30+ Positive Affirmations For HAPPINESS

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Woman Playing On The Beach

If you’re looking for affirmations for happiness, then this article was written for you.

Achieving happiness is not a goal to be achieved but a natural process we all must go through. It’s easy to think that happiness must be acquired by working hard for it or by being rich or famous… Nothing could be further from the truth! Happiness can’t be bought, possessed, grown or eaten; it must be experienced. True happiness is the inner feeling of knowing and loving yourself completely. Happiness means you are living a joyful and fulfilling life.

If you want to bring happiness into your life, you must rid yourself negative thoughts and opinions, and replace them with positive affirmations about how you are going to achieve your dreams, how great you will feel when you are successful, and how great the life you are leading right now is going to enable you for success. Because when you have a positive attitude, it doesn’t matter what is going on around you. Your happiness is there regardless. Positive energy flows through your body in all areas, including your physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Simply speaking, having a positive energy in all areas of your life contributes toward having positive energy in everything you do.


Build a Positive Attitude With Affirmations For HAPPINESS


What Exactly Are Affirmations For Happiness?


Positive affirmations for happiness are words or sentences you repeat in your head over again that will energize you and pull you in the right direction to reach your dreams. The repetition of these affirmations creates positive emotions and evokes a happy feeling in you.

These positive affirmations for happiness will help you to release and let go of all the negative thoughts, self-defeating and toxic beliefs so you can create space for new, positive and healthy thoughts. Let these happiness affirmations become your new way of thinking!


30+ Positive Affirmations For HAPPINESS


1. I find happiness everywhere I look, everywhere I go, and anywhere I am.

2. My soul is overflowing with happy feelings.

3. Each day gives me energy, joy and optimism.

4. I am attracting joyful moments, wealth and true love.

5. There are so many things in my life that make me happy.

6. I am successful!

7. Even a sad moment can be happy to me.

8. I spread around positivity, kindness and peace.

9. I am getting happier and happier with every passing second.

10. Happiness is my birthright!

11. I radiate cheerful energy and laughter.

12. People feel great when I’m around, and I feel great around them.

13. Nothing can disturb my inner peace and content.

14. I am open to receive even more happiness into my life!

15. My happy thinking attracts happy things into my life.

16. I focus on the positive!

17. I accept my life as it is, and I am completely happy no matter how things turn out to be.

18. Every morning, I choose to be happy.

19. I start and end my day with positive thoughts.

20. My face is glowing with beauty, kindness and pure joy!

21. I protect and love myself, and my loved ones every day.

22. I treat my life as a beautiful gift!

23. Negativity of others can’t affect the happiness I feel within.

24. I am overflowing with excitement for life!

25. I am energized and highly motivated in anything I do!

26. My soul is invigorated with all the good things that are only coming to me.

27. Whatever I do, I can do it in a good mood.

28. I have everything I need to be completely happy right now.

29. I give myself a permission to be happy.

30. Happiness flows through every cell of my body.

31. I set myself free from limiting beliefs and destructive behaviors.

32. I choose light!

33. My happiness depends on me – and I create my happiness myself!

34. The happier I am, the more gratitude I feel.

35. I share my joy with others without asking for a payback.


Affirmations For Happiness: Final Thoughts


I hope you loved these energizing and powerful words! Becoming a happy person can be easier if you try to read these affirmations for happiness regularly. You do not need to make major changes in your life to be happier and healthier, but you should definitely try to incorporate the positive thoughts into your everyday life. This will enable you to be a better person and therefore, you will enjoy happiness more.

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