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If You’re Overwhelmed As a Blogger, Read This

There are some things no one ever told you about blogging.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Picture Portraying If You'Re Overwhelmed As A Blogger, Read This

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Picture Portraying If You'Re Overwhelmed As A Blogger, Read This

When I created this website, I promised myself that I will never write about blogging tips.

Even though most of those successful blogs start to do it pretty soon, I didn’t want to take that road.

And I’m still not sure about it, because this is not what I want this blog to be…

However, I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of e-mails and Pinterest messages from those of you who are working on your blogs and can’t help but react to what I see.

So many of you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, ready to give up, and just confused about everything you’re reading about blogging as a way to work & make a living… So many of you have forgotten, missed, or simply were misled about what you should expect on your blogging journey and how to make your blog successful.

And most importantly – so many of you don’t know what exactly you should do next.

So this is something I want to say to all of you today, even if I won’t dig deeper into blogging tips on this blog. (Or maybe I will, who knows) 😉


Let’s Be Real


If you are a blogger who’s just starting out, a blogger who’s been blogging for quite some time, or someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing… Let’s be real and honest for a moment.

We all know that bloggers start blogging for several reasons, but the main of them are:

1) A wish to share their knowledge

2) A hope to turn their blog into a business and make a living

If you’re not a blogger and it’s the first time you hear this… Well, now you know how the internet works, haha!

I am not ashamed to admit that making money is one of the reasons I blog because that’s how it is and honestly – why would people give away their time to craft helpful content and gain nothing of it?

In a way, blogging IS about money, whether we like it or not.


I Know How You Feel


At the moment I’m writing this, I’ve been blogging for a year and a half.

I’m not a pro, but I guess I can say that somehow, I’ve managed to grow my blog significantly in that time.

But let’s get back to where it started…

I’ve been a blogging newbie just like everyone else.

I’ve been stuck and discouraged many times and now, when I look back, I can see how lost I was!

Here’s the thing.

I know you’re reading those blogging articles on Pinterest.

And I know that you instinctively open on those pins where someone is “making lots of $$$” on their blog or “skyrocketing their traffic in no time”. Those numbers always look so mesmerizing!

“How I made 3000$ on my blog in a month”

“I’m earning six figures with my blog, here’s how”

“How I make 10.000$ on my blog with affiliate marketing”

“How I get 200.000 visitors from Pinterest a month”

… These are just a few examples.

Yet you look at your own blog and you feel so small because you barely make dust of those numbers.

And to make it even better, you look at the list of “things you should do to grow your blog fast” and everyone is telling you a MILLION of different things you should do.

Hey, no wonder you feel overwhelmed.

I was too!


If You Want To Be a Successful Blogger… Be Skeptical


Now, I certainly do not claim that all of those articles are lying to you… Some of them indeed are written by real, knowledgeable, and successful pro bloggers.

I’ve learned a lot from a handful of them as well.

But the big part of those articles and numbers is NOT TRUE.

They are simply written with an intention for you to go to their website.

So, when you’re looking for blogging advice, stop and think: do they actually have a blog they grew?

Do they provide actual data in their blogging tips (like screenshots/videos from Google Analytics or other tracking managers)?

It’s easy to feel lost in that sea of advice, so be skeptical and weigh every piece of advice you find, before jumping to fast conclusions and running to “optimize your Pinterest boards by deleting old Pins” (don’t do that… please!).

Sifting through the information is what will keep you sane and stable in your blogging journey.


If you happen to be someone who is offering blogging advice, I do not claim that what you’re doing is wrong, unless you are, in fact, making those numbers up.

But if you give your audience more than just a promise to grow their traffic or income – if you show actual data they can trust – I congratulate you on your success and want to read your advice too!


3 Things You Must Understand Right Now If You Want Your Blog To Be Successful


Hey, just so you know – I’m not trying to be one of those pro-bloggers here.

I am not, at least not yet.

But here’s my honest opinion after blogging for 1.5 years:


1. Blogging Really Does Take Time


If your blog is still young, it doesn’t matter how many successful strategies you implement, you still have to be patient while your traffic, follower count and the number of posts on your blog is still growing.

There is no way around that (yeah, I know you wish it could be faster).

You should work on your blog for AT LEAST 12 months and only then expect some decent results.


2. It’ Really Takes a LOT Of Work


If you think that successful bloggers have a lot of free time, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s the complete opposite.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to work hard, almost every single day of the week.

You have to create new content, curate your Pinterest, work on Tailwind, answer e-mails, and make sure your audience is still entertained.

If you spend more time thinking about why your blog is not making money than actually creating high-quality content, well, this is your answer to why your blog is not making any money!


3. At The End Of The Day, It’s Still About THEM


If at some point you forget that the main star of your blog is your audience, you’re doomed.

Really, the moment you think about income, traffic or follower count more than about your audience, your blog has stopped growing.

It doesn’t matter if you focus on Pinterest or Google or Instagram – all of the main sources for you to gain readers – they all want one and the only thing from you: helpful, high-quality, interesting content that is valuable for your reader.

Skip this part and it’s over.

You have to SERVE your audience because your audience IS your blog.

– – –

So… After everything that’s been said here, here’s the last thing I want to say…

Do not get discouraged.

Many things you’ll try on your blog won’t work.

But just as many can work great.

Keep working on your blog, keep serving your readers and stop looking at everyone else.

After all, there is no point to compare your blog with other blogs, because each blog is on a completely different point of its journey.

And for the love of God, do not copy other bloggers, their content, or pins.

Not only does that make you unoriginal, but it can also bring their followers’ wrath on you – loyal readers notice copycats easily and report them without hesitation.

And if you feel overwhelmed right now, well, please know that it will happen again!

Things will change, algorithms will be altered, trends will come and go… Yet as long you’re flexible and willing to learn, work, and adapt, everything will be OK, including that blogging income you’re dreaming of.

This one will sort itself out with time, I promise.

Good luck!

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