What Is Brighterly And How To Use It To Teach Kids Math

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Colorful Math Numbers Arrangement

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Math is one of the harder topics our kids have to learn. It’s also one of the most important for their future.

However, not every child is good at math, and sometimes kids need more help than just class lessons at school. Personal math tutor lessons can get very expensive, but there’s always a solution you can find online. Today we are taking a quick look at Brighterly, which caught our eye for making math fun.


What Is Brighterly?


Brighterly is one of the most efficient mathematical websites for kids offering live 1-to-1 online classes that are conducted by talented and trustworthy math tutors. This platform is a perfect example of the successful integration of games into the learning process, which guarantees results within the first month of study.

Brighterly’s learning approach is entirely boredom-free and looks more like an exciting journey to various eras, such as the Ice Age, Ancient Egypt, Industrial Revolution, Scientific Revolution, and others. Thus, a kid will dive into the adventurous atmosphere while practicing core math skills. Here, math is also made to be easier to understand.


Who Can Use Brighterly?


The platform targets PreK-8 grade schoolers and will be extremely helpful for those who need assistance with homework. However, there’s no age requirement. Future math geniuses who want to move beyond the school curriculum can satisfy their craving for knowledge by going deeper into any math concept under the comprehensive guidance of a personal tutor.


How To Start Math Classes With Brighterly


To book your first class with Brighterly, you must pick your best-fit date and time on the website and provide your contact details, as well as learning requirements. You will be automatically assigned the best tutor based on your needs. All Brighterly’s students get the first class for free to test the waters for both sides and agree on the future learning process. You can access Brighterly.com from any device and anywhere in the world to witness your kid learn math with pleasure.


At a Glance


Brighterly can be a great supplemental help for kids who struggle with math. It makes math more fun, easier to understand, and the tutors are professional. If you choose to use this service, it’s easy to get started with flexible options and plans.

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