How To Do a Healthy Body Detox Challenge

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healthy body detox

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Do you feel exhausted for no reason? Or simply feel like you are less vital? Feel especially bloated lately? If you answer yes to these two questions, it might be the time to do a healthy body detox. The main signs your body sends when it needs a healthy detox include:

You constantly crave sugar;

You constantly go through digestive issues;

You feel exhausted;

You have painful joints;

You are stressed and anxious;

You can’t sleep properly;

You experience regular allergies;

You lack concentration.

All of these symptoms can be caused by bad lifestyle habits, which eventually result in too many toxins in your body. And while it is true that our bodies are designed to fight toxins themselves… Sometimes our system gets overwhelmed by various stressors, allergens and irritants we encounter on a daily basis. Therefore, it might be a good idea to gently detox your body with a 100% healthy body detox challenge!

A healthy body detox can help us get rid of toxins faster, so if you are asking yourself what exactly should you do to cleanse your body in a healthy way, read on to find out the best ways to do a healthy body detox!

And just in case you’re wondering – no funny and questionable “cleanse” drinks are required for this challenge. We’re using only healthy, proven and actually working tips for this healthy body detox.

* P. S. Even though this challenge includes only healthy and gentle ideas, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before making any bigger lifestyle changes, especially if you have any chronic illness, allergies or sensitivities. You know, it’s best to make sure you won’t aggravate anything! *


How To Do a Healthy Body Detox Challenge


1) Skip Added Sugars


Start your healthy body detox challenge with cutting down the amount of added sugars. This includes various sweets, artificial sweeteners, candy, ice cream, and sodas. Instead of consuming these calorie-dense, yet nutritionally unsatisfying foods, opt for sweet fruits or a small portion of extra dark chocolate with a high percentage of natural cocoa. It was scientifically observed that this type of chocolate can satisfy your cravings, prevent you from seeking more sugar sources + boost your system with healthy antioxidants that fight free radicals (a type of toxins none of us need!).


2) Hydrate Yourself (The Core Of Any Healthy Body Detox Plan!)


Another great addition to any healthy body detox plan is drinking more water. Your body needs water to survive + maintain cell function, and when you’re drinking enough of it, your body self-cleanse and detoxification processes go smoothly and swiftly.

Make it a habit to start your day with a glass of water, and don’t forget to continue hydrate yourself throughout the day.

If you constantly forget to drink water (and tend to ignore those reminder notifications on your phone…), you can try Ulla – a very discrete reminder device that can be attached to any bottle (even if you use the plastic one that came with your store-bought water).

young girl holds plastic water bottle with electronic reminder device attached to it

Ulla subtly blinks to remind you to drink water and it can help you to drink up to 3 times more water per day than you usually do. No annoying sound notifications, no hassle, no fluff – just attach to your bottle, get reminded and enjoy the benefits of staying perfectly hydrated.

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3) Commit To An Exercise Routine


Exercising daily is also a wonderful way to detox your body so, of course, it’s an essential part of this healthy body detox challenge! Working out boosts the blood flow and helps your lymphatic system run smoothly, which ultimately leads to natural detoxification. Increased sweating helps excess toxins to leave your body and in addition, moving your body regularly will diminish tension, lubricate joints and strengthen you.

Simply put, if you adopt an exercise routine, you will have fewer toxins and stress hormones in your body, and it will make you feel + look better (that’s guaranteed).

If you’re not exercising regularly right now, who knows – maybe you would even fall in love with exercising and make it stick!

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4) Add a Rainbow Of Fruits And Veggies To Your Meals


Healthy body detox is all about a healthier diet and lifestyle. You don’t need a complicated detox plan for this, and this is why I am trying to keep this challenge simple and enjoyable.

To improve your digestion and cleanse your digestive system naturally, design your daily meals around a multitude of fruits and vegetables.

If you ever read about various veggies and how beneficial they are to our bodies, you probably noticed that every single veggie or fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that are exactly what your body needs to be healthy and function at the top level. So go on – experiment, find the ones you enjoy the most and make them a staple in your diet! All of them will help your body run smoothly and improve self-detox processes that are constantly going on in your liver and colon.

Keep away from fast foods or processed foods. Sure, they’re tasty, but they lack the vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for a well-functioning body. You don’t have to eliminate them completely – just keep them limited to one or two treat meals a week and you’ll be fine.


5) Sleep At Least 7 to 8 Hours Per Night


If you aim to do a healthy body detox, make sure to review your sleeping habits as well. Specialists say sleep is as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet because it is the time when your body is giving all of the energy to restoration and rebuilding. To achieve good sleep hygiene, avoid late-night meals and try to not use blue light devices (phones, tablets, TVs) for at least two hours prior to bed.

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6) Go To The Sauna


Did you know that saunas are one of the best ways to detoxify your whole body? No wonder they have 2 million saunas in Finland!

Increasing body temperature and sweating profusely is a perfect way to help your body get rid of the toxins, stimulate the circulatory system and help get rid of any congestion you may have. On top of it all – it’s a perfect way to relax, meditate and lower your stress levels after a long week at work.

If you can’t go to sauna, try a detoxifying bath with detox salts. This will give you a similar effect and it also acts as a wonderful relaxant for your whole body:

healthy body detox

Detox Soak Bath Salts

 healthy body detox

Enviromedica Magnetic Clay Natural Detox Bath Cleanse

7) Get a Massage


Having a massage session can boost both your health and mood as well. Certain types of massages are particularly helpful in removing built-up tension from your body and promoting proper lymph flow. The better the circulation – the faster and more effective those natural detox processes are in your body.


8) Drink Detox Tea


Another thing to do on a healthy body detox challenge is to drink natural detox tea. Choose the ones that are designed to support your system’s ability to flush toxins out and be aware of diuretic teas – those will only dehydrate you so it’s best to choose something gentler and safer:

healthy body detox

SkinnyFit Detox Tea: All-Natural Cleanse

Contains 13 superfoods like, Matcha, Oolong, Sencha, and Milk Thistle, as well as natural herbs and berries. Helps digestion, promotes clear, glowing skin, and reduces acne and inflammation.


healthy body detox

Detox Tea – Mint Chocolate Flavored Cleanse for Women with a Sweet Tooth

This tea is just what it says – have a cleanse and chocolate too! It tastes wonderful, boosts your metabolism, gently cleanses your colon and helps to jump start a heathier diet.


9) Use Herbs And Spices


Herbs and spices are a wonderful addition to your meals – and not only for their taste. They can also help you to do a healthy body detox as they are able to get rid of unhelpful bacteria and boost your immune system. The best spices for healthy body detox include cilantro, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, rosemary, and ginger.

– – – – –

To sum up, a healthy body detox challenge can drastically increase your wellbeing. You can do this challenge for a week or two to see how much better you feel. If you like your results, don’t hesitate and make it your everyday lifestyle – your body will thank you by staying healthy and looking great.

A healthy lifestyle will also offer you a boost in confidence, so don’t wait to start, even if it looks a little hard. There’s always the first step to everything.

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