The Best Glycolic Acid Products On The Market

Updated on August 10, 2020 by Amber & The Team

best glycolic acid products

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best glycolic acid products


Have I convinced you how beneficial glycolic acid is for your skin in this article? Great! Then you should also check out these top skincare products that use glycolic acid in their ingredients.

There are not so many glycolic acid products that are actually concentrated enough to make any difference to your skin…

But these three goodies actually work great and they’re boasted on many online skincare communities, especially the #1!


The Best Glycolic Acid Products On The Market


1) The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution By The Ordinary

This is one of the most popular glycolic acid products all over the world and I use it myself (also purchased myself). It is a wonderful, not too weak and not too strong solution, even though it contains 7% glycolic acid which is pretty rare for non-salon products.

Since I have very dry skin, I used it only once a week at first in order to prevent any possible irritation and let my skin accustom to it slowly. After a few weeks, I saw a huge improvement in my skin – it was more even, smoother, softer and overall my face is looking younger than ever. You can also use this solution to treat Keratosis Pyliaris (also known as strawberry skin) and it works great!

Another thing I love about it is the incredibly affordable price (like all of The Ordinary products) for such an effective product. You can get it on Amazon here >> The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution


2) Pixi Glow Tonic With Aloe Vera & Ginseng

Pixi Glow 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Toner

If you check Reddit or other online skincare communities, both The Ordinary and Pixi Glow tonics seem to be the most recommended gentle glycolic acid products.

Probably competing with one another, both of them are great products that have a ton of raving reviews. This tonic revives and brightens your skin, helps control acne, and fights the effects of aging on your skin. It also has moisturizing and soothing ingredients to minimize possible irritation from the acid.

It is a little more expensive than The Ordinary Tonic, but you get slightly more of the product which already lasts a pretty long time (a little goes a long way).

Check it out on Amazon >> Pixi Glow Tonic With Aloe Vera & Ginseng


3) NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum

NIP + FAB Exfoliate Glycolic Fix SerumIf you’re not a fan of tonics, you can also try the Nip+Fab exfoliating serum. This is a very effective serum that will leave your skin looking younger, fresh and glowing – reviews are reporting a massive difference in skin appearance after just a few applications. It’s also a very affordable product so if you want to just try glycolic acid first, this won’t break your bank even if it doesn’t fit you.  Nip+Fab serum is also available on Amazon here >> NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum


Things To Remember When Using Glycolic Acid Products


If you are using Glycolic Acid, applying sunscreen every day is mandatory since glycolic acid makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. And honestly, sunscreen is mandatory every day, even in cold seasons. The sun, our incredible source of light and warmth is also harmful to our skin cells… unfortunately.

Apart from that, use glycolic acid in the evening to minimize irritation and enjoy waking up with a clear, younger and glowing skin.

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