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Taking Acting as a Hobby Can Help People Study – Here’s Why

Have time for drama AND your studies!

Researched, written by Alina Boskar
Updated on July 9, 2023

Woman Actress In A Theater Performance

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Woman Acting In A Theather

Did you know that various art activities can improve comprehension as well as non-verbal and verbal communication?

Even more – taking acting as a hobby can be very beneficial for your cognitive abilities, including learning.

Here are five interesting ways to use theater performances as studying motivation.


5 Ways Acting in a Theather Can Help You To Study


1. You can learn to work in the teamwork


Theater performances involve rehearsals and exercises, all of which require cooperation and collaboration among the participants.

The members must learn the basics as a team and continue improving their skills over time.

Learning how to perform entails sharing ideas and thoughts, exchanging constructive feedback, and encouraging your colleagues in the journey is key.

If one of the actors is facing challenges or is weaker than others, this may affect the whole show.

The idea of teamwork and collaboration also applies to the area of academics.

You need to apply logic and reasoning when solving academic problems and support each other when participating in any group activities.


2. You can learn how to manage time


Theater people are required to manage their time effectively right from the time of preparation to the time of performance.

As a theater student, you must learn and appreciate the value of deadlines and the importance of meeting deadlines.

There is nothing like delaying or postponing a show on grounds of lack of enough time.

The time for rehearsals is set in advance and all the participants must always be there on time.

One of the most important lessons to learn is the importance of managing time and the need to respect deadlines for essay submissions.

Theater performances influence the learners’ ability to study because they learn about the importance of time management.

Seeking students help in essay writing may help you to be good in art performances and write compelling essays.

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You will access many essay examples through which to find inspiration and motivation on how to write essays and excel in performing arts.


3. It can improve your self-awareness


Theater teaches about self-awareness because you need to be conscious of what is happening around you and within yourself.

You must be aware of your facial expression, tone, and physicality during the performances.

Self-awareness is important for productivity, not only in theater performance but also in your studies.

Theater performances can greatly motivate you to study and write essays or other assignments.

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As such, you will be able to write any kind of essay in your area of study and get good grades.


4. It teaches you what it means to be realistic and open


After participating in drama rehearsals and subsequent performances, you gather self-confidence and make peace with yourself.

This teaches about being realistic regarding your talent and in real life.

Drama can motivate you to learn about how to approach things differently and to avoid being personal when solving problems.

It is difficult to be perfect in performances, meaning that it is important to be prepared to receive constructive criticism.

Feedback can make you receptive to comments and taking the comments seriously enhances your listening skills.

Being a good listener enhances your ability to study and find solutions to problems.


5. It improves reading comprehension


Theater performances require studying detailed literature, which can play a role in the development of reading comprehension skills.

In addition to the ability of drama to aid understanding of the work involved, it also allows learners to understand the expression and work in general.

There is a strong relationship between performing arts and the improvement of verbal and non-verbal skills.

Performing relevant texts motivates you to get to the next level and enhances an understanding of other disciplines such as math and science.

As compared to group discussions, theater performances can encourage reading and improve understanding of a text.




Learners who participate in theater performances are more encouraged to study and achieve their academic goals better.

Being motivated to study is a sure way to academic excellence and achieving your goals!

To be motivated, use theater performances by participating in teamwork, managing time effectively, self-awareness, being open, and understanding reading materials.

Have time for drama and your studies because you don’t want to overdo one activity at the expense of the other.

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