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5 Must-Have Invoicing Software for Bloggers & Freelancers

When it comes to invoicing solutions, freelancers and bloggers have plenty of options.

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How do you choose the right invoicing software for your business?

These days, there’s no reason to battle with invoicing and to struggle to stay on top of your accounting.

There are so many online solutions and software options that not only make invoicing a breeze, but that also ensure doing taxes and other related tasks are simple and streamlined.

If you’re looking for the best invoicing software for your blogging or freelance business, these five options can change the way you manage your money, improve your cash flow, and add a professional touch to every customer interaction.




There’s a reason why Freshbooks is usually the top choice for bloggers and freelancers.

It unquestionably has everything you could possibly want in a cloud-based invoice solution.

There is a free 30-day trial available to test out their product for those who are unsure and there are plenty of features to fall in love with.

Freshbooks offers an intuitive design and layout, which means no hunting around seeking the right dashboard area or looking for a finicky, hidden icon to insert.

Freshbooks will allow clients an easy way to pay you, with a single click to a pre-payment page, and it will also connect to your bank account and pair transactions made to invoices sent.

Another great feature that Freshbooks offers is the automatic late payment reminder—saving you the hassle of having to remember to chase down late payments.

Another sought-after feature is the ability to set up a recurring invoice for clients that you have on retainer.

Along with invoice solutions, FreshBooks software offers time-tracking, reporting, project management, and more solutions that every freelancer can put to work straightaway into their business.

The first billing tier is set at $17 a month, with higher tiers available for those who need them.

This is ideal for bloggers and freelancers who may scale up in the future.




A good invoice option, with numerous templates to choose from, Honeybook fills a niche that many freelancer professionals and bloggers have.

Honeybook provides numerous built-in business tools, such as meeting scheduling and calendar planning, workflow automation, and communications.

In short, it’s an ideal customer relationship manager with invoicing software.

In line with this, Honeybook offers contract management, which helps to streamline legal contracts that freelancers may need.

Honeybook offers quality bookkeeping and invoicing solutions.

Their lead tracking is also a great way to see which clients are coming from which social platform.

The bookkeeping side is synchronous, and it integrates well with Quickbooks for more advanced features.

Though you’ll need to pay for that separately.

With all the pros Honeybook has, there are also small issues.

The most well-known is the lack of tech support for intermittent problems experienced.

Another common complaint is the lack of support for bugs encountered in the system.

With that said, Honeybook is a close contender for the number one spot.

It offers monthly and yearly subscription options, starting from $9 a month, and going up to $390 a year, and has a 7-day free trial option.




Quickbooks is an enticing option for many freelancers and bloggers as they offer a 50% discount for the first three months on all their pricing plans.

All the plans come with a free guided setup, and the ability to track your income and expenses, run reports, and manage up to several hundred contractors.

However, the simple version of their plan is rather pricey once the discount comes to an end and it starts at $30, and while it keeps the basic features, it also is lacking in many areas.

There is no option to pay and manage bills or track project profitability.

Those features all fall under higher-paying tiers.

The advanced tier comes with a hefty $200 price tag but also offers automation of processes and tasks.

It provides on-demand online training and allows for exclusive app integrations.

While many freelancers love the scalability it provides for their business, it does have plenty of higher-paying features that other invoicing software covers in their basic packages.

However, the highest tier does offer some pretty other nifty business tools that can help bloggers and freelancers thrive.

So, if you’re prepared to pay more, this may be the right option for you.




Another cloud-based software option, Xero is a good choice for tracking expenses and invoicing clients.

It offers payroll tracking, invoicing, and the ability to connect to a bank account to keep track of payments.

Xero is ideal for keeping your bookkeeping on track, and can also be personalized in the dashboard area.

This allows your personal preferences to be shown first.

The option to add repeating invoices for clients, access to information on a mobile phone, and bulk sending of invoices are all doable options with Xero.

Pricing starts from $13 on Xero’s limited-function Early plan and goes up to $70 on the feature-filled Established plan.




The only free option on this roundup, Wave, is a strong competitor for almost everyone else on this list.

It’s a good option if you want to outsource part of your business without affecting your budget.

Wave has all the basic online invoicing options freelancers need and has a paid-for opt-in tier option should bloggers and freelancers want more.

Wave accounting has been designed to help small businesses streamline their basic bookkeeping processes.

Recurring billing, syncing invoicing and payment information, and tracking payments and communications make Wave a great option for those who are on the go.

While Wave has plenty of high points, it also comes with some set limitations, such as having no audit trail available.

Wave also has no ability to add in third-party integrations such as time tracking tools.

Despite this, it’s a good first-time invoicing software introduction for those hoping to test the waters before branching out to higher-paid tiers or alternative products.


Invoicing Made Easy


With the use of invoicing software, freelancers and bloggers will have no problem getting their accounting under control.

This means that sending invoices to clients is no longer an end-of-the-month nightmare.

Rather, it’s a streamlined process that’s swiftly, precisely, and professionally done.

This ensures that their invoice processing isn’t subject to delays caused by your lack of accounting prowess and you’ll get paid faster.

What’s not to love?

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