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6 Tips for Maintaining Long Flowy Hair for Girls

If you want your hair long, start with THIS.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Woman With Long Flowy Hair

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Having healthy and beautiful tresses is a part of almost every other woman’s bucket list goals.

However, it’s hard for many people to achieve it.

You might have tried to keep long hair several times, but the hassle of maintaining your hair becomes one of the major pushing factors for quitting (or cutting your hair short!).

The reason is that most of the time, long hair is more prone to damage.

In comparison to shorter hair, long hair also requires more nourishment and care to maintain its charm.

However, you can maintain long flowy hair without having to worry much about damage simply by following the tips shared in this article.


Focus on Scalp Care


Whether it is about shorter hair or longer and healthier hair, it all starts with your scalp.

This means that having a healthy scalp can provide the right environment for your hair to grow stronger and longer.

This makes it significant to take care of your scalp.

You can try to make sure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients that are needed to keep your hair follicles healthier.

Also, try to improve the blood flow to your scalp to let the roots of your hair get enough strength.

For this, you try to maintain a healthy diet as well as oil your scalp and hair at least twice a week.

It is a very common home remedy to make your hair longer and stronger with time.

Applying Oil To Scalp For Hair Care


Dry Your Hair Gently


One of the many tips that almost every person needs to do – be gentle with your hair.

Most of the time, people really do not pay much attention to drying their hair because of all the hassle.

This is something that can weaken the hair roots and cause damage.

Drying your hair roughly with a cloth or a towel can also increase the chances of getting split ends or hair breakage.

Also, drying your hair gently helps them to retain its pH value and protects the hair texture from getting too rough or frizzy.

You can use a dryer on a lower heat setting, or you can let your hair dry naturally to give more strength and moisture to your hair.



Shampoo less


The main purpose of shampoo is to get rid of the dirt or pollution that gets built up on your hair and scalp.

It can also be used to remove any hair product residue… But it can also strip your hair of necessary oils.

For this very reason, it is necessary to use only a limited amount of shampoo.

Shampooing too much can make your hair brittle and frizzy to the point that they get extremely sensitive and prone to breakage.

Also, most shampoo products contain a certain amount of chemicals that are used to clean your scalp.

Excess use of these chemicals is a major cause of hair damage.

Try to use sulfate-free and organically-made shampoos that are made specifically for your type of hair.


Use heat protectant


We all use different types of styling tools in our everyday life to create innovative and beautiful hairstyles.

Most of these tools use heat to set your hair (curling iron, hair straightener, hair dryers, etc.), and overuse of these heat styling tools can actually cause serious hair damage.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to use different types of heat protectant products for your hair before using hot styling tools.

Whether it is about a hair serum or a protective gel, you can find several hair protectants on the market.

Along with that, make sure to limit your use of heated styling tools as well.

Since these tools can actually decrease the shine and thickness of your natural hair, cutting down your use of them will help you to maintain long and luscious hair.

Applying Heat Protectant Spray To Hair


Invest in hair extensions


If you want to try both short hair and long hair styles, don’t want to use products or apply heat for styling, or wish to add some color or dimensions to your hair, one of the most convenient solutions is to invest in some good real hair extensions.

Make sure that your hair extensions are of good quality so that they look natural and last longer.

The best part about hair extensions is that you can find them in any color or length you want.

You can also find small wefts for weaves of hair extensions that you can add to your natural hair to increase your length and volume.

Finding the right color and texture of hair extensions will help you to easily blend them with your own hair without making it too obvious.


Use deep hydrating treatments


The longer your hair length is likely to be, the more nourishment it will require.

This means that you willhave to choose special deeply hydrating products for your hair to maintain its health.

You can also get nourishment and protein treatments done by a professional hair stylist for better results.

When it comes to doing things on your own, you can find shampoos, conditioners, or any other hair care products with deeply nourishing nutrient values.

These products will help you to maintain the texture, length, and volume of your natural hair at home

Another way to keep your scalp and your hair hydrated is by trying to drink more water and natural healthy juices.

This will enhance the blood flow to your scalp and make things easier for you to manage!

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