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How To Look Fresh In The Morning: 8 Game Changers To Start With

Just a few ideas so no one will ask if you haven't slept for a week.

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“How to look fresh in the morning and improve my morning appearance?”

If you come to work in the morning and instantly receive a comment on how tired you look, it probably means that you look different.

This comment is particularly confusing when you are not feeling tired at all.

Since humans communicate with their faces, how exhausted or fresh we look will influence how others communicate with us.

It’s quite important to look presentable in the morning, whether we like it or not.

Here are some ideas on how to look fresh in the morning so no can tell if you’re tired, even if you actually are.


How To Look Fresh In The Morning: 8 Ways To Start


1. Start Following a Proper Sleep Schedule


Surprise surprise!

If you want to look fresh and rested in the morning, sleep must become your number one priority.

And it doesn’t mean just getting to bed at the same time – it’s best to sleep the same amount of hours every night too.

According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, sleeping too long (more than 10 hours) or too little (less than six hours) is related to chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and anxiety.

Also, when sleeping patterns shift suddenly, such as after a two-day vacation that is called a “weekend”, there is a higher risk of insomnia which essentially means you will look like Ms.

Grumpy Pants the next morning.


2. Take Advantage Of Sunlight Whenever You Can


When it comes to feeling and looking tired, the alternating seasons may be one of the biggest culprits.

Cold seasons make us feel and look fatigued, exhausted, and pale.

According to a 2011 survey of 5,000 women undertaken during the cold seasons, bags and circles under the eyes look noticeably more pronounced in the cold weather months.

Overall in the winter, 82 percent of women have dark circles and puffy eyes, compared to 38 percent in the summer.

This is attributed to a lack of vitamin D in the bloodstream, a compound present in the human body that enhances bone density but must be synthesized by natural sunlight.

We become more sluggish and tired when we are low in vitamin D.

According to psychologist Ken Goodrick, to counter-balance it, take a few minutes to walk outside at least once during the day, especially when it’s sunny outside.

A bright light has the caffeine-like ability to make you, well, look fresh and bright.

Get out even though it’s cloudy – you’ll still get a lot more sun exposure than in your office or workplace.

Now, how do you use this tip to look fresh in the morning?

You don’t.

By taking regular walks in the sun every day, you’re already doing a huge favor to your body, which in turn will result in better looks every morning.

If the sun is rarely hitting your area in winter, supplement with a high-quality vitamin D to keep your energy high and skin glowing.

Naturewise Vitamin D3 5000Iu (125 Mcg) 1 Year Supply For Healthy Muscle Function, Bone Health And Immune Support

NatureWise Vitamin D3 5000iu (125 mcg) 1 Year Supply for Healthy Muscle Function, Bone Health and Immune Support


3. Take a Deep Breathing Session In The Morning


How to look fresh and more rested in just a few minutes?

Open your window and do a deep breathing session soon after you wake up.

In the morning, our stress hormone cortisol is at its highest, and we tend to breathe “stressed breaths”.

When we don’t inhale normally, our breath is shallow and fast, indicating that we are not getting enough oxygen.

This means that there is more carbon monoxide in our blood, which may leave us looking tired.

Also, when we don’t have enough oxygen in our blood, the heart rate, and blood pressure rise, putting undue strain on our body and physique.

It also has adverse effects on our faces when inadequate circulation (due to a lack of oxygen) allows fluid to build up in the tissues surrounding our eyes, resulting in swollen faces.


4. How To Look Fresh In The Morning With Good Old Proper Hydration


Water is a great remedy if you want to look fresh in the morning.

We get dehydrated during the night.

Having a big glass of water next to your bed and taking it right after waking up can help to keep you hydrated enough to look fresh.

When we sleep, our blood flow drops, which means we don’t get the required blood to our brains, and our heart needs to work harder to keep up.

When our bodies work overtime, blood (and color) is drawn away from areas that don’t need it, such as our mouths, which causes us to appear tired.

A nice boost in hydration can help these processes in a positive way.

Note: we’re advised to drink eight glasses of water per day, but that’s only an estimate; the exact number depends on your weight, height, and level of exercise.

The hydration meter can provide you with your actual daily water quota.


