How To Style a Halo Hair Extension

Updated on March 27, 2021

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woman as an example on how to style halo hair extension

Halo hair extensions are the perfect solution for transforming your appearance within minutes. You can use these extensions to add length and volume to your hair without going through the process of taping in or clipping in several pieces of wefts. The best part is that you don’t have to go to a stylist to put in halo extensions – you can easily do it yourself.

Unlike clip-in wefts, halo human hair extensions come as a single piece that you can place around the crown of your head, and it will safely sit there, thanks to the undetectable wire. Hair professionals and beauty gurus alike love these extensions because they cause no damage to natural hair and are great for women with fine hair.

If you’ve already bought a halo extension and are unsure of how to style it, this post has you covered. Based on my personal experience, I’ll introduce some simple, cute hairstyles that you can achieve with a halo extension.


How To Style a Halo Hair Extension

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Applying a halo extension is so hassle-free, it’s almost effortless. With a bit of practice, you can put it in within a minute. But make sure to buy a 100% Remy human hair halo extension, so you can style it just as you would your natural hair and ensure seamless blending.

From my experience, I’d recommend the best halo hair extensions from ZALA because they’re made of real human hair, look entirely natural, and are durable.

So, what types of hairstyles can you achieve with halo human hair extensions? Read on to get your answer!


1. Half-Up, Half-Down


Be sure your halo extension sits low on the rear of your head when you put it in. The extension requires quite a fair amount of hair to conceal it!

Step 1: Take a small portion of hair at the crown area and pull it into a high ponytail. Make sure you’ve still got sufficient hair left to enfold the extension.

Step 2: Pull the ponytail so it is firm and stands straight, and looks voluminous. You’re free to tease the strands a bit to add some additional vibe.

Step 3: Now bind your favorite headcover around the pony in a dense loop. Doing so will help the half pony sit tall on your head.

So, there you go with a beautiful half-up, half-down hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for creating an illusion of long hair. On top of that, you can rest assured the hair will not get in your face!


2. Half-Up Top Knot

half up top bun

This hairstyle is trending right now. That’s great because it is the easiest of all.

Before heading to the steps of creating this style, make sure you have sufficient hair left on the sides and around the back of your head to conceal the extension.

 Step 1: Create a rectangle portion of hair at the top of your head.

 Step 2: Turn the section of hair you created in step 1 until a tight, small bun is made. Or you could twist and tie the hair portion for a laid-back bun vibe.

 Step 3: Now swaddle your hair and fasten it all over to hold it safely in place, and you’re done!

That was easy, wasn’t it?


3. Tousled Ponytail

tousled ponytail

The main trick for styling halo hair extensions into a tousled ponytail is to make sure the halo’s borders are even and cloaked by your natural hair.

 Step 1: Scoop up the hair from the sides of your head while ensuring the hair is even and enough to cover the halo. This part can be a bit challenging, so take your time with this step.

 Step 2: Pull back the halo so it is flat and concealed by your natural hair. Now converge the two portions at the rear of your head, just above your occipital bone.

 Step 3: Clutch the two portions of hair together with one hand and use the other hand to lift the remaining hair under the sections and then tie it up to create a fantastic tousled ponytail.

Tease and adjust the ponytail as you wish to add your own unique finish to the ponytail.

 Pro tip: You can use two hair ties to keep the ponytail tight and in an upright position.

As you can see with these hairstyles, halo extensions provide you with an easy and quick way to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair.

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