Good Qualities In A Person: 7 Things To Work On To Become GREAT

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Picture Portraying Good Qualities In A Person: 7 Things To Work On To Become Great

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Determining the good qualities in a person is usually pretty easy. When you think of someone who constantly inspires you or brings a lot of joy to your life, what are they like? Are they kind, funny, open, compassionate? Chances are the good qualities in a person that you are attracted to are, in some ways, aspirational. You likely see these qualities and are compelled to achieve the same good traits. Good qualities are, well good, but what makes a person great?

We think of goodness as how we treat others, while greatness is considered to be a more self-centered ambition. However, by being great we can be better for those around us and inspire people to seek out the greatness within themselves, as well. Demonstrating strength, kindness and leadership inspires and provokes others to strive to possess those same qualities.

So, what is the difference between good and great, and how can you elevate yourself to become a great person? We are here to help you start your journey to this! Read on to learn more about the 7 things that can help you become great.


Good Qualities In A Person: 7 Things To Work On


Be open to change


Change is inevitable, but in order to become a great person, you have to be willing to change and demonstrate that you are open to evolution. When you think about the good qualities in a person you know, chances are one of those qualities is that they are laid-back – they go with the flow.

To elevate that relaxed nature to a level of greatness, you have to go one step further. Rather than passively accepting change, you have to embrace it fully. If you fight against change, you will never grow or evolve, which will make others view you as stunted.


Leave the excuses at the door


When things go wrong, it can be easy to make excuses or feel the need to place blame. This is especially true we fail to achieve something, or we underdeliver. This toxic reaction can actually cause you more harm than good.

For example, say you are at work and you are underprepared for a meeting with your boss. When he confronts you, do you think he will have more respect for you if you tell him all of the reasons why you weren’t ready, or is it better to take accountability for lack of preparation and discuss how you plan on improving for your next meeting?

When we take ownership of our actions, it shows others that they can trust us, that we are authentic, and most importantly it encourages us to improve.


Let go of your anger


One good quality in a person is when someone can release their anger. When we hold on to anger it not only controls us, but it alters our ability to make good decisions. People who demonstrate greatness usually have a good handle on their anger. There is nothing wrong with feeling an emotional response to a situation, however, we must assess our emotions before acting on them. Anger is an emotion that usually attracts negativity and even further worsens a situation.


Be a role model


Role models do not have to be shining examples of perfection that never mess up or lose face. Being a good role model is more about being authentic, honest, and conducting yourself with respect. Think about the people you look up to, chances are that you probably think that they are pretty great.

In order for you to become a better person, you need to show the same type of leadership through self-respect and by respecting others. Great role models don’t have to necessarily be successful or rich, but they do need to be respectful and humble.


Show forgiveness


Holding on to anger and negative emotions traps you and adversely impacts your life much more than the person or thing that you are angry about. F

orgiving someone is very difficult to do, but people are prone to making mistakes and you will likely have to seek someone else’s forgiveness at some point or another in your life. So, keep that in mind when holding a grudge seems gratifying – it will only hold you back and make you seem petty.


Less talking, more listening


Many of us are under the false impression that the loudest person in the room is the one in control, quite the contrary. When you show that you are listening to people and you take note of the things that are important to them, it shows them that you have respect for them. Which in turn makes them want to respect you. Even better, when you listen you learn.


Do the things that scare you the most


When you keep an open mind and try the thing that you wouldn’t normally do, you are challenging yourself to become a person of greatness. Overpowering fear inspires others, but it also helps us to inspires ourselves. When we overcome challenges, we build our self-confidence and this radiates to those around us.

These are some of the good qualities in a person that you can work on to become a little bit better, a little more honest, and a little more gentle with yourself and others… Try doing some of these things in your life – not only will they help you to evolve into something you want to be, but it will also raise you in the eyes of others.

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