5 Best States To Work In USA – Where To Move For a Career?

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Choosing the right state for you to move to is an important decision. When it comes to the best states to work in, there are many to choose from, each with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to consider while planning your move to any state is your future career prospects – of course – but there’s one thing to remember… Nothing in the world is 100% good.

In this article, we’re taking a look at a few states that have promising career opportunities. We will touch on the possible downsides too.


5 Best States To Work In the USA

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Alabama is considered one of the best states to work in thanks to it being highly attractive to businesses.

On top of that, Alabama has seven Comprehensive Career Centers. They provide free services such as job searches, job fairs, job fair announcements, and a resource area with reliable information on career paths and labor market information.

The Alabama Career Center System also offers many helpful tools. These include a searchable resume database, an online job fair calendar, and a series of free hiring events. It also provides referrals to occupational training programs.

In addition to the aforementioned free services, the Alabama Career Center System also offers several training programs and educational courses. These include the ACE (Alabama Career Essentials) course, a free training course designed to help workers build 21st-century workforce skills.

Despite being so supportive and helpful for job-seeking people, Alabama is also known to be a target of tornadoes.




Even though Alaska is far from the center of commerce, the state has a lot to offer, especially if you are working remotely. Its landscape is breathtaking, its wildlife abundant, and its job opportunities are enticing! Alaska is even ready to pay you to move there.

The state has a strong economy fueled by its oil and gas industry, but the business in health, aircraft cargo, and tourism is rising. However, it’s not the best state to work in if you are looking to earn very high numbers.




Another beauty among the best states to work in is the golden coast – California. Whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur, California offers many opportunities for a successful career. You can earn a good living, get to experience the exciting nightlife, and enjoy endless outdoor activities. However, you should be aware of the challenges of living in California.

  • California is home to world-famous companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and HP. Its diverse landscapes, sunny weather, and world-class cities make it an attractive place to live. On the other hand, it also has high taxes and a high cost of living.
  • California is also known for its violent crime. Many people blame the state’s high crime rate on restrictive policies imposed by the state’s law enforcement officials. Others complain about the difficulty of defending themselves during an attempted robbery. You should make the decision of moving to California based on the above-mentioned pros and cons of the state.




Delaware’s economic growth ranked number 5 among all 50 states (2022 data). With low crime rates, a great workforce, and a diverse variety of educational options, it might be easier to find something that suits you in Delaware. Delaware also offers some of the best outdoor activities. With beaches, historic parks, and exciting arts and cultural scenes, Delaware is a great place to live, and one of the best states to work in.

Despite the many benefits of living in Delaware, there are also some downsides. The state is relatively small and has a dense population. This can make traffic congestion and crowds problematic. It can also be difficult to find a primary care physician. While Delaware has some of the best healthcare in the country, residents may need to travel to New Jersey or Maryland for regular medical care. Additionally, public transportation is not available in many areas.





Florida is considered one of the most attractive states in the country. Its warm climate, low cost of living, and great beaches make it a desirable place to live. A substantial job market makes it one of the best states to work in too – all thanks to the fascinating economic growth of this state. It’s predicted that Florida will become the 10th biggest economy in the whole world by 2023. One of the biggest pros is the fact that Florida has low taxes.

Florida As One Of The Best States To Work In Usa

But before you decide to relocate to Florida, you need to decide what kind of housing and schools you’d like to attend. While Florida is relatively average when it comes to living costs, some things might be more expensive than in other states. You’ll also need to apply for a driver’s license and establish residency.


Have You Made your Decision?

If you have decided which state you want to move to, the next thing you should do is to call a reputable moving company. Safebound Moving & Storage are the moving professionals who can help you move from any state to your desired one smoothly.




Moving to another state is something that might happen only once in our life. It’s important to consider your destination from various points of perspective. If possible, the decision shouldn’t be rushed. Instead, take time to think about what you want to have in your life, and if the state you choose will be able to offer it.

This might be helpful: Using a career center can be useful until you figure out how to get a job in today’s economy. These centers are located across the states. They provide vocational rehabilitation services and job development to help job seekers find jobs. They also offer free computer access and other useful information.

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