How To Advance In Your Life Until Summer + 20 Personal Goals To Set

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When one summer ends and waiting for the next one begins, a lot of people get lazy. Cold weather, rain, snow, darker days and gloomier moods are to blame here.

I used to be that kind of a girl who almost “hybernated” whenever autumn and winter came. I loved to completely snuggle in my tiny apartment, gorge on tasty (and unhealthy) foods, binge on useless TV shows and do nothing significant apart from some basic work to make a living.

Sounds like fun? I hope not! Because believe me – it isn’t.

Doing almost nothing useful or productive, not having a single goal eventually digs a black hole under your feet and it is very easy to fall into it. People call it depression.

I hate that I had to start this article by telling this. I hate to even remember it, and I don’t want to remember it. I never forgot how I hated myself for not doing anything to change my pathetic life.

If you find yourself feeling like I did – sad, lethargic, depressed because of the weather, or because you are clueless about what to do with your life next… I’m here today to help you.

Personal Goals And…

…The Mind Trick


Now, even though I still fucking hate Christmas (believe me, I have legit reasons for that), I found a way to attach a new meaning to these slow and cold months that only seem to make you lazy, sleepy, and overall “meh”.

The secret is to change the way you think about this season. Even if you like this season.


Let me explain!

For some people cold seasons associate with cozy holidays, snow, pumpkin-spice-everything, cute knitted gloves, and purring under fluffy warm blankets. Others feel the way I used to – cold, unmotivated, and moody all the time.

Ultimately, both are ok! You don’t have to pretend you like something you don’t, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to enjoy festive seasons if they make you happy.

But both groups of these people tend to share one similarity… They all get lazy and less productive in colder months!

And when another summer finally comes, they find themselves wondering – how the hell “I haven’t done ANYTHING significant yet? A whole year has passed??”.

Repeat that year after year and there it is… A boring, mediocre life that doesn’t satisfy their hungry souls.

>> If you want to be different… If you want to make a change in your life, do something awesome with it, and be proud of yourself the next summer (and there’s still time), stop thinking about getting cozy. Start thinking about grinding!


Cold Season Is a Perfect Time To Work On Your Personal Goals


This is what I call autumn, winter, and early spring now – the grinding season!

This is as simple as it gets – you set yourself a few amazing personal goals and grind, which means doing everything you need to reach your them until summer.

And when that sweet summer comes, if you’ve been grinding like crazy… The results are usually extremely rewarding.

I’m sorry if it sounds like no fun, but reaching your personal goals is never about doing nothing and just expecting things to happen. It’s about putting in hard work and fighting for what you want to have in your life.

A Text Of Estee Lauder Quote About Success And Personal Goals

So, if you decided to meet your next summer with a few amazing accomplishments, it’s time to set your personal goals!

You might already have a few personal goals in mind, but if you can’t think of anything else, here are a few really impressive and satisfying personal goals you can set for your grind season (and feel the real improvement in your life once you reach them)! Are you ready? Let’s improve your life!

20 Satisfying Personal Goals You Can Reach Until Summer If You START NOW


1. Redecorate your home (or just your room).

2. Seriously organize your life.

3. Lose weight and get fit.

4. Regrow your hair (or overplucked eyebrows)

5. Master a skill you always wanted (painting, playing an instrument, cooking, putting on makeup like a pro… You choose!)

6. Earn or save enough money to go on a trip you want.

7. Change or gradually upgrade your dressing style.

8. Meet a person you admire the most.

9. Develop a few good habits that will improve your life.

10. Learn to be happy being alone.

Now, this one’s worth stopping by. I know it may sound like an impossible goal because a lot of people don’t know how, or simply can’t enjoy life to the fullest when they’re alone. Most of us connect our happiness with certain people, so even the thought of being alone can feel extremely scary.

However, life is constantly changing, and sometimes you might have to be alone for a shorter or longer period of time. It’s ok, there’s nothing to fear. Millions of people are alone and they survive.

But learning to be happy alone is one of the most important skills you might learn in your life. It can help you to become free of any mental connections and become independent. You will still be full of love for people you care about, but it will stem from your heart and not from feelings of neediness or insecurity. It’s a source of personal freedom and a way to feel complete – no matter who you’re with, or without.

If you want to master this skill, I highly recommend these particular books:

How To Be Single And Happy A Book On Setting Personal Goals For Relationships

How to Be Single and Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for a Soul Mate

How To Be Alone The Book

How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t

About The Art Of Being Alone Book

About the Art of Being Alone: How to overcome loneliness and the fear of being alone while learning to love yourself

11. Improve your health as much as you can.

12. Build a rock-solid relationship with your partner.

13. … Or find someone to fall in love with if you are currently single.

14. Donate blood.

15. Buy your loved one something he or she has wanted for a long time.

16. Pay off a debt.

17. Start your own business.

18. Become a minimalist.

19. Change your job or career path.

20. Quit as many bad habits as you can.

Now, these are just a few ideas! And yes, some of these are really big and scary personal goals that require a lot of planning, brainstorming, and sweat… But you still have a lot of time and honestly – who told you to have small goals?! Dream BIG, set your bars HIGH and DON’T BE AFRAID to fail on the way – this is the only (and honestly – the most perfect) way to grow as a person and reach new heights.


How To Set Your Personal Goals And Start Working On Them


If you need a way to plan and organize your goals, do check out my free printable goal planning tool! I use it myself to manage my personal goals and I am happy to say that they are simple and minimalistic enough to not make you feel overwhelmed with the whole process.

You can also find more goal setting tips on my other mini-guides:


Your Personal Goals – Your Future. And It’s Waiting For You!


Do you have the first goal you’re going to start on? Make it public. Make it real. Be brave and don’t be shy to want more than you think you can have in your life. You are the only one who can make it better than it is right now.

Like these personal goals ideas? Scroll down for more content like this!

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