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Simple Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed to Improve Your Home Décor

As a devoted fan of home décor, you probably love excellent design hacks.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

A Nice Dog As Perfect Home Decor Hack

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Cute Dog In Well-Decorated House

As a devoted fan of home décor, you would highly value excellent design hacks.

Such a hack would be more relevant if you are currently on a budget but seeking inspiration to refresh the look of your home.

You might have looked up to décor experts and tidiness gurus, like Japanese TV personality Marie Kondo, but you cannot relate their method with yours.

Therefore, we have compiled a collection of simple life hacks you never knew you needed to improve your home décor without big budgets or radical changes!


Simple Life Hacks For an Easily Improved Home Decor


1. Use Various Tablecloths To Give Your Tables a New Personality


Linen tablecloths are highly versatile.

Linen decoration may help you liven up the design and add a new ambiance to your space.

Linen can fit perfectly with all kinds of tables in your house.

Furthermore, it complements every mood with a whimsical touch.

A linen fabric tablecloth with natural colors gives a sense of luxury to the room if you let it drape and hang from your coffee table.

Dress your side tables in decorative linen to give extra colors and mass to the corner of the house.

You can also utilize your linen tablecloth to decorate your hall table.

A combination of linens with contrasting colors with ornaments or items that suit your personality will make a bold entryway to your house.

The versatility of linen makes it a perfect element for simple home design hacks.

If you are craving a fresher look for your tables, you only need to reassign and repurpose them with a simple mix and match.

With linen’s persistent durability and ease of care, your linens can be a budget-friendly solution to quench your thirst for décor for a long time.

Various Tablecloths As Home Decor


2. Recycle Bottles, Cups, And Pots


You may have fine collections of glasses, cups, and pots stored in your home.

You may also keep good wines and other beverages for special occasions.

If you think they have served their purpose, you can recycle them to up your home design game.


  • Multi-functional Wine Bottles. Recycle fine-looking glass bottles and upcycle them into unique catchalls, torches, lanterns, wind chimes, candle covers, or glasses.

    Cut those bottles carefully using a bottle cutter then you can begin to experiment on the placement.

Picture Portraying Simple Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed To Improve Your Home Décor


  • Fancy Teapots And Cups For Decorations. Fancy teapots and cups that are no longer in style can be a delicate addition to your decorations.

    You can use them as a vase without any additional ornament because they are already fancy-looking.

    If you want to utilize them for something practical, you can use them for spoon and fork holders.

    Their lovely design has already sparked the character without any additional decoration.


3. Upscale Ladders As A Game-changer To Your Décor


Consider repurposing any old ladders you no longer need into something else that can boost your home décor for functional or aesthetic objects.

With (or maybe without) any touch of magic, a perfectly placed ladder can be the real game-changer to uplift your house.

You can paint, weather, stain, or add a little compartment on it; otherwise, you can leave it as it is.

It will still stand tall as a perfect decoration.

  • Step Ladders For Shoe Rack. With modest customization, a ladder can make a fancy shoe rack.

    Place it on the corner of the room and arrange your shoe collections like a pyramid.

    With its fanciness, you can say goodbye to your boring shoe rack.

  • Diy Plant Stand. Using the same ladder, you can also bring a fresh and natural atmosphere to your house.

    Turn the ladder into an elegant plant stand.

    It’s quick, strong, and good-looking.

    You do not need to worry about anything else; just put your favorite plants into the ladder stand.

    Your houseplants will look effortlessly stunning.

Diy Plant Stand Made From Wooden Ladders


  • Versatile, Spacious Shelf. You can also turn your ladder into a multi-functional shelf.

    You may store your favorite books and other decorative items on the customized shelf.

    Wooden step ladders or straight ladders can make perfect shelves with some do-it-yourself modifications.

Ladders Used As Shelf Home Decor


4. Decorate Your Walls Creatively


Walls provide you with lots of space to experiment.

You can use the wall as an identity or a camouflage.

The best thing is you can modify your walls by yourself, without any professional assistance even, to suit your preference.


  • Partially Painted Walls. If you want your room to look more spacious, try partially painting the walls.

    Paint only the lower part of the walls and leave the top portion in the same color as the ceiling.

    It will create the illusion of a taller room with more space.

  • Tapes For Pseudo-wallpaper. When craving some extra accent to the walls, you can consider decorating them with tapes instead of buying a whole wallpaper.

    Think of a design or pattern you can apply with washi tapes and start cutting them according to the plan.

    You can use this on the entire wall or, else, you can make specific ornaments in some key spaces.

  • Fabrics On The Wall. You can also decorate your walls with fabrics as wallpaper.

    If you have exquisite-looking linens, for example, you can stretch and attach them to the wall to make a rustic atmosphere.

    If you have striped fabrics, you can also use them to make an avant-garde mood for the house.

    Fabric-covered walls provide better room acoustic and a sense of insulation.

    Additionally, the fabrics are also excellent in repelling dust.

Fabric Wall Decor

  • Get Personal With The Wall Gallery. Pick one side of the walls you would like to turn into a wall gallery.

    You can come up with a symmetrical arrangement or an asymmetrical one.

    Choose whatever you would like to flaunt on the wall and mix them all.

    The gallery may include your personal artwork or some art pieces you found in an art market.

    Personalize the gallery with your family portrait to highlight your character.

    There is no right or wrong in arranging your wall gallery, but it will be better to be mindful of the space.

    You would not want to cramp your wall with these pieces of art.

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