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How To Ask For a Raise At Work And Show That You Deserve It

Hey, I know you deserve a raise, but do THEY know it?

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Everyone wants more money, right?

You have bills to pay, adventures to go on, and things to do.

But if you’re not making enough money at your job, then some of this simply can’t happen.

If you feel like you’re doing a wonderful job and contributing to your company, there’s always a solution is to ask for a raise.

But this can be difficult (especially if you’re a woman) and it might feel completely outside of your comfort zone right now.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to ask. Your boss would notice how well you’re doing and give you a raise without you even asking.

Yet we don’t live in a perfect world and if you deserved more money, you’re going to have to ask for it!

The tips below will help prepare to ask for a raise at work. They will also increase the likelihood of actually getting what you ask for.


How To Ask For a Raise At Work & Show That You REALLY Deserve It


1. Start by sharing your goals and asking for feedback


Talk to your manager about what you want to accomplish in the organization.

Let them know what your long-term goals are and that you intend to advance in the company.

Ask them what is the best way to do this and what you can do to improve.

Talk about the future of the company and make it sound as if you’re VERY interested in making it better.

It’s helpful when you ask for a raise because it shows that you’re loyal and determined to stick around for a long time.


2. Take on more responsibility


The people who do the most, are also the ones who earn the most.

This means that you need to start taking on more responsibility & show that you’re worthy of a raise at work!

Start by mastering the roles and tasks you’re responsible for right now.

Become the best at them!

Then, start doing things that are beyond your pay grade.

It may be a harder way of living for a while, but this is the only way to demonstrate that you’re the most suitable candidate for a raise.


3. Show your value


Don’t be shy to let people know that you’re someone who can get things done.

Show your value and share examples of how you’ve helped the business.

Do not give in to negative emotions when a problem arises.

Basically, you want to build a reputation for being a hard, positive, solution-focused and capable worker.

That way, when you ask for a raise at work, your manager will already know you deserve it.


4. Before asking for a raise, do your research


It’s incredibly important to do research before you ask for a raise at work – you need to determine what you’re worth according to the industry.

What type of salary is typical for your position?

How much are other people in your field, industry, and area earning?

What are the salary trends and market value for what you do?

Take your experience, how long you’ve worked for your employer, what you’ve accomplished, and any specialized skills you have into consideration.

All of this will help you determine an exact figure that is more likely to be agreed upon.


5. Ask for a raise at work at the right time


The timing is very important! Think about how the company is doing.

Are they making money or going through cutbacks in spending?

Also – how busy your manager is?

You need to keenly gauge their mood.

If they are under a lot of stress, then it’s probably a bad time to ask for a raise at work and it’s better to postpone it.


6. Focus on why you deserve it, not why you need it


There’s no secret – you need to be completely sure you actually deserve the raise.

Otherwise, you will be quickly denied and will only end up embarrassing yourself or even jeopardizing your future chances of getting a raise.

Even more, managers can be selfish or ignorant, and not really care about your personal problems – they’re simply too focused on achieving better results for the company.

This is why playing the note of how you’re making things better for the company can help you get a raise at work.


7. Practice your pitch


Practice what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

Anticipate and answer any questions that could arise.

Practicing will make the conversation easier and will also give you more confidence.

If you’re struggling with being shy or social anxiety, it never hurts to improve your confidence before you ask for a raise at work!

In the professional world, people with confidence have a better chance of getting a raise at work (sadly…).


8. Set a meeting and prepare yourself for a “no”


Every ask for a raise has a 50/50 success chance… The reality is that you could be told “no” and you need to prepare yourself for that.

Even the best performance and preparation can’t guarantee a positive result.

A “no” doesn’t mean that you should get discouraged, yet it doesn’t mean that negotiations are over.

You can always try again.


And even if after all this (maybe even multiple tries!) your company is still refusing to raise your salary… Then maybe it’s time to look for a job where your skills and effort would be more appreciated?

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