Woman Taking Care Of Her Potted Plant At Home By Herself

10 Things To Do At Home By Yourself

No need to be bored while self-isolating - use this time for self care and growth!

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Woman Taking Care Of A Potted Plant

To some people, not doing anything all day, might seem like a dream come true.

Even if not, rarely would anyone refuse a relaxed, slow-paced day at home with plenty of time to catch up on things that have been left at the end of a to-do list.

However, who would have thought that finding things to do at home, by yourself could be such a hard task?

If you feel like that as well, let me just say, you are not alone (at feeling like that)!

A lot of people are struggling with the sedentary lifestyle and lower motivation to get up and do something productive. 

We, humans, are meant to be active, as well as have been subjected to a culture where productivity is one’s number one priority.

But when you’re just stuck, it may feel impossible to find interesting things to do at home and stay interested.

The good news is there are actually plenty of positive activities that you could partake in to avoid the crippling boredom, even when you have to be alone!

Here are my faves that I really recommend trying.


10 Things To Do At Home By Yourself


1) Exercise


Staying active is one of the best things to do at home, for yourself.

No need to instantly go for an advanced 30-minute-long fat-burning exercise.

A simple mobility workout or a short yoga routine would be more than enough to get the blood flowing and those muscles active! Exercising at home can help with the feeling of achieving something as well.


2) Cook


Food is one of the simplest pleasures in life, so why not just indulge in that flavourful paradise of new dishes?

Everyone has one or two recipes that they’ve wanted to try out but did not have enough time to do so in their daily routines, and being alone seems like a perfect environment for such a thing! You can also cook foods that are great for mental health to boost your mood and motivation.


3) Read


With all that cooking and exercising going on, a calm moment with a book in your hands might be just what you need.

Make yourself some peppermint tea, find a well-lit spot, get the coziest blanket you can find, and read that book you’ve always put off due to an intense life rhythm. 


4) DIY


Creating something with your own hands has always been a very satisfying feeling, so why not try some DIY out with all this free time? Embellish your favorite pair of jeans with some masterful drawings, maybe redecorate your bathroom a little bit, start a journal and feel a sense of accomplishment rushing through your veins.

You will realize you’ve achieved something productive or made something that you can hold with your bare hands – how cool is that?!


5) Spring clean


It’s a dreadful job, and no one really wants to diligently scrub every corner of the house, but it has to be done!

Oftentimes, there isn’t much time left in our daily schedules for intense cleaning, especially if you’re working full-time.

Spending your weekend with your back bent trying to get that mold off of your bathtub corners does not seem like such a leisure-y activity… ESPECIALLY when Netflix keeps coming up with new shows almost every week.

But getting some spring cleaning can be one of the most rewarding things to do at home because it will get you a feeling like you can achieve anything after it’s finished (+ your home will sparkle!).


Here’s how to get motivated to clean and declutter your home.


6) Learn a language


Almost every person I know dreams about learning a new language one day, be it Japanese or French.

Well, let me tell you, it’s one of the most productive things to do at home, by yourself.

There are plenty of accessible apps available that will help you with your linguistic journey, which doesn’t require much of your free time!

Investing 10 or 15 minutes every day into learning a new language will not seem too demanding + will also help you with acquiring a new habit (so that you wouldn’t stop learning even after you resume your regular routine).

Also, learning anything is probably one of the best things you can do at home overall.


7) Learn a dance move


The Internet nowadays is just riddled with dance videos, and you would be lying to yourself if you thought that they didn’t look cool.

Well, it’s a good thing we live in a digital world, because learning a new dance move has never been easier. Find an interesting Youtube tutorial and start swinging those hips!


8) Listen to podcasts or audiobooks


Listening to podcasts / audiobooks is one of the best things to do at home if you want to improve your intelligence.

There are hundreds and hundreds of podcasts circulating around in the digital space, but there is so little time to listen to them all.

However, when you have a lot of free time, it’s more than possible to educate yourself on the subject you’ve always been interested in, be it sports, politics or philosophy.

Turn up that podcast while cleaning, cooking, or doing some DIY, and maximize your productivity.


Don’t know where to start?

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9) Craving for fancier things to do at home?

Livestream concerts!


More and more music artists are leading with live streaming their performances online.

They usually do so on Facebook or Youtube, and a lot of the time the live streams are interactive, meaning artists actively interact with the live chat.

So, look up your favorite artist and enrich your personal space with music you like best, performed live.


10) Grow an indoor garden


Buy some indoor garden supplies online (not necessarily much, some just to get you going) and get diggin’!

One-pot of plants will not require much of your time, and watching the plant’s journey will definitely feel wholesome and rewarding.

– – –

In conclusion, it’s hard to argue with the fact that staying at home by yourself feels boring without the right activities to enrich your days.

Finding things to do at home is not the easiest task, but what’s important now is that you feel like you’re spending your free time doing something that affects you positively.

OR makes you feel as if you have accomplished something productive.

To be fair, it doesn’t really matter what exactly you do, as long as it makes you happy and fulfilled.


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