How To Make People Like You: 10 Tricks That Work Every Time

Updated on June 6, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

Picture Portraying How To Make People Like You: 10 Tricks That Work Every Time

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Picture Portraying How To Make People Like You: 10 Tricks That Work Every Time

No matter if you’re looking for tips to make people like you as a friend, a person or as a crush, there are a couple of psychology-inspired secrets that can help you. Liking someone is great, especially when you know for sure that someone likes you back.

And even though it might seem tricky to make someone like you, some tips and tricks can actually help a lot! Today I want to share what I’ve learned while studying human behavior and what makes us like each other.


Here’s How To Make People Like You


1. Imitate Their Body Language


One of the best ways to make people like you is to slightly mimic their body language. Posture, facial expressions, and subtle movements help to silently signal to your companion that you are interested in them (even if they don’t notice it yet). Mirroring their body language will make them like you more (just try not to look creepy).


2. Give Compliments


In psychology, there is a concept named ‘trait transference’. This refers to the situation in which you give compliments and the receiver of those words will link those positive adjectives with your personality. Although, it is best to compliment someone moderately.

To make people like you, remind yourself to share your appreciation from now and then. Several studies revealed that the rarer the compliments are to a person, the more impact they leave on their thoughts and it will actually make them like you back.


3. Be Positive And Supportive


Another way to make people like you is to keep up a positive attitude. Happy and supportive people are usually more likable and this makes them more attractive as well. And the truth is we all enjoy having around someone that will boost our mood with their cheerful state of mind.


4. Don’t Try To Appear Perfect


People who admit and actually allow themselves to make mistakes are perceived as more likable. This happens because no one is perfect, and seeing other people being imperfect as well results in a mutual connection.

If you are learning how to make people like you, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side and accept your imperfections. Authenticity is more valuable than being perfect!


5. Be a Good Listener


A great tip to make people like you is to listen to their needs. Listening skills are important in every interpersonal connection. The trick is to focus on what the person wants to say, rather than concentrating on what you’re going to say.
Express your interest and support while listening to the person next to you. This is a sure way to make them like you because they will feel like you actually care about what they have to say.

Moreover, several studies showed that just asking people to tell you more makes them perceive you as more likable.


6.  Be Honest


To make people like you, you should always commit to being honest. Honesty brings respect and appreciation – because we as humans know how difficult it is to tell the truth, and we naturally like people who do hard things despite other people’s opinions (crazy, I know!).


7. Share Your Secrets And Ask For Advice


Similar to listening to other’s needs, people are more prone to like you if you trust them with your own secrets.

Mostly, telling someone our deepest thoughts is perceived as an action we do with either our friends or people we like. Therefore you can suggest to someone how much you like them, by trusting them and sharing something personal. This will create a connection and make them like you more.


8. Try To Meet That Person More Often


Psychological studies also showed that humans tend to like someone based on the level of familiarity they inspire. The more you see someone and talk to a person, the more they’re going to like you. Keeping in touch can be done through a multitude of channels, besides the classical face-to-face interaction.


9. How To Make People Like You At First Sight? Smile!


When you first meet someone, your smile is a deciding factor in whether or not that someone will like you. A smile can soften even the most unlikable facial feature because it can light up your overall appearance. So, never underestimate the power of a smile when you talk with someone – and smile more!


10. Remember People’s Names


When we first meet someone, we tend to get excited and forget the simple task of remembering the name. If it’s hard for you to remember the names, try to repeat the name several times in your head (as soon as they’ve shared it with you). You can also answer to `Hello, I’m Susan’ with ‘Hey, Susan, nice to meet you’ as it also counts as a repetition. It is a psychological trick that will link that person’s face with their name and help you remember it easier.


How To Make People Like You: A Recap!


So, as you can see, to make people like you, you have to focus on giving the best you have, without hiding your flaws. Authenticity is a big plus and it can encourage others to like you. Add a few psychological tricks and it gets even easier! And, of course, don’t forget to share your smile whenever you can.

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