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How To Be Successful as a Millennial

Make the most of these times! Being a millennial is a huge benefit – here’s why.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Successful Millennial Couple

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Successful-Looking Millennial Woman On A Colorful Background

Were you born in 1980-2000?

Feel lost and disappointed in your life already?

Anxious and continuously pressured by people around?

Hello, you’re a millennial!

Let me explain what it means, why you feel like that and how you can turn it into a superpower with this guide to becoming a successful millennial.


What Is a Millennial?


Technically, a millennial is someone who was born in the window of 1980-2000, on the brink of a new millennium.

Also, a person who grew up seeing his or her parents & relatives going through an “American dream” life:

  • Finishing school.
  • Going to uni (or even straight to work).
  • Paying off a student loan a few years after they get the first job.
  • Getting a nice house.
  • Getting married.
  • Having children.
  • Being set up for life by their 30.

If you see this sequence, it’s probably something you expect for yourself, right?

Well, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

And if you’re here to read this, you probably know. Things have changed so much! 


Just a Few Problems Of Every Millennial…


  • Getting an education is harder. It’s more expensive and doesn’t guarantee you a job.
  • It’s even harder to get a job because every job needs experience.

    How do you get that if you haven’t worked before?

    Of course – you work for free in an internship.

  • Jobs you do land don’t make you a decent wage unless you work way too many hours and advance in your company soon.

    Of course, your bills can’t wait until you make a career!

  • You have a student loan and are probably wondering how to pay THAT off.
  • You have to live in an expensive, rented apartment because house prices are crazy and you’re in debt already.

There are also people who were born before you and know how things should be.

You “aren’t trying hard enough”, “aren’t working enough”, “when I was your age, I was already married”

They think the world is the same as in their twenties and you are expected to meet their standards.

No wonder you, as a millennial, can feel lost, tired, anxious, and underpaid.

It’s like missing out on your life.

Plus, you’re presented with perfect pictures on social media every day.

This is why so many millennials seek an alternative to a regular job.

They become entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, influencers.

Young people have to work twice and sometimes even three times as hard to make their ends meet.

And they didn’t even have a clue they were going to face this!

Quote About The Problems Every Millennial Woman Needs To Face


Can Being a Millennial Help You In Your Life?


Do you recognize yourself in the millennial description above? Have you read the first part and feel like I told you the story of your life?

It’s fantastic if you did!

It means you have what it takes to become a power machine.

You see, I’m a millennial woman myself.

It may sound quirky, cringy, call it whatever you want, it’s the truth.

I went through feelings of disappointment, anxiety, burnout, and depression many times in my early twenties.

I felt tired and thought that “life’s unfair”.

And in fact, it really wasn’t fair.

I was finishing my studies, working a lot, trying to make my ends meet and it felt harder and harder each year.

Soon I realized that I’m not the one who feels this way.

There’s a whole generation of us!

We have it harder than our parents and this is why being a millennial is actually a gift.

Think about this!

  • Dealing with problems is exhausting, but it’s also a way to become stronger.
  • Learning everything on your own is hard, but it also teaches you to find solutions when you need them.
  • Trying something risky and failing makes you more experienced.
  • Being in difficult situations forces you to think outside the box.

Society, people, and circumstances may often make you feel down.

But you can choose to be stronger and find a way to make your life better, working with what you have here and now.

Millennial Woman Quote


How To Become a Successful Millennial

1. Decide on your goals as soon as possible.


Have a goal in your life!

As a millennial, it’s best to act fast if you want to change the way things are for you.

Here’s good news – you were born in a time when resources to do anything are endless. Think about where you are now, what needs to be changed and plan to do it.

Having goals means having a mindset of a doer.

Even if you fail at your goals at first, you will still know that your goals have been set.

This creates a push to get back when you can or when you’re ready again.


2. Start a side hustle.


If you are a millennial who is underpaid, here’s great news – we also have opportunities to earn like never before.

Think about your knowledge pool, your abilities, and what you can offer to people as a paid service or product.

Can you sew?

Design clothes in your free time.

Good with social media?

Take an online course and offer people social media marketing help.

Love to paint?

Paint artwork and sell it.

These are just a few examples.

I’m not telling you to quit your job – by no means!

Don’t do that unless you are sure you can earn a living from your side hustle.

But having a few extra income sources (even the small ones) will help you pay the bills.

If you don’t feel confident enough yet, gather some knowledge first and it will help you get a clearer view of how exactly “hustling” works.

These books can give you a perfect introduction to money-attracting life:


3. Get organized.


Staying unorganized means staying out of control.

There’s no rule when you should start “adulting” and, in my opinion, you should never grow up.

But you need to take care of things.

And as a perfectionist millennial, you may be really good at being an adult  – without even knowing it!

The secret is to plan – things are only hectic if they’re scattered all over your mind.

If you do basic “adult things” on time + have a little bit of planning & tracking, you feel less anxious.

Also read: How to organize your life if you’re an anxious person

Start with simple planning, like planning your time.

Once you’ve got a hold of your time, expand your planner by tracking your finances.

Just start somewhere.

Here’s a quick guide on: How to set up a planner you’ll love


4. Work on your resilience.


The world is hard, but as a millennial, you have the best resources to become more resilient.

  • Use your ability to adapt and start working on your mind.
  • If you find yourself anxious, try journaling activities to calm down.
  • Change negative thinking.
  • Try mindfulness & meditation techniques (Youtube is perfect for finding great guided meditations!).

Also read: Anxiety journals and how they can help you

How to beat negative thinking and restart yourself

  • Read empowering books & literature.
  • Whenever you spend time on the internet, choose to read or watch something inspiring, educating, or motivating.

    There are tons of websites with information that helps you grow!

High-quality information will expand your knowledge pool and maybe even lead to a new side hustle idea!

Also read: 3 powerful books that make you stronger immediately


5. Take better self-care.


Working a lot or even staying in a bad mood too long makes you feel exhausted.

It also puts a strain on your health so make sure to take the best self care possible.

Enjoy living at times where so many activities are within reach of your hand. You can improve your wellbeing in so many ways! Choose activities that are paid or free – that’s up to you.

The most important thing is to create an intention to take care of yourself every day.

Also read: 50 self care activities to boost your overall wellbeing

Start with self care basics and add other things you need like spending 30 minutes a day reading.

Create a 15 step Korean skincare routine, if you like!

Heal your soul with daily yoga.

Find the things that soothe your mind, body and soul – then plan to have your self care time whenever you can.


6. Ignore the media and stereotypes.


Millennials are sometimes laughed off in the media, and that’s okay.

There are a lot of stereotypes and every group of people suffers from them.

Plus, some people simply look for attention by pointing at others.

It’s just how it is, and you can’t change that.

What you can change is your reaction to that.

Choose to ignore negative things.

If someone tells you that “every millennial is spoiled and entitled”, strive even harder to embrace it.

Don’t spend your energy trying to prove them wrong.

It only matters that you know who you are, what you want, and where you’re going.

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