functional and personal.

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