5. Your Bedsheets Play an Important Role


Cotton bedding fabric is made from thousands of irregularly collected fibers woven into yarns with tangles that stick out from the fabric’s top (sounds complex, I know).

The greater the thread count, the more fibers are bundled into the cloth’s structure, resulting in thicker, stiffer fabrics.

If you wake up with skin that is raw or sensitive to the touch, your thread count is too much and is causing you discomfort.

Dyed bed linen may also contribute to skin irritation (aggravating the tired nature of the face), so if exhausted-looking, smudged morning skin is your problem, go for low thread count bedding, like hotel-grade white linen.

6 Piece Hotel Luxury Soft 1800 Series Premium Bed Sheets Set

6 Piece Hotel Luxury Soft 1800 Series Premium Bed Sheets Set

Sleeping on your side or on your back is also preferable.

Laying on your stomach presses your face against the harsh fabric, inducing inflammation.

If you have mature skin, silk sheets that feel smooth to the skin are the best option – amino acids contained in silk can help prevent signs of skin aging.


6. How To Look Fresh In The Morning By Choosing The Right Breakfast


Want to look good?

Skip sugary breakfast.

Sugar is believed to be the mortal enemy of flawless skin, and skin is important to work on if you want to look fresh every day.


Nicholas Perricone, a well-known American dermatologist, corroborates this: “One of the reasons inflammation arises in the skin is from a sudden increase of blood sugar, which induces metabolic modifications in the cells, resulting in accelerated aging.

As blood sugar levels rise, sugar may bind to collagen in a process known as glycation, giving the skin a stiff appearance.

When you lose the elastic flexibility of youthful skin, you will develop deep lines and appear older.”

It’s tough enough to give up sugary breakfast options, but your sleepless brain makes it hard to resist.

According to the University of Chicago Medical Center, people who don’t get enough sleep have higher hormone levels that tell the body it’s time to eat and lower levels of hormones that indicate fullness.

Instead of indulging in a hunger-increasing sugary breakfast (goodbye, pancakes, and maple syrup… you will be missed), opt for healthy foods that can make you look fresh: salmon, turkey, cottage cheese, and whole-grain cereals.

All of these are healthy for your skin.


7. Watch Your Posture When You Sit And Walk


Bad posture not only makes you look tired, but it also makes you feel drained physically.

A slouched posture puts pressure on your back and hips, which makes you feel and look more fatigued than you are.

It’s especially important to move your body in the morning so that you don’t end up going from the lying position to just sitting at your desk.

A nice walk in the morning gives your circulation a boost and helps you to look fresh and pretty.


8. Have a Morning Beauty Routine


A dull complexion is the quickest way to appear tired, but fortunately for everyone, skincare is available.

With the emergence of acids, you can brush away dead skin cells and expose smoother, fresher, cleaner skin.

Using a gentle enzyme or acid toner every night is the way to go and there’s plenty to choose from – from glycolic acid to retinol.


Frances Prenna Jones, a beauty specialist, confirms this by prescribing an extra dose of exfoliation if we are looking tired.

“Make use of glycolic acids.

These fruit acids remove the top layer of dead skin cells and resurface the skin by enabling the active fresh skin cells beneath the surface to spring to the surface, resulting in plumper and lighter skin.”

The result?

Using acids in the evening helps you to wake up with glowing, rested, and rejuvenated skin.

Another thing that isn’t going anywhere is sleep masks.

They aren’t the gloopy clay kind that would damage your pillows.

Instead, these translucent gel-like formulations will soak in and provide you with an overnight facial, so you can wake up looking fresh and pretty.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask - Exfoliating, Anti-Aging + Brightening Overnight Face Mask With Aha, Hyaluronic Acid + Pumpkin Seed Extract

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – Exfoliating, Anti-Aging + Brightening Overnight Face Mask with AHA, Hyaluronic Acid + Pumpkin Seed Extract

And if you ever get up with a sore, swollen, and blotchy face, a quick massage with a frozen jade roller gua sha will also do the trick.




So, how to look fresh in the morning?

Watch your sleep, drink your water, skip sugar, and take care of your skin.

You’re probably not surprised by all these things but frankly, the way we look is directly impacted by the way we live.

No rocket science here!

Like these tips for how to look fresh in the morning?

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