Picture Portraying 5 Ways To Keep Calm And Relax In A Crisis

5 Ways To Keep Calm And Relax In a Crisis

Don't let a crisis break you, fight back! Here's how to keep calm and relax when the world is swirling.

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A Woman Trying To Keep Calm And Relax While Sitting On The Rooftop.

How do you respond when you are in an emergency?

Do you fight or flight?

Do you freeze or get blank all of a sudden not knowing what to do next?..

First, these responses won’t help you in that situation, and second, you are not alone in this.

It happens to the best of us.

Things can go off track, and you can witness some things that totally confuse your mind for a moment.

Things cannot go in your favor always.

In these times, when you are facing a crisis, you need to keep calm and relax.

It is easier said than done, but here are a few strategies that can help you keep calm and relax even when facing a really difficult situation.


How To Keep Calm And Relax In a Crisis


1) Don’t Absorb Other People’s Emotions


We’re all human beings and we tend to absorb each other’s emotions.

When we sit next to a happy person, we might feel happy as well.

And, when we are around someone who is aggressive and lashing out, we don’t feel good either.

In a time of crisis, you must stick to your own emotions only.

If someone around is getting panicky, it can seriously hurt your ability to think clearly at the moment.

You can empathize with them, but it is wise to keep your emotions intact and in control.

This will help you to keep calm and relax as much as it’s possible in any difficult situation.


2) Breathe In And Out


Deep breathing can help you keep calm and relax in almost any situation and it is not something that is confined to closed rooms and calm places only.

You can practice it anytime, anywhere you want even while doing any activity.

It’s best to practice it regularly, so you know what to do when a crisis comes.  To do that, just breathe in and out calmly, and focus on your breath for a moment.

If you make it a habit, you will quickly remember to do it whenever needed.

When you are in a stressful moment, you will feel your breath rate rising.

This is the perfect time to control it and calm yourself with rhythmic, even breathing.

Breathe in and out with your belly and it will get you back to your senses.


3) Focus On The Things You Can Control


The bottom line is that when we are stressed out, we are often focusing on the things that we can’t control and this makes us panic.

In a crisis, you might be shaken up by the things happening around you.

To keep calm and relax, try to stop and shift your focus from the things you can’t control to something that is still controllable.

And if there’s absolutely nothing you can change or control, then it’s just logical to stop stressing over it so much.

You don’t have to throw yourself in every crisis thinking you can stop it if you actually cannot… Let other people play their part if needed.

Accept help, improve what is possible and adjust your actions according to any new information.

This way, you will help yourself to move forward.


4) Get Out


If things are getting worse, and you are losing it, there is nothing good you can do at the moment.

You don’t have to be there and think about the things that are stressing you out continuously.

Get out of the irritating environment, take a walk, give yourself some time to think.

It will help you to take your mind off of the crisis that is heating you.

Taking some distance can help you to keep calm and relax in almost any situation because just being in a different environment can give you a different frame of mind.


5) Communicate Wisely


The crisis is the time when you can be exposed the most… People show their true selves when they don’t know what is happening and how to handle the situation.

You don’t want to be the person who lashes out, shows anger, and burns bridges when a crisis happens.

Even if you like to be sarcastic at that time, not everyone can understand your sarcasm.

So, be very careful when you are communicating in a time of crisis.

Once you have said things, you cannot take them back but the crisis is surely going to end and you may regret your actions.

Instead of risking being seen as inappropriate, it’s a good idea to show a good example.

Show others your ability to keep calm and relax even in the face of the unknown.

In a team or family of scared people, this calm approach will definitely feel like a breeze of fresh air.

A crisis can happen to anyone at any time… When it happens, practice these tips.

Journaling your thoughts can be extremely helpful too!

You can find quite a few helpful, printable tools at ShineSheets Free Printables for that.

Also, the wise thing to do is to prepare yourself for a crisis before it comes.

To keep calm and relax in the face of difficult times, test yourself in uncontrollable situations, and see if you can handle it better every time. Facing your fears and uncertainty will help you develop the traits you need to manage any crisis in the most positive way.

Stay brave!

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