How To Pick The Best Meditation Chair (So You Don’t Have To Sit On a Hard Floor)

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Asian Woman Meditation On A Meditation Chair Cross Legged

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Asian Woman Meditation On A Meditation Chair

Are you looking for the best meditation chair to complete your meditation room or corner? Then you should definitely read this.

Choosing the right meditation chair is essential for a good meditation because hey – you want to focus on your practice, not on the uncomfortable feeling under your bum, right?


How To Pick The Best Meditation Chair For YOU


1) Types Of Meditation Chair


You can find a ton of choices for your meditation in the market – which is awesome! Everyone can find something that fits their needs perfectly these days. You can choose a meditation puff, pillow, hard chair, comfy chair, rocking chair, a bench, or simply a floor mat – the possibilities are endless!


2) Things To Consider When Choosing a Meditation Chair


A meditation chair must fit your meditation practice, so when you’re choosing yours, here’s what you should think about:

  • How long do you usually meditate;
  • Where do you meditate (inside or outside?);
  • Your personal preference (harder chair or softer one?);
  • How healthy is your back (do you need support for your lower or upper back?);
  • Dominating colors of your meditation room (choosing a meditation chair in matching colors will make the room look balanced and soothing).


3) The Best Meditation Chairs To Consider


Now that you know what to look for in a meditation chair, here’s a quick review of the best meditation chair options we found online.


bonVivo padded foldable meditation chair


This lovely meditation chair is very versatile – and comfy! It has a nice, cushioned back support so your back muscles won’t get tired, even with long meditation sessions.

Woman Meditation On A Foldable Meditation Chair

bonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair

You can also fold this chair in half to easily bring it to your meditation class or favorite outdoors meditation place:

Young Woman Carrying A Foldable Meditation Chair

Get this meditation chair on Amazon


Seat of your soul meditation cushion


This adorable and puffy cushion is perfect for any meditation room and is very comfy to sit on, especially in a lotus pose! It is filled with organic materials (like buckwheat!) and you can easily adjust the thickness and volume of your cushion.

Woman Sitting Cross-Legged On A Meditation Cushion

Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion – 10 Colors

There’s also a helpful strap in case you want to carry this meditation cushion with you:

Woman Carrying A Meditation Cushion In Her Hand

Get this meditation cushion on Amazon


Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair With Cushion


Big and beautiful, this chair is an investment in a perfect meditation tool that not only is comfy, but also looks good in your meditation room, your garden, or even your office. The ergonomic shape and seriously generous area for sitting allow you to meditate for longer.

A Young Girl Meditationg On Her Meditation Chair In The Garden

Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair with Thick Natural Cotton


4) Investing In a Meditation Chair – Save Or Splurge?


Since there are so many options, it’s easy to feel confused – should I spend a lot on my meditation chair?

The answer is – not really! Me and the girls at the ShineSheets team have personally tried both cheaper and more expensive options of meditation chair and I have to say that there is no big difference. However, there’s a big difference when it comes to comfort and your personal preference. If it so happens that your chosen meditation chair (that perfectly fits your needs!) is on the expensive side, it’s really worth investing in it.

Trust me, if your meditation chair is not comfortable enough, you really won’t be focusing on your breath. You will be thinking about how much you hate your meditation chair and regret that you tried to save on something that could benefit your mental health immensely.


The Right Meditation Chair Is All About YOU


The way YOU like to meditate, the comfort you like to feel and the way you imagine yourself meditating on a daily basis – these are defining factors when choosing the best meditation chair for your life.

Meditation is such a nice addition to your self care routine… I hope this quick overview will help you to choose the right meditation companion to make your meditation practice as pleasant as possible.

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