4 Reasons To Give Healing Crystals A Try (Even If You’re Skeptical)

These precious stones are becoming a staple of alternative medicine.

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Updated on December 16, 2022

Woman Holding Amethyst In Her Hands

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In the past, precious stones were considered treasures and commonly used as ornaments. While many remain to be used for the same purposes, some gemstones are now being used in alternative medicine. These gemstones are also called healing crystals, as they’re believed to alleviate illnesses and foster health and wellness.  

While many of the healing properties attributed to essential gemstones are yet to be scientifically proven, many users attest to the health benefits they’ve experienced using healing crystals. Some doctors also recommend using these gemstones in conjunction with treatment and an improved and healthier lifestyle for better results. 

Because of the beneficial properties healing crystals are believed to have, some people are utilizing these precious stones as accessories such as crystal bracelets. And alternately, others place these gemstones inside their home as a decorative element or hold them for relaxation and meditative purposes.  If you’re wondering whether using healing crystals may be a good idea, here are some of the reasons why you should give them a try.

Big Amethyst Crystal


Healing Crystals May Boost Your Physical Health


Gemstones are famous for their ability to boost health and well-being in many ways. For instance, fluorite crystal. Known as an antiviral stone, it can help eliminate viruses that cause illness. This is because aside from helping you clear your mind from toxic thoughts, fluorite crystals are also believed to help flush out toxins and viruses from your body. And more so, it’s also believed to be beneficial to those who have bone and joint problems.

It may be essential to note that fluorite is water-soluble and unsafe to ingest. Therefore, mixing it with drinking water and other types of liquid should be avoided.  

Here are other examples of how healing crystals are believed to aid physical illnesses: 

  • Amethyst: used to help improve sleep and alleviate aches and pains;
  • Moonstone: believed to ease PMS among women and boost fertility;
  • Aventurine: believed to promote speedy recovery from illnesses and may help stimulate metabolism.

Woman Holding Green Quartz Crystal


Healing Stones Can Help Alleviate Stress And Regulate Mood


Some healing crystals are used to combat stress and manage anger, anxiety, and other strong emotions that can disrupt a person’s mood. For instance, rose quartz is known to foster emotional health and self-love, making it ideal for mood regulation. Some people put a piece of rose quartz under their pillow to promote restful sleep, while others put it on their chest to de-stress.  

If you’d like to know more about the healing properties of rose quartz, here is a video you can watch: 

More so, here are other examples of gemstones believed to help alleviate stress and manage challenging emotions: 

  • Turquoise: associated with tranquil energy, which may help ease stress;
  • Bloodstone: can boost motivation, creativity, and may help curtail aggressive thoughts and behavior; 
  • Citrine: may help balance mood swings;
  • Blue lace agate: believed to promote positivity, optimism, and harmony.

Experts believe that a healing crystal’s ability to soothe the body and mind can be attributed to the colors of the gem and its smooth texture. For this reason, many use the healing stones as décor or accessories where they can be easily seen and touched for relief.  


Precious Crystals Can Be Used For Meditation


Those who practice yoga and meditation believe in the benefits of using healing crystals during practice. To improve their meditation, some people hold the stone in their hands and direct their thoughts and feelings towards the object. This method is considered helpful in freeing the mind from distractions. 

Many believe that using a meditation stone can help improve mental clarity and focus and promote the calmness and relaxation needed to achieve a meditative state. Some also claim that healing stones emit a calming energy that can help people practice rational thinking and achieve spiritual awakening.  


Healing Gemstones Make Attractive Accessories And Home Décor


Most healing crystals are semi-precious stones that are attractive and considered high-value. They’re commonly used to create beautiful accessories and décor because of their various shapes, sizes, and color. Essential stones can be made into necklaces, earrings, or bracelets or used as embellishments for home décor, such as vases, figurines, or wall hangings.  

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, many believe that healing crystals have the power to captivate positive energy, joy, and harmony into space, helping boost your overall wellness. Some also use specific gemstones to attract love, prosperity, or success. Since healing crystals have been considered to have metaphysical influence for centuries, many continue to believe in their power to influence luck and fate.  




The beneficial properties of healing crystals are widely recognized around the globe, and they’re considered essential elements of alternative medicine. And with such benefits, it may be the perfect time to give healing crystals a try and see how they can help improve your overall health and wellness. There are many options you can explore, and you can also consider using different combinations to find out what works best for you.

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